Best Self-Help Audiobooks

6 Best Self-Help Audiobooks 2021

Whether you are stuck in a rut or have been left reeling after a particularly stressful event, there can be times when we might need a little help to create a change. This may not be serious enough to require the assistance of a professional, or you may not be keen to visit one. When …

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Best ACT Prep Books

10 Best ACT Prep Books 2021

Pop quiz! How many of you know what ACT stands for without looking it up? The American College Testing books, also known as ACT prep books, contain everything you need to prepare yourself for the big test day. So which one should you choose? That’s what we’re here to help you understand. It’s more than …

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Best Literary Magazines

10 Best Literary Magazines & Journals 2021

Was it difficult to rate the literary magazines on our list below? Yes. We realize that everyone has different criteria, ranging from the number of times a story published in one has been featured in the Best American Short Stories to the number of years that they’ve been publishing (not to mention the quality of …

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Best Historical Romance Novels

10 Best Historical Romance Novels 2021

The passion, the scandal, the mystery and…the hot hunk on the cover! Romance novels sometimes have a bad reputation, don’t they? It’s a pity, however, because some of the best historical romance novels out there are written by very talented writers! Not all of them are R-rated, not all of them are strictly religious-based and not …

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Best Books for 2-Year-Olds

10 Best Books for 2-Year-Olds 2021

When it comes to helping a child to understand the world, some may say that it is never too early to start and this process can be aided by the use of books. Whether regaling a 2-year-old with a story or starting to school them in a particular subject, you will find that books will …

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Best Sketchbooks

10 Best Sketchbooks 2021

Many an artist will not be able to leave home without having a sketchbook with them, as inspiration can strike at any time. Others may just require a reliable sketchbook for use while attending art classes, or stay in one place to sketch a particular image. No matter what medium you use to draw or …

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6 Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks 2021

Whether you have an intolerance to gluten or a full blown allergy, it will only take a small amount of it to cause misery. In order to limit the hassle that comes with constantly checking food packaging labels, you can cook from scratch to ensure your meals do not contain any gluten. By using the …

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Best Books on Mindfulness

6 Best Books on Mindfulness 2021

If you feel as though life is getting on top of you, but you are not sure how to change things, your first port of call may be to see if there is a book that can help. Meditation may be merely a concept that you have never considered trying. Or do not know how …

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10 Best Sci-Fi Audiobooks 2021

What’s better than watching your favorite science fiction story on the big screen? Listening to the original version of an audiobook! If you’re a sci-fi fan searching for something new to read, then you definitely need to check out the books on our list below. We’ve mixed the classic favorites with a few new titles …

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Best Books for 3rd Graders

Best Books for 3rd Graders 2021

As you browse through the book section at the store, you’ll notice that there is a big mixture of classic favorites and new best-sellers. When it comes to understanding which are the best books for 3rd graders in today’s world, how do you choose? We’ll help you understand what to look for as you choose …

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