Best Anxiety Books

6 Best Anxiety Books [2022]

Anxiety is not good. Anxiety is a disorder that affects a lot of people. If it is not checked it can escalate to alarming levels such that you may become a danger not only to yourself but also to those close to you. There are drugs that help you manage this disorder. If taken in …

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Best Spiderman Graphic Novels

6 Best Spiderman Graphic Novels [2022]

Spidey fans, you’ll have to let us know whether or not you like our list of the best Spiderman graphic novels. We realize that each of you has different expectations and perhaps you already have a preferred author, but have a look at our top six and see what you think. This is especially helpful …

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Best Apologetics Books

6 Best Apologetics Books [2022]

How does one answer some of the biggest questions about their faith or religion? Defending the Christian faith from those who doubt or oppose it is a difficult task even for the well prepared. Reading the Bible and regular worship will prepare you for simple, factual questions, but the tough critics are the ones who …

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best pua books

6 Best PUA Books [2022]

We’re not sure who our suggestions will serve best: those who want to become a pick-up artist or those who want to avoid them. Whatever your reason for searching maybe, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Below, we highlight the best PUA books (that’s, uh, code for Pick-Up Artist), and really, both sides of …

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Best Zombie Books

10 Best Zombie Books [2022]

If orange is the new black, then zombies are the new orange. Seriously, there’s been a huge explosion of zombie love since around the early 2000’s. Science fiction books certainly aren’t new to us, but the focus on the living dead has definitely increased the past decade and we’re soooo excited that it has. Whether …

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Best Harry Potter Books

7 Best Harry Potter Books [2022]

The Harry Potter series of books is one of the most read and researched fantasy stories in the world. Its storyline is fun and engaging and the characters are charming and full of life. Since the debut of the first novel in 1997, Harry Potter has witness unrivalled success both as a literature piece of …

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Best French Cookbooks

6 Best French Cookbooks [2022]

When it comes to ranking the most romantic and elegant cuisines in the world, we’d never forget about the French. Baguettes, croissants, Roquefort cheese, butters – who doesn’t think all these French food kicks ass? Authentic French cuisine in all its fanciness can be hard to imitate without some form of help. And while it …

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Best Fantasy Audiobooks

10 Best Fantasy Audiobooks [2022]

­­If you’re looking for fantasy audiobooks that don’t disappoint, you’ve come to the right place. Fantasy audiobook, one of the fastest-growing and most profitable genres, is becoming a hit with kids and adults alike. According to the Audio Publishers Association, science fiction/fantasy and mystery/thriller are among the most popular genre that has a consistent huge …

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Best Paleo Cookbooks

10 Best Paleo Cookbooks [2022]

The Paleo trend is ever growing and it doesn’t look like it would die down any sooner. Paleo offers a one of a kind eating experience which allows you to get into the diet of our prehistoric ancestors some two million years ago. Feeding on diets comprised of lean meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables – …

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Best Books for 3-Year-Olds

10 Best Books for 3-Year-Olds [2022]

Kids usually explore books at the age of three. This is also the earliest time they can be taught how to read. Although kids develop at different paces, there is a good chance that they can learn how to read at an early age especially if raised in a literary environment. Because of this, it’s …

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Best Magazines for Women

10 Best Magazines for Women [2022]

With the vast array of magazines on the market, it can be difficult to know how to find the right one for you. Whether you require magazines for entertainment or you want to be informed about a particular subject, you will need to know how to get the right magazine for your needs. Taking into …

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Best Mediterranean Cookbooks

6 Best Mediterranean Cookbooks [2022]

Did you know that there are 23 different countries with coastlines that touch the Mediterranean Sea? That is a lot of different cuisines! With the numerous cookbooks available, you might tend to lean toward the European cuisine when it comes to choosing the best Mediterranean cookbook, yet there are so many other dishes that fit …

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Best Superman Graphic Novels

6 Best Superman Graphic Novels [2022]

A graphic novel is a book that differs from other novels in that it offers more than just text; it prioritizes the use of illustrations in order to tell the story and the text is almost ancillary. The use of graphic novels is a common way to publish stories that have previously originated in comic …

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Best Self-Help Audiobooks

6 Best Self-Help Audiobooks [2022]

Whether you are stuck in a rut or have been left reeling after a particularly stressful event, there can be times when we might need a little help to create a change. This may not be serious enough to require the assistance of a professional, or you may not be keen to visit one. When …

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Best ACT Prep Books

10 Best ACT Prep Books [2022]

Pop quiz! How many of you know what ACT stands for without looking it up? The American College Testing books, also known as ACT prep books, contain everything you need to prepare yourself for the big test day. So which one should you choose? That’s what we’re here to help you understand. It’s more than …

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Best Literary Magazines

10 Best Literary Magazines [2022]

Was it difficult to rate the literary magazines on our list below? Yes. We realize that everyone has different criteria, ranging from the number of times a story published in one has been featured in the Best American Short Stories to the number of years that they’ve been publishing (not to mention the quality of …

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Best Historical Romance Novels

10 Best Historical Romance Novels [2022]

The passion, the scandal, the mystery, and…the hot hunk on the cover! Romance novels sometimes have a bad reputation, don’t they? It’s a pity, however, because some of the best historical romance novels out there are written by very talented writers! Not all of them are R-rated, not all of them are strictly religious-based and not …

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Best Books for 2-Year-Olds

10 Best Books for 2-Year-Olds [2022]

When it comes to helping a child to understand the world, some may say that it is never too early to start and this process can be aided by the use of books. Whether regaling a 2-year-old with a story or starting to school them in a particular subject, you will find that books will …

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Best Sketchbooks

10 Best Sketchbooks [2022]

Many an artist will not be able to leave home without having a sketchbook with them, as inspiration can strike at any time. Others may just require a reliable sketchbook for use while attending art classes, or stay in one place to sketch a particular image. No matter what medium you use to draw or …

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6 Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks [2022]

Whether you have an intolerance to gluten or a full-blown allergy, it will only take a small amount of it to cause misery. In order to limit the hassle that comes with constantly checking food packaging labels, you can cook from scratch to ensure your meals do not contain any gluten. By using the best …

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