Best Fantasy Book Series

10 Best Fantasy Books Series 2021

The fantasy genre has become increasingly popular in recent years. That’s both good and bad news. The good news is that you now have more material to feed your hunger for adventures, mythical creatures, and complicated plots. The bad news is that finding the best fantasy book series can be downright painful. Because of the …

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Best Books for 1-Year-Old

10 Best Books for 1-Year-Olds 2021

We don’t have to tell you that books are one of the best ways to develop our baby’s curiosity, sense of awareness, and intelligence. The only problem is that, with so many options at hand, it can be difficult to pick the right ones. What you need to remember is that your goal should be …

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best spanish books

10 Best Spanish Books 2021

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries around the world, so whether you’re headed to the plains of Spain or the forests of Central and South America, knowing how to speak the language puts you at a major advantage. Reading is one way to help you improve your level of speaking, comprehension, and grammar, …

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Best Anatomy Books

10 Best Anatomy Books 2021

One of the primary sciences for any health-related program is anatomy. Exploring the different organs body parts, anatomy gives students a better understanding of the human system. In this way, it becomes easier to understand pathology and illness. The best way to fully comprehend human anatomy is with the use of an anatomy book. Containing …

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Best Study Bible

10 Best Study Bibles 2021

The Bible is one of the most debated books in the world. This is apparent in the sheer number of different religions across the globe – each with its own interpretation of the Bible and what it teaches. For many followers of the Christian faith, these differences can be confusing, causing us to wonder – …

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Best Christian Books

10 Best Christian Books 2021

Prayer is the cornerstone of a strong, stable, and resilient faith. However, growing in faith entails much more than just constant communication with Christ. Much like our minds and bodies, our spirituality also needs regular and constant upkeep. The best way to do this would be to indulge in the best Christian books that help …

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Best Catholic Bible

10 Best Catholic Bibles 2021

Dating back over 2,000 years, the Roman Catholic religion is the oldest Christian religion in the world. Just as any other Christian religion has its own interpretation of the Bible, so does the Roman Catholic Church. For this reason, the church has its own version of the Bible, which is used as a guide for …

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Best Gay Romance Novels

10 Best Gay Romance Novels 2021

We all know that romance novels are fun, entertaining, and insanely popular. There’s something about a great love story that will captivate even the most rational person. One sub-genre that has become increasingly popular in recent years is gay romance. Tired of the same old boy meets girl story, readers are looking for more diversity. …

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Best Serial Killer Books

10 Best Serial Killer Books 2021

Serial killers have a certain appeal that we can’t shake off. It’s the promise of suspense, danger, and adrenaline that keeps us wanting more. In part, this is due to the element of tension that catches us just like a net from which we can’t and won’t break free until the book reaches its end. …

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best vegan books

10 Best Vegan Books 2021

For those who already practice a vegan diet and lifestyle, it never hurts to pick up a new book to see what is changing (or not changing) about being a vegan. New stories, opinions, and ideas come about constantly. Are you looking for a new read? If so, there might find some new titles on …

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