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The Author Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson

Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson is credited as the primary writer of the Nancy Drew book series under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene .

She was born in Ladora, Iowa, in 1905. Even at an early age, she knew to herself that she wanted to be a writer. She won in writing content at the age of 14.

As a youngster, Benson wrote different children’s stories. She studied at the University of Iowa and became the first woman to receive a master’s degree in journalism.

Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson submitted a manuscript to the Stratemeyer Syndicate during her graduate studies and was hired in 1926 to write the Ruth Fielding series final volume. After that, she was hired to write the first Nancy Drew book, “The Secret of the Old Clock, ” published in 1930.

Best 10 Nancy Drew Books

ImageProductFeaturesMore Info
The Clue in the Diary The Clue in the Diary
  • 4.9/5
  • Book 7
More Info
The Secret of Red Gate Farm The Secret of Red Gate Farm
  • 4.8/5
  • Book 6
More Info
The Bungalow Mystery The Bungalow Mystery
  • 4.8/5
  • Book 3
More Info
The Ghost of Blackwood Hall The Ghost of Blackwood Hall
  • 4.8/5
  • Book 25
More Info
The Password to Larkspur Lane The Password to Larkspur Lane
  • 4.8/5
  • Book 10
More Info
The Secret in the Old Attic The Secret in the Old Attic
  • 4.8/5
  • Book 21
More Info
The Secret of Red Gate Farm The Secret of Red Gate Farm
  • 4.8/5
  • Book 6
More Info
The Clue of the Velvet Mask The Clue of the Velvet Mask
  • 4.7/5
  • Book 30
More Info
The Hidden Staircase The Hidden Staircase
  • 4.7/5
  • Book 2
More Info
The Secret of the Golden Pavilion The Secret of the Golden Pavilion
  • 4.7/5
  • Book 36
More Info

56 Nancy Drew Books in Order

1. The Secret of the Old Clock, 1930

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The Secret of the Old Clock is the first Nancy Drew book and takes place in River Heights in the 1930s. Nancy Drew learns that her buddies face great financial trouble. Her friends expect money from Josiah Crowley, who has recently passed away. However, the will says that everything goes to the town’s one of the most disliked families.

The first Nancy Drew novel offers a cozy mystery and is enjoyable to read again and again. The storyline amazes me, mainly that it provides a solid start. Carolyn Keene portrays Nancy as an adventurous, brave, smart, fun, friendly, and intelligent girl.

The adventures and mysteries that Nancy Drew solves in the story make me want to solve my own. She is a great role model for everyone in the present time, even if she is a character who exists in the 1930s. The story itself is perfect for children looking for an action-packed and suspenseful mystery to solve with Nancy.

Overall, I recommend The Secret of the Old Clock for pre-teens and young teens. It is also a great escape for adults who want a comfortable and nostalgic mystery book or who want to remember a piece of their youth.

2. The Hidden Staircase, 1930

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The second book, The Hidden Staircase, tells about how Nancy Drew resolves to help her friends solve the ghost-hunting mystery in an old mansion. While she tries to crack that case, a mysterious man comes into the scene and warns her that her father is in danger. Meanwhile, her discovery of a hidden staircase leads her to solve the baffling mysteries.

My first impression about the second adventure of Nancy Drew is that it is more suspenseful and in-depth than the first one. The storyline provides two mysteries, which catches every reader’s attention. I appreciate how the plot moves along nicely.

There are no so many characters involve in the story until the very end when Nancy gets closer to the truth. I enjoy the three other girls who go with Nancy wander the mansion and investigate.

I find the writing style of Carolyn Keene here pretty simple since it’s a children’s story. As for the POV, it comes with a lot of Nancy’s inner monologue. This book is relaxing and comfortable to read. Even if I’m trying to solve the case on my own, I don’t need to overthink.

Overall, The Hidden Staircase is a simple yet excellent mystery with some twists. It’s fun to read!

3. The Bungalow Mystery, 1930

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In the third book of the Nancy Drew series, Nancy Drew faces mystery and danger once again. She and her friend Helen encounters a dangerous boating expedition. Fortunately, a newly arrived girl in River Heights saves their lives. However, this rich girl turned orphan is still not safe against the devastation of grief.

In this third book of the Nancy Drew book series, I encounter cozy nostalgia through a homespun aura. There are complex plots and tense situations. The storyline is equally downright sweet and mesmerizing. The mystique appeal with the fearlessness of Nancy creates an impelling role model for kids and adults.

Although Carolyn Keene introduces The Bungalow Mystery as sweet alongside odd happiness prevailing during traumatic moments, I still enjoy the entire plot. It focuses on realism, where the spooky and strange stories involve creative acting skills, mistaken identity, and fraud.

The suspense in the story continues to grow, along with the characterization of the setting. As a result, Nancy becomes recognizable. Keene shows that Nancy’s actions, reactions, and tense gumshoe moments reflect her family’s happiness and personal safety.

Overall, The Bungalow Mystery offers a relaxing, rewarding experience for children. For adult readers, Nancy is a realm of bravery and kindness.

4. The Mystery at Lilac Inn, 1930

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The adventure in The Mystery at Lilac Inn starts when Nancy Drew visits her engaged friend and an owner of a cozy inn. She discovers a doppelganger with an axe, strange submersibles, bombs, and diamond thieves. She is torn between helping her friend, who relied on the inn to afford her marriage and solving the case of credit-card stealing double.

In the fourth novel of the Nancy Drew book series, Nancy opens her oddly cozy but hard-core gumshoe world. The story focuses on the young audience and presents every detail in non-fancy, straightforward language. So, both the children and pre-teens can follow the flow of the story.

The atmosphere is vivid and rich, while the inn appears cozy yet creepy. As for the villains, Carolyn Keene makes them properly develop the mystery throughout the story. Their evil motives bind and gag the plotting and adventurous sleuth.

Overall, The Mystery at Lilac Inn is another edge-of-the-seat, cozy, and enjoyable mystery. It introduces clever machinations, revenge, betrayals, and truth. It helps my trip back to my childhood and blissful dreams.

5. The Secret of Shadow Ranch, 1931

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For the fifth time, Nancy Drew brings new adventure and mystery in The Secret of Shadow Ranch. A peril interrupts the vacation of Nancy Drew in Shadow Ranch in Phoenix, Arizona is interrupted. An ancient highwayman’s treasure is believed to lie somewhere on the ranch, while a phantom horse signals frightening losses and events.

The atmosphere of the story is distinctly cozy with an intriguing Western vibe. The adventure is very refreshing and endearing. There are usual be-hatted cowboys and horse rides up steep paths, discarded Indian dwellings, and a winding atmosphere.

Carolyn Keene sees that the story will match the children’s taste and pre-teens, especially the complexity of the mystery. Before reaching the end, I encounter legends, jewels, abandoned towns, horses, cowboys, escapes, and more. Everything that a young reader needs an introduction to the world of mystery is present in the story.

Overall, The Secret of Shadow Ranch is easy and fun to read. It suits the imagination of young readers well. Plus, it provides moral patience, and intelligence always wins over greed and haste.

6. The Secret of Red Gate Farm, 1931

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In the sixth mystery novel of the Nancy Drew series, The Secret Red Gate Farm, Nancy Drew encounters a new friend and a new mystery right after the unusual shopping experience. A girl named Joanne Byrd tries to convince her grandmother to keep the Red Gate Farm. Near the farm, there is a mysterious cave-dwelling nature cult.

In Nancy’s previous adventure, she hit the Wild West while searching for a ghost horse and an old legend. This time, she and her friends enter a new journey on a failing but charming farm. As usual, there’s no such thing as unconnected side stories or coincidence in Nancy Drew’s world. I admire how Carolyn Keene started the novel with the strange purchase of an overpriced perfume from the bizarre sales lady. It takes a matter of time before the main characters tie the piece together.

This time, the story is even more real than the previous novels. While Nancy and her friends’ operation is strongly adult, it is not overly simplified for the children and pre-teen readers. This what makes the mystery more suspenseful and authentic.

Overall, The Secret of Red Gate Farm is an impressive mystery novel. I figure out the secret communication codes and knotty money schemes together with Nancy and other characters.

7. The Clue in the Diary, 1932

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After the secret cult mystery, the seventh book, The Clue in the Diary, delivers a more sedate adventure. Nancy Drew is still in the riverside and stays comfortable in her house. However, her familiarity of location soon stumbles onto an exploding house, a long-running patent scheme, a murky case of her father, and a presumed homicide.

Starts with a bang, this seventh Nancy Drew book turns the country drive for Nancy and her friends into a raging inferno scene. As she finds a diary that holds the clue to the entire crime, the story’s suspense and excitement start to grow.

I like how Carolyn Keene effectively elaborates on the villain’s trap. While the plot is a little predictable, it is still enjoyable and even part of the charm.

This series is well-formed but straightforward and substantial. It has equal parts of excitement and coziness. My favorite part is when Nancy becomes interested in growing her social life while defending the downcast. So, her rollicking adventure causes reliance on wits, ingenuity, and quick thinking.

Overall, I admire how The Clue in the Diary offers a simple yet attention-grabbing mystery. This book plays with my imagination and is filled with surprises for the young audience.

8. Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, 1932

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For the eight novels Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, Nancy Drew receives a letter from a law firm in London. They search for the heiress in England named Nancy Drew. While Nancy tracks down the woman with the same name, she is looking for a mail thief.

As I expected, this Nancy Drew novel provides an original storyline. Reading this book, which introduces different scams and crimes, I learn certain things that are not part of my world. These include postal inspector, sailor slang, or a little bit of Shakespeare vibe.

Carolyn Keene tries to work in suspenseful and related happenings. She is successful in creating scenes that fit within the story naturally. The story itself is simple and straightforward alongside clarity. The mystery is easy to understand but interesting enough for both young and adult readers.

Overall, I find Nancy’s Mysterious Letter amusing, especially when Nancy calls the police chief and gives him clues to solve the cases. The story is entertaining, pleasant, and innocent. It’s a quick read!

9. The Sign of the Twisted Candles, 1933

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When Nancy Drew’s friend asks her to investigate their granduncle, a prison of his mansion, a new mystery comes on her way in the ninth book, The Sign of the Twisted Candles. She almost lost her friendship with George and Bess because of the case and her newfound friend Carol. Meanwhile, she uses the sign of the twisted candles as a clue in getting to the bottom of the problem.

I see this ninth novel as a wholesome mystery story, which provides a great role model even in today’s world. The story is highly recommended to young readers as they can relate to the characters. This is especially with Nancy because she is witty, a nice friend, and adventurous, but still a good daughter.

Carolyn Keene uses easy to comprehend and very descriptive words in her writings. I notice it when she describes the actions and settings and the emotions of the characters. What I read is what I imagine and see in the pictures in the book. The description of Keene matches my imagination.

Overall, The Sign of Twisted Candles excites and makes my mind curious because I need to learn many things that surround the twisted candles. It’s simple and catchy!

10. The Password to Larkspur Lane, 1933

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The Password to Larkspur Lane is the tenth novel of the Nancy Drew series. Nancy Drew takes her housekeeper Hannah to a local physician and meets Dr. Spires, who is recently involved in a very unusual event. The doctor asks her to investigate a case and gives a bracelet to her, which he believes holds the clues.

I notice the uncanny ability of Nancy in the previous books, but it is much more prevalent this time. I commend the creativity of Carolyn Keene in portraying Nancy in the story. Every time I turn to the next page, I imagine how amazing and brilliant Nancy is.

Despite the almost perfect attributes of Nancy, I get a solid and charming mystery story. As I start reading this book, I invest time discovering what is happening and how Nancy brings the villains to justice.

Overall, The Password to Larkspur Lane offers me a charming and engaging reference to the style and culture of the 1930s. I enjoy the yacht club dance, rumble seats, roadsters, frocks, sanatoriums, and more. It’s an old-fashioned yet enjoyable book to read.

11. The Clue of the Broken Locket, 1934

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In the eleventh mystery, The Clue of the Broken Locket, Nancy Drew is on a relaxing vacation. However, she gets involved in one of her father’s cases, multiple kidnapping attempts, a missing treasure, a new friend’s doppelganger, a suspicious estate family, and a ghost ship sighting. Now, she suspects that the different mysteries are connected.

As I read the Clue of the broken locket, I notice that many things are going on. Both the adventures and action are non-stop, from near-misses to kidnappings to assorted threats.

Carolyn Keene provides a broader cast of characters, which I find refreshing yet intriguing. Some of the new characters are bit players, and others are suspects. However, most of them are side characters who help Nancy tie the mysteries together.

If I’m a young reader, I’ll find the endless dangers exciting. As an adult reader, I see the storyline as exciting and fun to read. As always, Nancy brings a cozy tinge of drama. While there’s a melodrama, the mysteries keep the whole story well-balanced.

Overall, The Clue of the Broken Locket is easy and fun to read. There’s a perfect mix of mystery and melodrama.

12. The Message in the Hollow Oak, 1935

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The new mystery in the twelfth Nancy Drew book The Message in the Hollow Oaks starts when a group of detectives challenge Nancy. She needs to find the hidden message in a hollow oak tree. Nancy and her buddies live with a group of archeologists who excavate prehistoric Indian burial piles. Then, she discovers a strange treasure.

Nancy Drew delivers an entertaining and very intriguing character. While she is solving the mystery, I get excited to solve it for myself as well. The storyline suits any age, especially those people who crave mystery.

Despite the problematic aspects of the story, Carolyn Keene still makes it a fun mystery. It offers a lot of twists and turns. The characters, conflicts, and side plots work together to provide a great storyline. The characters do not confuse me as they come with proper description and portrayal.

Overall, The Message in the Hollow Oak delivers a mystery and realistic fiction genre. It has a decent storyline that appeals to me.

13. The Mystery of the Ivory Charm, 1936

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The thirteenth book, The Mystery of the Ivory Charm, centers around Coya, a young Indian boy, and a visiting circus. As his father is mistreating him, Nancy willingly protects him. She wants to know why his father has been keeping him, which puts her life at risk.

After the intriguing atmosphere that The Message in the Oak Tree, here goes the thirteenth novel where Nancy witnesses the brutal abuse of Coya. Honestly, if readers cannot deal with young or animal abuse, this story may appear a bit off. However, as Nancy intervenes, everything makes sense. So, Carolyn Keene still gives justice to the characters.

The characters, especially the villains, effectively portray their roles and are caricatured. I find a lot of good scenes, which all end up with well-utilized and interesting plot points. All settings connect to each other, so I have no trouble following the flow of the story.

Overall, The Mystery of the Ivory Charm is entirely different from the previous Nancy Drew book series. It delivers a different flavor of mystery. It is still worth the read despite the abusive scenes.

14. The Whispering Statue, 1937

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In The Whispering Statue, Nancy Drew has been torn between two mysteries once again. She needs to resolve the rare book collection concerns, which she wants to know if swindling is involved. Then, a mystery that revolves around the beautiful marble statue also concerns her. This is another story that challenges the detective skills, Nancy.

One of the best things about The Whispering Statue is that it introduces many exciting challenges, which I enjoy solving with Nancy. I think the encounter with the deceitful sculptor, an almost disastrous sailboat collision, and attempted kidnapping are the story’s main highlights.

My favorite part of the story is when Nancy conceals herself behind the statue and then uses her voice to make it appear speaking to the con man. Carolyn Keene adds a dramatic rescue in one scene, and I appreciate how she delivers it very catchy.

Overall, The Whispering Statue is one of the most coincidence-heavy, ragged, and overpopulated series. Despite the several harsh episodes, the saucy behavior of Nancy balances every scene. Plus, I love the twists in the ending.

15. The Haunted Bridge, 1937

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The Haunted Bridge is the fifteenth book of Carolyn Keene for the Nancy Drew series. Once again, Nancy finds herself in the middle of two intriguing mysteries during a golf tournament. As she discovers the thriller of an abandoned bridge, she can track down the woman who is a suspect of being part of the jewelry thieves. Together with her friends, Nancy uncovers fascinating clues.

I find this another Nancy Drew book as a worthwhile read. It offers dynamic characters alongside sensational cliffhangers and intriguing suspense.

The novel becomes more captivating due to its unique, creative, and engaging characters. For instance, Nancy proves that she is not afraid of anything, not even in a haunted bridge. I also find it interesting how she and her friends put their lives at risk just to track down the elusive jewel thief.

Not only does the suspense keeps me reading the book, but also adds mystery to the entire story. Since there is more suspense to this novel, I wonder what will happen next to the characters.

Overall, other than the extraordinary characters, The Haunted Bridge provides mysterious suspense. It also comes with gripping cliffhangers, which makes me read the story until the end.

16. The Clue of the Tapping Heels, 1939

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In the sixteenth Nancy Drew novel The Clue of the Tapping Heels, Nancy and her friends become tap-dance enthusiasts. She meets a bizarre retired actress who owns a lot of cats. There’s an unusual sound at the woman’s house, and Nancy attempts to solve this mystery. Meanwhile, the woman faces some financial issues because of a crook’s manipulation.

Again, Carolyn Keene shows her unique taste when it comes to plot devices. The story delivers unusual climaxes in each chapter and other action-packed scenes.

I get even excited about reading this novel when Nancy uses the Morse code to seek help. Then, she reveals the solution to the mystery. This scene illustrates the frontispiece of the book. The story is perfect for those who love plot twist mysteries like me.

When I start reading this Nancy Drew book, I become eager to know what happens next. I finish it in less than 5 days. I like how Nancy displays her detective skills and does what she enjoys. Despite the life-threatening events, she manages to enjoy her life.

Overall, the plot of The Clue of the Tapping Heels is unique and mostly coherent. While it is easy to read and more of catching the culprit, the story is fun and exciting to read.

17. The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk, 1940

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The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk starts when Nancy plans a trip to South America with her friends. They travel by boat and join a tour that is hosted by an exclusive school for girls. Nancy learns the issues involve in the Trenton trunk company, mostly about the quality of merchandise. While solving the mystery, someone hits her on the head.

I appreciate the way Carolyn Keene creatively describes the 1940s clothing of the girls. I find this Nancy Drew book very intriguing. Even its title is attention-grabbing.

This novel is in an older writing style targeting young readers, but it is still entertaining for adult readers. It provides an action-packed mystery with a fantastic plot. Even the grammar is pretty perfect.

I like how each chapter ends with a cliffhanger. It makes me more eager to anticipate the next chapter. As for Nancy’scharacter, she shows that every woman can do many things other than staying at home to clean and cook.

Overall, I enjoy reading The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk until the end. I love the way I help Nancy uncover the mystery. It is like I am part of the story.

18. The Mystery at the Moss Covered Mansion, 1941

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Nancy’s new adventure starts in The Mystery at the Moss Covered Mansion when her father asks her for help to find a missing heiress. As Nancy with her friends start their sleuthing journey, they stumble upon a mysterious mansion covered with moss. Near the mansion, they hear that someone is being murdered. Plus, strange noises are coming inside the moss-covered mansion.

This 18th Nancy Drew book by Carolyn Keene offers an excellent deal of action. It includes a great combination of gypsies, murder, a missing heiress, and an airplane accident. The forest fire, reclusive artist, and needy elderly lady also add twists to the story.

With the twists and turns, I become even more curious about the ending. Guessing some of the mysteries is always fun and enjoyable. I find Nancy delightful and clever. However, I also notice some sensibilities toward the heritages apart from the white American, which is part of the pre-civil rights.

When Nancy almost falls into a boiling pool or the leopard attacks her, the suspense explodes. So, I get excited to know the next scenes and how Nancy solves the mysteries.

Overall, The Mystery at the Moss Covered Mansion provides a solid plot. A lot of things are involved in the story, like real estate, astronauts, stolen boats, wild animals, and stolen cars. The good thing is that they wrap up neatly.

19. The Quest of the Missing Map, 1942

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The Quest of the Missing Map is the nineteenth Nancy Drew novel by Carolyn Keene. The story starts when Nancy is investigating a small ship cottage located at the Chatham estate. She unveils a connection between the mysterious events happening at the cottage and the lost treasure on an island. She holds one half of a map and seeks a missing twin brother who keeps the other half.

The first time I read this Nancy Drew mystery book, it’s easy to say that the story takes place in the pre-WWII period. For instance, the treatment and image of women and the portrayal of the main characters. The physical appearance of the characters really matches the time period and their roles.

When it comes to speaking, personalities, and overall role in the story of the characters, Carolyn Keene shows her creativity. However, they are not particularly deep. This is because there is always a correspondence between their physical attributes and personality. On the bright side, the characters add color to the storyline as they provide details that make me curious about the next scenes.

Overall, The Quest of the Missing Map is entertaining, surprising, and exciting with a funny scene. It is well-written and ideal for mystery lovers.

20. The Clue in the Jewel Box, 1943

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The Clue in the Jewel Box offers other exciting adventures. Nancy is once again ready to display her sleuthing skills after the revelation of an antique dealer about a priceless heirloom owned by a former queen. Meanwhile, Madame Alexandra asks Nancy to track down her missing grandson. While she’s searching for the prince, she unveils a slick imposter, which helps reunite the long-separated family.

While it is undeniable who the bad guy was after reading a few pages, this story is still one of my favorites. Carolyn Keene is successful in keeping some of the most important clues. As a result, there is no spoiler for the ending.

The same way with other books in the Nancy Drew series, this one offers a thrilling mystery alongside a convoluted plot. Although she and her buddies experience many predicaments, they manage to overcome everything, thanks to her skills and smart moves. Almost everything in a mystery book is present in this volume.

The Clue in the Jewel Box delivers a thought-provoking sleuthing process. I find the mystery jewel box very intriguing. Plus, I like the cliffhangers in some chapters as they keep me reading the story until the end.

21. The Secret in the Old Attic, 1944

After resolving the mystery surrounding the jewel box, The Secret in the Old Attic sets out Nancy into another thrilling mystery. She searches for the unpublished musical manuscripts written by Philip March, a soldier. She believes that these are hidden in an attic of a creepy, rundown mansion. While she’s trying to solve the missing manuscripts, the client of her father asks for her help to investigate his rival company that manufactures silk cloth through his patented methods.

Like the other books in this series, Nancy is torn between two cases. However, I notice that this one offers a unique opening premise. Besides the lost music compositions and textile secrets that have something to do with venomous spiders, a side love twist between Nancy and Ned is also present.

I remember that Carolyn Keene makes the attic scary by adding elements like a black widow spider, a skeleton, old chests, and cob-webs. For a younger audience, the attic scenes are entirely creepy.

The Secret in the Old Attic is a good story filled with a lot of action. Compared to other stories, this one is constricting.

22. The Clue in the Crumbling Wall, 1945

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The story of The Clue in the Crumbling Wall engages Nancy in tracking down a professional dancer who mysteriously disappeared years ago. This case involves her in another mystery. While she and her friends are investigating at Heath Castle, they discover crumbling walls that hold a secret.

In this Nancy Drew mystery, my mind is curious who are the enemies of the main characters. The story gets even exciting every time the villains stop Nancy and her friends from solving the puzzle. In this 22nd book of the Nancy Drew series, Carolyn Keene shows her adroit and creative story-telling. What I love about this story is that it is unique with a romantic factor. This time, the mystery is less adventurous and action-filled but still captivating and intriguing.

My favorite part is when Nancy reveals a sinister plot that defrauds the professional dancer of her inheritance. The storyline holds up very well. Both the details and the mood of the story are very clear. I feel as if I am there with Nancy, Bess, and George resolving the mysteries.

The Clue in the Crumbling Wall is one of the best in the whole Nancy Drew series and is very fun to read. Both kids and adults will enjoy reading it.

23. The Mystery of the Tolling Bell, 1946

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In the 23rd book of the Nancy Drew series, Nancy accepts an invitation from her father’s client to have a vacation at her cottage in a seaside town. Mr. Drew promises to join her but ends up in an alarming disappearance. Meanwhile, a story about a ghost and the weird sounds of a tolling bell in a nearby cliffside intrigues Nancy.

I was overwhelmed with emotions while reading this mystery book—for example, worries at the stressful parts or amazement about the setting’s colloquialisms. I enjoy the dynamic quality of each of the characters. I like the thrilling factor when Nancy tries and solves the mystery.

One of the best things about Carolyn Keene is that the title always has something to do with the plot. And, this one keeps its promise! The strange dream of Nancy adds suspense to the story, which is also very plausible. When she wakes up in a ditch, the mystery grows.

The Mystery of the Tolling Bell is a quick and easy read. Writing is my style. I love how mystery and romantic factors work together. Besides, I find Ned very adorable as he is always there to make sure that Nancy is safe.

24. The Clue in the Old Album, 1947

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Nancy and her friends’ dangerous yet thrilling adventures continue in The Clue in the Old Album by Carolyn Keene. She witnesses a snatching of a purse and catches the thief. She recovers the purse, but not the content. The purse owner, who happens to be a doll collector, asks for her sleuthing work.

The 24th Nancy Drew book excites me as Nancy has to find an old album, a lost doll, and a missing gypsy violinist. Although she faints due to the injected poison by a French swordsman, she never gives up.

I am fond of the mystery genre, and investigating the mysteries in this story is just addicting. My sleuthing attributes are indoctrinated once again in this series, which is easy to read, dynamic, and action-packed. The level of suspense is perfect for a young audience but entertaining for adults.

The Clue in the Old Album is refreshing as it involves gypsies, jewels, collectible dolls, and a tribe. The star-crossed lovers and sailboat races add excitement to the storyline. I also appreciate the inductive reasoning, dramatic tension, and redemptive family reunion.

25. The Ghost of Blackwood Hall, 1948

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall is the 25th book of the Nancy Drew book series. A highly superstitious widow, Mrs. Putney, asks for Nancy’s help in recovering stolen jewelry. She and her friends search for the thieves, which leads them to an abandoned mansion called Blackwood Hall. She wants to help, but something hinders her.

Every time Mrs. Putney displays her strange behavior, suspense and curiosity develop in the story. Plus, when two young women become victims of the unseen culprit of cruel fraud, a new excitement builds up.

I have no hard time understanding each detail of the story. It is straightforward to read and highly entertaining. I feel like I am part of the gang trying to solve the mysteries. Each of the characters displays uniqueness and intriguing attributes.

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall gives a thrilling story packed with a plethora of twists and turns. While the clues are a little bit obvious, it does not ruin the ending. I like the setting, especially the mansion that enhances the creepiness and suspense.

26. The Clue of the Leaning Chimney, 1949

For the next Nancy Drew adventure, The Clue of the Leaning Chimney involves a stolen rare Chinese vase. The owner of the pottery shop asks for Nancy’s help. She needs to find the missing ornament and the thief and find out where’s the leaning chimney. During investigations, the leaning chimney even puts her into more puzzles. Now, she needs to know if there’s a connection between the stolen vase and the disappearance of a Chinese potter and his daughter.

This adventure of Nancy and her friends is gripping and enjoyable to read. Nancy discovers that the rare vase is near a leaning chimney, which makes the plot more intriguing. The connection of the chimney to the stolen vase makes the story very thrilling.

Nancy shows her extraordinary courage in solving all the mysteries once again. Locating the right chimney itself is already challenging since there are plenty of ducts in River Heights. Rather than figuring out how to open the secret panel door, Nancy simply hacks it down, and I find it a hilarious scene.

The Clue of the Leaning Chimney is worthwhile reading. It’s a great story with exciting adventures and intriguing mysteries. I love the twisted strands of mystery!

27. The Secret of the Wooden Lady, 1950

Thrilling adventures are unstoppable in the 27th book of the Nancy Drew Series. The Secret of the Wooden Lady starts when Captain Easterly asks for Nancy’s help in revealing the mystery of his ghostly visitors. She and her friends stay on an old clipper ship. However, unseen trespassers, theft, and fire, and other danger are waiting for them. Besides, a missing figurehead is another challenge for Nancy.

This book of the Nancy Drew series has several actions. I like the loyalty of Ned to Nancy and his willingness to help her investigate. However, others just want to go to restaurants and go swimming, and it’s a bit disappointing.

My favorite part of the story is when the characters discover that a treasure is hidden in the missing wooden figurehead. I like the writing style of Carolyn Keene. In this story, there’s a lively pace. In addition to the well-written plot, the adventure and mystery are believable and exciting.

The Secret of the Wooden Lady offers a solid adventure. As a classic mystery story, it’s a well worthwhile read. Not only that, the clipping sailing ships are exciting elements of the story, which make readers of today curious about what they look like.

28. The Clue of the Black Keys, 1951

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An archaeological expedition to Mexico let two professors, Dr. Joshua Pitt and Terry Scott, discover a clue to a buried treasure. It’s a cipher that is engraved on a stone tablet. However, before Dr. Pitt gets a chance to translate it, he disappears with the tablet. Nancy’s investigation of the mystery leads her to Florida and Mexico. She also needs to find the three black keys to unlock a secret of antiquity.

Another interesting Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene, this one is quite interesting to read. It delivers a good mystery while emphasizing the incredible courage of Nancy in solving the puzzles. The way she searches for a set of black keys to open a trunk is fascinating and thrilling.

One of the book’s favorite scenes is when Nancy outsmarts the bad guys and safeguard herself from them. Her plans are very witty and sensible.

Each page of The Clue of the Black Keys is impressive with a fantastic climax. The atmospheres, dialogues, language, and fashions are attention-grabbing. While reading the story, I also learn more things about the 1950s time period.

The Clue of the Black Keys is different from other books in the series. It is very engaging, light, and entertaining.

29. The Mystery at the Ski Jump, 1952

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The Mystery at the Ski Jump is the 29th novel of the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene. Nancy learns that a woman victimizes their housekeeper into purchasing a stolen fur piece. She is set out to track down the swindler and discovers that the culprit is using her name.

For the 29th edition of the Nancy Drew series, the young detective displays her tirelessness in the quest for justice. I admire her determination in unraveling the mysteries. The plot is full of suspense.

In addition to a very thrilling plot, I notice many exciting things in the entire story. I like the scenes when Nancy gets kidnapped but manages to outsmart the crooks. She uses her wit and bravery to come out and get the bad guys arrested.

Like other Nancy Drew stories, every page of this book is exciting and thrilling, mostly in the latter half of the information. Overall, The Mystery at the Ski Jump is a worthwhile read. The title itself is intriguing. Honestly, it’s challenging to know who is or is behind the crime. Nonetheless, Nancy deals with this challenging matter.

30. The Clue of the Velvet Mask, 1953

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In The Clue of the Velvet Mask, a masquerade party turns into another mystery. Nancy and Ned spy on this woman who wears a glittery Javanese costume and a man wearing a black cloak. They want to know if these people are thieves who plan to rob painting treasures and jewels. Meanwhile, Nancy and George switch identities to find the answers.

The plot of this 23rd edition of the series excites me, knowing that George attends the masquerade party as Nancy Drew. The idea is exciting yet dangerous on George’s part, but this makes the story even interesting.

Carolyn Keene makes the story more refreshing by introducing a group of ruthless criminals called the velvet gang. Using velvet masks, these crooks hide their faces and steal valuable art pieces and jewels. Going from page to page, it becomes more obvious that this gang is very dangerous.

The Clue of the Velvet Mask is instructive, engaging, and charming. Nancy portrays a tough and smart girl of the 1930s. It’s a great whodunit alongside peril, action, and a convoluted plot.

31. The Ringmaster’s Secret, 1953

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Nancy’s Aunt Eloise gives her a beautiful, second-hand golden bracelet with charms of horses. The fascinating mystery in The Ringmaster’s Secret by Carolyn Keene starts when one of the horse charms is missing. Nancy learns that there’s a strange story behind the bracelet.

I like the beginning of the story. It’s interesting. Nancy takes trick riding lessons and receives a mysterious package from her aunt, a golden bracelet with five horse charm. Since the sixth charm is missing, it already creates a mystery to the readers. Besides, her aunt presents a little bit of mystery when she tells Nancy through an accompanying letter that the bracelet is given initially to a circus performer by a queen.

My favorite scene in the story is when Nancy goes undercover as a bareback rider in the circus. She wants to know the connection between Lolita, a young circus star, and her bracelet.

I like the story of The Ringmaster’s Secret. It opens me to the world of circus. Just the way I love the character of Nancy, she’s a supergirl. After all, she’s an expert golf and tennis player, sailboat sailor, speedboat driver, code-breaker, dancer, airplane pilot, horsewoman, and more.

32. The Scarlet Slipper Mystery, 1954

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For The Scarlet Slipper Mystery, Nancy meets Helene and Henri Fontaine, two refugees from Centrovia. These siblings are also the owners of a dancing school in River Heights. Nancy offers to help the brother and the sister when they receive a death threat. Meanwhile, Nancy also needs to figure out if Henri’s series of paintings brings a threat to their lives.

I like how Carolyn Keene how presents an intricate and intriguing mystery in the story. Although there are plenty of villains with multiple aliases, I can still keep up with the story’s flow. So, I have no problem understanding each scene, from start to finish.

While the storyline is complicated, it keeps interesting elements. It has more than one near-death experience and lots of twists and turns. I love most about this story because I have no idea who Nancy should trust. When I find a character honest, I become suspicious when something happens.

The Scarlet Slipper Mystery is enjoyable and engaging. I like the international and heist aspects and the uniqueness of the characters. The mystery and suspense zing along well.

33. The Witch Tree Symbol, 1955

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The Nancy Drew adventures and mysteries continue in The Witch Tree Symbol. The young detective accompanies her neighbor to an old, abandoned mansion. Upon discovering a witch tree symbol, she goes to Pennsylvania Dutch country and chases a ruthless thief. However, there’s a rumor that Nancy is a witch.

The 33rd edition of the Nancy Drew series gives me a fresh plot. This time, Carolyn Keene involves witches. Amish people treat Nancy and her friends with hostility because the rumor is a bit annoying, but this scene makes the story dynamic and engaging. So, it’s a great plot.

I like that I get a big picture of the Amish people, from their superstition, culture, tradition, and food. It’s like I am meeting other people and getting to know them.

The story comes with a brilliant plot, and the mystery is not easy to solve, especially for young readers. The thieves are smart, but the fascinating thing is that Nancy manages to outsmart them. Overall, The Witch Tree Symbol offers an action-packed and exciting storyline. Even if the setting and the story were more than 60 years ago, it is still plausible.

34. The Hidden Window Mystery, 1956

A magazine article that offers a substantial reward to anyone who can locate the missing medieval stained-glass window piqued Nancy’s interest in The Hidden Window Mystery. She invites her friends to join her to look for that window in Charlottesville, Virginia. They want to know if there’s a connection between the eerie sounds from a neighboring estate and the ghost they encounter at Ivy Hall have a relationship.

The best feature of this 34th Nancy Drew edition is how Carolyn Keene develops each of the scenes. The storyline is fantastic and, of course, very intriguing. The reading is non-stop as I want to know what happens next.

Because of the beginning, it’s hard to predict the next scenes. I notice that Bess becomes more cautious in this story, while George is very curious about the window’s mystery.

I appreciate the involvement of medieval stained glass in a mystery story. It’s also interesting that this story does not revolve in only one mystery.

Overall, The Hidden Window Mystery has a great sense of momentum and progress. It offers decent suspense with dynamic characters. The character of Annette is impressive, especially that she is more mature than her mother. Plus, there is an Indian gentleman and a cowboy from Oklahoma.

35. The Haunted Showboat, 1957

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Almost everyone is excited for the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and Nancy and her friends have no exemption. During their vacation for the festivities, they encounter ghosts and pirates. Meanwhile, they need to investigate an old showboat that requires a restoration for the gala celebrations. However, there’s a rumor that this showboat is haunted.

The story starts with complicated events and then continues at a fast pace with dangerous and mysterious pursuers. While something is stopping Nancy and her friends from arriving at their destination, they still make it. When Nancy searches for the clues, she discovers a big secret.

Nancy’s character is an excellent example for the young audience like she has respect for everyone and a well-mannered attitude. This decent story has likable characters, a feel-alive atmosphere, beautiful descriptions, and interesting villains.

The Haunted Showboat always makes me want to keep reading. The reading level is not super easy nor super hard. Since I never see things coming, the story is not very predictable. The writing style of Carolyn Keene is elegant and friendly.

36. The Secret of the Golden Pavilion, 1959

In the 36th novel of the Nancy Drew series, The Secret of the Golden Pavilion, Carson Drew’s client named Mr. Sakamaki needs help. An inheritance from his grandfather called Kaluakua is clouded by a mystery. This mysterious estate is located in Hawaii. Sakamaki receives a warning that he should not sell the estate until he discovers its secret.

The beginning of the story is already intriguing. The more page I read, the more exciting occurrences I encounter. I like how Carolyn Keen complicates this story. When two siblings suddenly appear, they claim that the estate belongs to them.

In terms of characters, I appreciate Carson Drew. He emphasizes his love for her daughter. Besides, their relationship as father and daughter is very inspiring. Both of them are smart, loyal, and hardworking. I can see why the role model Nancy is his father.

The Secret of the Golden Pavilion is entertaining to read. It engages me in the mystery and adventures of the characters with full of excitement. It is reasonably easy to read, and I can very well relate to each character. I can easily pretend that I am part of the book and solving the mysteries myself.

37. The Clue in the Old Stagecoach, 1960

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Nancy and her friends are on the case, once again! The Clue in the Old Stage is the 37th novel in the series by Carolyn Keene. Nancy is having a vacation at Camp Merriweather, and an elderly citizen asks her to find an old stagecoach. According to the elderly, this stagecoach is hidden by her great-uncle and may contain a treasure that can help build a new school.

A runaway stagecoach, badminton and tennis competitions, and camping resort are some of the things that make this story fascinating. There are fun, humorous moments with the girls. My favorite part of the story is when Nancy and her friends make fun of the annoying couple while they are at the camp.

The plot has human interest and poignancy angles, and these things set it apart from the other mystery stories. The plot is also action-filled, which is similar to other Nancy Drew books.

The Clue in the Old Stagecoach is a quick and enjoyable read. The mystery is excellent, and the action keeps moving.

38. The Mystery of the Fire Dragon, 1961

Nancy’s aunt is back once again in The Mystery of the Fire by Carolyn Keen. She asks the young detective to investigate her neighbor’s strange disappearance, a young university student. This investigation leads Nancy and her friends to New York and encounters a smuggling ring’s danger and intrigue. They follow more clues, leading them to Hong Kong.

The storyline is excellent and very thrilling. It’s exciting to know the reason behind the disappearance of the girl. Despite the danger, Nancy and her friends take the risk and continue solving the mystery.

The writing style is fascinating and fast-paced, while the mystery is entertaining. I encounter a fantastic amount of details that quickly gloss over. Some scenes are solved even without any real effort. For instance, getting a passport while the main characters are waiting and flying to Hong Kong with unlimited money since the policeman vouch them.

The Mystery of the Fire Dragon is a very light and classic read. It is engaging, and I learn a lot about the 1960s time period.

39. The Clue of the Dancing Puppet, 1962

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A local acting troupe known as Footlighters stays at the Van Pelt estate, but a mysterious dancing puppet now haunts their peaceful home. In The Clue of the Dancing Puppet, Nancy and her friends want to investigate the mansion. However, everything goes even complicated because of a Shakespearean actor, Footlighter’s temperamental leading lady, and jewel theft suspects.

Instead of speed-reading, I take my time reading this book. So, the twists and turns give more impact. I like the elements of the story like puppets, costumes, summer stock theater, and more. Plus, Carolyn Keene displays an excellent writing style in portraying each theater scene.

The friendship between Nancy and Bess is really. Even if Bess fails to get a big part in the theater play, she’s still very happy for Nancy. At the beginning of the story, the dancing puppet apparition the dancing puppet is a bit eerie and spooky. As the story proceeds, pieces of the puzzle start to tie together.

Overall, The Clue of the Dancing Puppet has an entertaining and engaging mystery. It keeps me guessing. Shakespeare excerpts add more exciting elements to the story. I like to mention that Tammi’s character is amusing and adds plenty of drama to the book.

40. The Moonstone Castle Mystery, 1963

In the 40th edition of the Nancy Drew series, The Moonstone Castle Mystery, the young detective accepts a valued moonstone from an unknown person. She finds the gift unusual and puzzling. However, this gift is just the beginning of another complex mystery challenging her detective abilities.

This book series is filled with action sequences and attention-grabbing lines, which help open and close each chapter. The final lines of each chapter lead me to the next adventure. I like the subtle approach of this 40th edition that Carolyn Keene applies.

The attitude of Nancy, Bess, and George is always kind, pleasant, and of course, very curious. I enjoy many scenes in this story, like going to picnics, playing tennis, and getting into different trouble in the Moonstone Castle.

The castle delivers blasting and eerie elements through its sliding panels, hidden rooms, dust, bats, cobwebs, staircases, towers, and more. The hotel that feels like a resort and the quaint town’s cozy tea room balances the story’s spooky atmosphere.

The Moonstone Castle Mystery introduces a delightful mess and intriguing mystery. It feels cinematic, which makes me go to the complexity of the entire story.

41. The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes, 1964

The colorful yet thrilling adventures of Nancy does not stop in the Moonstone Castle. The 41st edition in the series, The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes, brings Nancy to Scotland to see her maternal great-grandmother. She travels to the said country with her father and friends. Meanwhile, she needs to find a missing family heirloom while involving in a mysterious bagpiper and missing flocks of sheep.

Reading this classic Nancy Drew mystery is very nostalgic yet exciting. It offers a nice lesson about politeness, and it widens my vocabulary. I learn more about the ancestral homeland and heritage of Nancy. This one is very intriguing, which is more than just a typical mystery for a young audience.

Carolyn Keene includes bits of language, geography, local sites, and history lessons with a well-written storyline. It also involves the flow of action interlacing with deductive reasoning and clues. This is ideal for mystery fans who want to hone their reading skills.

The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes is a suspenseful and fascinating story. It is fun to read and has a lot of precise historical information regarding Scotland. Every minute of reading is delightful.

42. The Phantom of Pine Hill, 1965

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The Phantom of Pine Hill by Carolyn Keene occurs when Nancy and her friends visit Emerson during the university’s summer festivities. They stay in a historic mansion at Pine Hill. Their host tells them about the haunting phantom happening in the mansion’s library. Meanwhile, the young detective and her friends are set out to know if there’s a connection between the phantom and the long-lost wedding treasures in an old ship.

I enjoy the innocent and wholesome nostalgia of this book. I love many scenes, especially when Nancy and her friend attend fraternity dinners, boating races, and dances with their beaus. I also notice that they have plenty of independence. One of the highlights of the story is when Bess gets a chance to defend herself.

Secret phantoms, Emerson University party, lost treasure, and the sunken ship makes the storyline even more enjoyable. The plot has no lacking of development. Despite many coincidences, the young detective still manages to solve the mysteries.

The Phantom of Pine Hill is a nostalgic, fun, and quick read. Many girls can relate to Nancy’s quick-thinking, George’s vital tomboy attribute, and Bess’s girly personality, who always runs a diet. These girls are easy to connect to.

43. The Mystery of the 99 Steps, 1966

Nancy displays her detective abilities in The Mystery of the 99 Steps once again. She searches for a flight of 99 steps, which brings her to France. While she and her father are in France, they investigate a wealthy financier who is frightened into selling a massive amount of securities. Now, she believes that her father’s case has a connection to the 99 steps.

The story starts with a friend’s weird dream and turns into an exciting Parisian adventure for Nancy, Mr. Drew, Bess, and George. Most mystery elements are easy to understand, but some are more challenging for young readers, especially the alchemy. I like both the action and flow of the story.

In addition to creativity, Carolyn Keene makes every chapter exciting. This series is smart and wholesome that brings back my school-time memories. Honestly, it’s a bit predictable for adult readers with many quick escapes from the tight spots. However, therein lies genuineness and charm.

The Mystery of the 99 Steps is a simple and endearing story. It is impressive to read as there are many historical references, conspiratorial alchemy, and sightseeing in France. Besides, I learn a bit of French vocabulary.

44. The Clue in the Crossword Cipher, 1967

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For Nancy, Bess, and George’s next adventure, The Clue in the Crossword Cipher starts when Carla Ponce, who lives in Peru, invites the girls to visit her. This invitation also involves solving a mystery that leads to a valuable treasure. A mysterious wooden plaque that belongs to Carla’s family holds the clue. However, a notorious gang steals this priceless relic.

What makes the book genuinely interesting is that it serves as my tourist guide to Peru. Carolyn Keene explains in the story the meeting of Spanish and Incas. Reading this book makes me want to visit Manchu Pichu.

The mysteries in this series are innocent, but this does not exempt Nancy from dangers. I like that Nancy and her buddies have unlimited funds to travel to different places of archaeology. Another impressive scene is when their helicopter land on the Nazca Lines and set up camp and dig.

The Clue in the Crossword Cipher is another high-flying mystery story. The travel across South America is stimulating, and decoding an ancient plaque makes the tale even thrilling.

45. The Spider Sapphire Mystery, 1968

The thrill is very high in The Spider Sapphire Mystery when Nancy delves into the stealing of a sapphire. Mr. Ramsey, her father’s client, who is a designer of unusual synthetic gems, becomes a suspect of the missing spider sapphire. While Nancy is in Africa and on a safari, she experiences a lot of thrilling events. Meanwhile, she needs to solve the scheme directed at her father’s client and find the missing jungle guide.

The 45th edition of the Nancy Drew series has a great writing style. Carolyn Keene maintains suspense throughout the story. I like the fact that she opens the secrets and other highlights of the story one by one.

In this series, there are rich people, jewel thieves, and plenty of attempts to kill Nancy, Bess, and George. Ned even gets kidnapped. Since most of the scenes in the story take place in Africa, I notice there’s a lot of vintage racism.

The Spider Sapphire Mystery is not predictable because there’s a suspicion at the end of every chapter. So, the book gives me a lot of surprises. It keeps me want to read more chapters.

46. The Invisible Intruder, 1969

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The Invisible Intruder is the 46th novel in the Nancy Drew series. The story starts when Helen and Jim Archer invite Nancy, Bess, and George to join them on a ghost-hunting trip with three other married couples. They investigate a total of five haunted locations. Each location comes with a different concern. However, their final investigation involves an invisible intruder.

This series is one of my favorites because there are five locations for five spooky events, from a self-propelling canoe that appears on a lake to an invisible intruder. The storyline is different from other Nancy Drew stories that only involve one surrounding or location.

This time, the story is more of an adventure than a mystery. For me, it’s interesting to watch Nancy and her friends uncover each mystery. Here, it’s obvious the adventurous side of her. It is like adventure lovers can hand out with her, but expect mysteries on the side.

Overall, The Invisible Intruder is an adventurous and action-packed book. It has creepy chapters. What’s more, Carolyn Keene includes a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter. So, it makes me want to keep reading.

47. The Mysterious Mannequin, 1970

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The Mysterious Mannequin concerns the disappearance of a Turkish client of Nancy’s father. In an Oriental rug decorative border, she finds the clues and decodes them. This leads her on a quest for a mysterious, missing mannequin. Meanwhile, someone tries to keep the young detective from finding this attractive figure.

New mystery means a new adventure for Nancy and her friends. After exploring the different ghost-hunting locations in the previous book, they are now having adventures in Turkey. This is one of the reasons why I like Carolyn Keen and her stories. I feel like I am traveling the world.

I have no problem with the writing style as it suits my taste. All the chapters have lots of essential scenes. In addition to being quick and easy to read, it’s a story that goes well with my curious mind. The Mysterious Mannequin brings me to a new location with a different kind of mystery and adventure. I enjoy reading this book many times over.

48. The Crooked Banister, 1971

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The exciting yet dangerous adventures of Nancy and her friends continue in The Crooked Banister. They investigate a peculiar house with a rather weird, crooked staircase. During their investigation, they discover many strange things in this property, like an eccentric serpent picture, a hidden room containing portraits, and more. The girls are determined to reveal the secrets of that weird house.

The Crooked Banister is another add mystery for the young detective and friends. It’s also memorable with quite an eerie atmosphere. Everything from this robot is strange, from house to antagonist. However, it is enjoyable reading this story.

I like the new elements Carolyn Keens puts in the story, like crooked banister, flaming bridges, snakes, and some poisons. The relationships have significant development, and I notice that the beaus ensconced in the respective roles. The story tends to be unbelievable, but this is what makes it genuine and charming.

The Crooked Banister is a whole new different story in the Nancy Drew series. I find many strange things in this story, but it’s a fun read and gives me a good insight into the 1970s.

49. The Secret of Mirror Bay, 1972

In the 49th Nancy Drew book, The Secret of Mirror, Eloise Drew invites Nancy and her friends to a cabin near Cooperstown, New York, to crack the clandestine of a woman gliding across the water. Nancy involves in a vacation hoax. Meanwhile, a luminescent green sorcerer makes an appearance on the wooden mountain. He threatens to cast a heinous spell on anyone investigating his activities.

The romantic progression in the story excites me. Eloise Drew is introduced to Matt, and it looks like they hit off very well. I wonder if the character of Matt will pop up again.

There are several old tales and a local character who have a fondness for folk legends about ghosts. One of the exciting scenes in the story is when Matt discusses how the chemicals found in the lightning bugs can make cold light.

The Secret of Mirror Bay is a unique mystery story. The characters are quite engaging and confuse me every time I think I already know the mysteries’ answer. The story is suspenseful and very thrilling.

50. The Double Jinx Mystery, 1973

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The 50th mystery story in the Nancy Drew series, The Double Jinx Mystery, puts Nancy and her father into an extraordinary adventure. A bird of terrible omen appears on the front lawn of the Drew family. Nancy wants to know if the person who left it plans to jinx them. This weird incident also has a connection to the construction of a high-rise house complex.

The title itself is already intriguing to me. I wonder what it is called “double jinx.” Superstition beliefs are present in the storyline once again, and the bad guys use these beliefs in preying on the people and get what they want.

Carolyn Keene puts many illnesses and accidents in the story, and the story itself is exceptionally adventurous. Compared to earlier books that are more believable and simpler, this one is full of thrill and more complex.

The Double Jinx Mystery is an exciting read with an excellent narrative. It like its focus on folklore and superstition. Although some of the previous Nancy Drew books also involve superstition, I think this one has more of them.

51. The Mystery of the Glowing Eye, 1974

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The Mystery of the Glowing Eye by Carolyn Keene introduces Nancy to another case of Carson Drew. She agrees to help her father solving the mystery that surrounds a glowing eye. Meanwhile, Ned gets kidnapped, and his handwriting contains a puzzling note. Nancy and her friends are all set for a dangerous search for the culprit. However, a woman lawyer tries to take away the glowing eye mystery from Nancy.

The 51st Nancy Drew is fun to read, which annotates with my thoughts. I like the independent attitude and persistence of Nancy in every case. She pursues the clues to a great, tidy mystery ending.

It’s weird, but I like the magnetized wall that, for some reason, can magnetize human flesh. Honestly, Ned’s kidnapping case Ned and adding the character of Marty King in the story make the conflict very distinct from other Nancy Drew series.

The Mystery of the Glowing Eye is Nancy’s and her buddies’ most unusual adventures. I love rereading this story, and it still fascinates me.

52. The Secret of the Forgotten City, 1975

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The Secret of the Forgotten City by Carolyn Keene revolves around the rumors about a hidden treasure buried under the Nevada desert. These rumors lead Nancy and her friends into joining a college-sponsored archaeological dig to find the priceless gold. Nancy finds an ancient stone containing petroglyphs with clues. However, Nancy and Ned almost lose their lives as a savvy thief causes them danger.

This is another Nancy Drew mystery that is fun to read. Here, the characters are in college, and I notice the relationships between the girls and their beaus remain the same. Since the mysteries are not too complicated, I recommend this book to children who are new to this genre.

Mainly, I enjoy Indian and archaeological themes. I also find the setting very interesting and refreshing. Although the plot involves treasures again, it is also unique from other stories in the series.

The Secret of the Forgotten City offers a lot of intriguing and thrilling scenes. Just by reading the title, a mysterious vibe already strikes my mind.

53. The Sky Phantom, 1976

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In The Sky Phantom, Nancy takes flying lessons at the Excello Flying School, while her friends Bess and George are mastering their horseback riding. Then, she becomes busy solving the mystery that involves a hijacked plane while the pilot is missing. Not only that, a horse thief and an elusive sky phantom aggravate the situation.

Even the initial part of the story is already very appealing and hooking. The plot alters to a sub-story about a rancher named Chuck Chase. When Chuck’s character enters the scene, I become excited as Bess starts to fall in love with him. However, George reminds her of Dave. Bess is torn between two lovers.

In addition to the scenes about Bess and her lovers, there are other exciting scenes in the story. The mystery is excellent and very engaging. I do not have a hard time understanding the flow of the story.

The Sky Phantom is very distinct as it involves flying lessons. I like the mix of mystery and hints of romance. This is what makes the Nancy Drew series very dynamic.

54. The Strange Message in the Parchment, 1977

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The Strange Message in the Parchment is the 54th edition of the Nancy Drew series. After buying a series of pictures painted on the parchment, a strange telephone call out of the blue leaves a sheep farmer puzzled. The mysterious caller tells him to decode the message in parchment. The farmer asks Nancy to him solving the mystery.

One of the interesting this about this 54th novel is that one mystery does not only involve a single conflict. It soon concerns a group of extortionists, a kidnapper, and a boy artist. I notice that the physical appearance of the characters reflects their personality. The characters are also consistent with their roles from the previous books up to here.

There is a perfect mix of intriguing mystery, danger, drama, and action in this series. The story has excellent plot planning and execution, which keeps the suspense consistent until the end. Carolyn Keene showcases her crisp writing style in simple and easy-to-understand dialogues.

The Strange Message in the Parchment is an enjoyable rJunie’s. The character is refreshingly interesting, while the parchment-making process is an excellent enhancement to general knowledge.

55. The Mystery of Crocodile Island, 1978

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After solving the mystery involving parchment, Nancy and her gang have a new case in The Mystery of Crocodile Island. They investigate the potential poachers at Crocodile Island. They soon realize that the reptiles are less dangerous compared to humans who inhabit the island.

This story’s setting is perfect for a thrilling adventure, dark and swampy with reptilian foes. I enjoy the humor of this book as it lightens the mystery. Carolyn Keene includes a lot of suspense, which helps keep me reading.

Nancy and her buddies experience many surprises while traveling to Florida, like receiving weird phone calls and being attacked by crocodiles. The language is easy to understand, so even younger readers can easily relate to the story.

The Mystery of Crocodile Island is another adventure level by Nancy, Bess, and George. The excitement is from start to finish. Each chapter comes with significant events, and the personalities of the characters fit their roles.

56. The Thirteenth Pearl, 1979

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For the 56th novel of the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene, a valuable, unusual pearl necklace is missing. Nancy learns that a group of dangerous thieves is behind the stealing. She and her father travel to Japan just to find the missing necklace. Meanwhile, the underworld thieves hide behind a front of a cult worshipping the pearl.

I like it when Nancy goes to another country because it introduces me to unique settings and learns other cultures, superstitious beliefs, language, and more. The same way in this story, where She goes to Japan and learns about Japanese wedding customs and oyster farming. It is like I am traveling with you here.

At first, I wonder why it is called a “thirteenth pearl.” As a start and continue reading, I realize the answer. The pearl-worshipping cult is quite weird, but this is what makes the story exciting and distinct. Each chapter gives me surprises, so I keep on reading and solve the mystery with Nancy.

The Thirteenth Pearl is an amusing and easy read. I am sure kids will enjoy the story. When Nancy and her friends travel to Japan, many interesting things about that country are present.