How To Make Money Selling Ebooks on Amazon, eBay, Google

Make money selling ebooks! Well, that’s what you would be learning through this article.

Many writers have indeed moved towards publishing their work through ebooks than a traditional paperback.

Ebooks can be published hassle-free, considering the complexity of publishing through print mode.

In the future, books would be more likely to be published in the format of ebooks and audiobooks.

You can earn a good passive income once you have published around 10-20 ebooks.

I will be helping you out through this article with the right eBook marketing strategies to make more ebook sales.

So, now let’s dive into the topic.

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10 Great Insights To Make Money Selling Ebooks

Make money selling Ebooks

I’m sure my 10 insights would change your perception of selling your eBooks and grasp new ideas to make more ebook sales.

1. Find a Trending Topic To Create an Urge Among Readers

I honestly feel no one can make a perfect assumption about which topics do readers love to read.

We can find which keywords have a high search volume in the book category on Amazon using Sellerapp.

So, once you go through the keywords, you will understand which topic might accumulate in the reader’s mind.

I am also confident that choosing a niche and mastering it would help you in the long term as an ebook writer.

Try to choose a broad topic with less competition among best-selling authors so that you would reach more audiences.

The most trending topics in the ebook category are religion and spirituality, biographies, business, and money.

Find a new idea in a broad topic that had never been discussed or much talked about.

2. Hire Professionals To Edit and Proofread Your Ebook

Make money selling Ebooks

I have personally hired many professionals from Fiverr, and they have done an amazing job.

You can find a professional for almost any work on Fiverr and at an affordable rate. Try to sort them out by ratings and reviews.

People might have a bad impression of you if they notice grammatical and sentence formation mistakes on your eBook.

So it is highly essential to hire a professional ebook editor.

If you are on a tight budget, you can proofread your ebook with the help of Grammarly, which helps you find all sorts of grammatical errors.

Editing the ebook is a complicated part, so hire some professionals you think might be the best to work on your eBook.

3. Build an Email List With Your Ebook

Make money selling Ebooks

You can build a good number of an Email list by asking your ebook readers to opt-in to your email list by assuring them no spam.

Try ConvertKit, which is a top-rated email marketing software to manage your email list. It has many useful features to build your audience and send them emails directly to their inbox.

Let the first 1000 readers download your ebook for free, and in return, ask them to subscribe to your email list.

Promote your affiliate products in every email and never try to sell too hard, or it may sound not very pleasant to your email list.

Email followers who are very engaged through your emails are more likely to buy the product you promote.

Highlight your sign up link in your ebook once every 3-5 pages.

4. Create an Attractive Cover For Your Ebook

Yes, of course! People will judge your ebook by looking at your cover.

I would highly recommend you hire a professional from 99designs or Fiverr to design your ebook cover.

Illustrative, photographic, and minimalist ebook cover designs are said to be the top attractive designs.

Let the cover speak about what is inside your ebook, and let people speak how good your ebook is.

The vital part of your ebook cover design is the color. All colors have an emotion, so choose the colors for your ebook cover based on the genre. For example, raspberry pink would be perfect for a romance subject and dark red for a crime subject. So, choose the colors accordingly.

5. Write The Amazon Ebook Description That Would Impact Readers

Amazon’s ebook description is a valley of thoughts that would positively impact the reader’s perception and decision to buy your ebook.

You have to maintain the suspense throughout your ebook description to entice your audience.

Potential ebook buyers should have no clue what surprise they are waiting for when they read your ebook.

Try to find and include keywords related to your genre or ebook topic in your description to improve your ebook visibility on Amazon.

You can find the keywords that people search in Amazon using Sellerapp.

Use a great choice of words and clarity in your description with the help of Grammarly.

Here is a sample Amazon ebook description that Ashlee Vance wrote for his book – Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future.

6. Get a Good Amount Of Reviews For Your Ebook

Getting reviews for your Ebook in Amazon KDP is vital to get started on how you will make money selling ebooks.

Your ebook will reach a substantial audience through word of mouth by people who have read your ebook and given you reviews.

Reviews will impact your visibility on Amazon KDP and help you in the long run to reach more audiences.

You can also grab some reviews if you list your ebook on Amazon for free to read for the first 1-2 weeks.

You could also send a free copy of your ebook to your email list, people you know, and even on social media.

7. Make Money Selling Ebooks On eBay

Make money selling Ebooks

eBay is a great resource where you can make money selling ebooks.

The process is relatively easy, and you can list your ebook without any hassles.

There are many payment methods, including PayPal, for people to purchase your ebook at eBay.

The best part about selling your ebook on eBay is that you don’t hold any inventory because your ebook is a digital product.

Write a great ebook description while listing your ebook on eBay, so it will impact your reader’s mind to purchase it.

Ebooks are one of the top-selling items on eBay, an important factor for people who want to make money selling ebooks on eBay.

It is also a good idea to get as many reviews as possible for your ebook listed on eBay.

8. Create an Audiobook Format For Your Ebook

Creating an Audiobook format would positively impact your sales to make money selling ebooks.

You can hire a highly skilled voice-over artist at an affordable rate from Fiverr.

The voice that would read the content from your ebook is crucial because it would positively decide a reader’s perception of purchasing it.

Never even have a second thought about whether you want to narrate your ebook.

Only a professional voice-over artist knows how to make it sound so perfectly that you or I cannot do it.

It is always smart to have 3 formats: Print version, Ebook version, and Audiobook version when you want to publish your book.

People are more comfortable with the Audiobook version because it creates a different experience that readers love.

9. Make Money Selling Ebooks on Google Play

Make money selling Ebooks

There is entirely no cost for EBooks publishers to sell their ebooks on Google Play Books.

Here is the list of countries where people can sell their EBooks on this platform. Google Play Books only accepts EBooks that are in PDF or EPUB format.

Google Play Books are a great resource to sell ebooks because the publishing process is straightforward.

People will find your ebooks when they search for any keyword mentioned in your ebook, even if it is not in your title.

10. Sell Your Ebooks On Apple Books

Apple Books have a complicated publishing process, but still a great resource to sell eBooks.

Create an iTunes Connect Account to get started, and you may work with preferred partners listed on their platform.

For night owls who love to read books at night, Apple Books provide auto-night mode to optimize their device’s brightness.

Apple Books offers 70% royalties for every EBook regardless of the price and no file delivery fees.

There are many ways Apple users will discover your EBooks on their platform, which triggers high sales.

Make Money Selling Ebooks On Your Blog

Having a Writer’s Blog, just like this website, is a great resource for selling your ebooks.

It would be a significant investment in the long run to have your own writer’s blog.

Once you get a decent amount of visitors, like 30-50 per day, you have a great chance to sell your ebooks on your Writer’s Website.

The best part about selling ebooks on your website is that your visitors are highly engaged through your content.

They are more likely to purchase anything that you reasonably offer them.

I highly recommend you host your website with Bluehost on a WordPress platform.

Bluehost provides a free SSL Certificate to secure your website with great customer support that is available 24/7.

Promote Your EBook On These 3 Social Media Platforms

I will mention both free and paid promotion tips on FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The best part about promoting on these platforms is that you will reach a bigger audience.

1. FaceBook

Free Promotion:

Join FaceBook groups related to writing, books, and authors and share your eBook purchase links on these groups.

Share your EBook links with your friends and family and ask them to share them, and indeed it would be a great help.

Paid Promotion:

Create Facebook Ads with an accurate audience choice by sorting out with many parameters to reach the right people.

Facebook has a wide variety of data that would help you reach your target audience at lower ad costs.

2. Twitter

Free Promotion:

Reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them to say a word about your ebook through a tweet.

If you have a good following, you ask your followers to buy your ebook with a good reason how it will help them.

Paid Promotion:

Create an ad with a tweet having a good 3-4 line description with the purchase link to spread it faster.

Twitter ads are quite expensive and not very much targetable, but still with a good marketing campaign.

3. Pinterest (You Need To Have a Website)

Free Promotion:

Create a pinnable image with an attractive design and pin from your website on your Pinterest account with your relevant boards.

Join many relevant boards and start pinning your blog posts on these boards. You can surely reach a bigger audience.

Paid Promotion:

Join Tailwind and start scheduling your pins in advance. Circulate your pins automatically through a feature called Tailwind Tribes.

You can create an ad and sort the parameters for which audience you want to display your ads to.

Do Giveaways

Giveaways are a great strategy to gain traction to make money selling ebooks quickly.

Spreading word of mouth is a popular marketing strategy to reach more people.

Reach out to influencers on all social media platforms and ask them to say a word about your ebook.

Give your first 200 copies for free or make it as first month free to read your ebook.

So you will get a handful of reviews to kickstart your sales.

Your email list can be a secret treasure, which might be the source to make quick sales.


How much money can you make selling Ebooks on Amazon?

For every ebook sale, you make either 35% or 75% royalty. The exact or average range of money you could make depends on many factors and it is different for every ebook publisher.

Be sure that if you have done good marketing, you can make a decent passive income every month. Shipping is not required for ebook format, so you can make more profit.

Is selling EBooks profitable?

Compared to the print version, ebooks are profitable because it doesn’t require shipping charges.

You can’t expect to make high sale value for every ebook and price your ebook around $1 to $4.

So, you can earn a passive income once you have published around 20 ebooks.

What is the best way to sell an EBook?

Sell your books on Amazon KDP. Google Play Books, Apple Books, and eBay because they have a hassle-free publishing process.

You can also sell your ebook on your Author blog if you have a fair amount of visitors coming to your blog. Having an email list would also help you to sell your ebook.

What type of Ebook sells best?

You can use Sellerapp to find the search terms for all Ebook keywords on Amazon, which users are searching for.

Write an Ebook with high search volume and low competition, which would help you make more sales.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend you to write ebooks to earn a good passive income.

The best part of writing Ebooks is that you don’t have to ship them.

Ebooks are digital products that don’t have shipping or publishing hassles.

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