How To Publish a Poem [5 Ways To Get Published]

Do you want to know how to publish a poem hassle-free?

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Writing a poem needs a lot of creativity and impeccable grammar.

It might seem both an easy and tough process to many people, depending upon how they do it.

Following the right process to publish your Poem can keep all the hurdles away.

Many successful poets make a passive income by self-publishing their poems.

There is a substantial market for people who want to make a significant amount of money by publishing poems.

Now, let’s dive into the topic.

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How To Publish a Poem [5 Ways To Get Published]

1. Submit Your Poems To Literary Magazines and Poetry Contests

how to publish a poem

Literary Magazines

Literary magazines are one of the best places where you can publish your poems for money.

Make sure your poems have no grammatical and sentence formation errors.

You can try using Grammarly, which will find all spelling and grammatical errors and also help you rewrite unclear sentences. (Read the Grammarly Review to learn more)

Learning how to publish a poem to literary magazines accurately can help your poetry to be more likely accepted in the first few attempts.

It would be a great portfolio to have when your poetry is accepted by a few magazines and reducing rejections in future submissions.

How To Find Which Literary Magazines Are Accepting Submissions For Poems?

You can try finding them online on Google and other search engines with keywords like “where to submit poems.”

Try checking the publisher’s name on the Amazon website in the book category and find whether they are accepting submissions.

Here’s a big list of publishers you can pitch to publish your poems.

7 Things To Note About How To Publish a Poem To Literary Magazines

  • Check what style and font size every magazine needs. Usually, the font size should be 12 points, and the style is Times New Roman.
  • Professionally format your poems and proofread them for any grammatical errors and typos using Grammarly.
  • Give a creative and relevant title to your Poem that can relate entirely to the Poem you’ve written.
  • Please read and follow the submission guidelines properly and send your poems only in the format they ask for, like in PDF format.
  • Submit your poems with a cover letter mentioning your previous works and achievements addressing the magazine’s name.
  • Have a short bio written nicely with details like your education, country, and awards.
  • Check how many poems the concerned magazine would accept and keep a note of the submission dates.

10 Literary Magazines Where You Can Publish Your Poems

  1. The Antigonish Review – Pays $5 to $25 Per Page.
  2. Threepenny Review – Pays $200 Per Poem.
  3. Strange Horizons – Pays $50 Per Poem.
  4. Boulevard Magazine – Pays $50 – $250 Per Poem.
  5. Ploughshares – Pays $45 Per Poem.
  6. Alaska Quarterly Review – Pays $10 to $50 Per Poem.
  7. Grain Magazine – Pays $50 to $ 250 Per Page.
  8. Arc Poetry Magazine – Pays $50 Per Page.
  9. Poetry Foundation – Pays $150 Per Poem.
  10. Crazy Horse – Pays $20 to $200 Per Page.

Submit Your Poems To Poetry Contests

Poetry contests can help you in your early stage as a poet to win prizes and awards.

Make sure you follow all the guidelines of the contest and follow them on social media.

Keep tracking all the important dates and deadlines to participate in the contest.

There would be an entry fee to join, ranging anywhere between $10 to $50, and can cost even more.

Here’s a list of poetry contests and detailed information about them.

2. Publish Your Poems On Your Blog and Social Media

Publish Your Poetry On Your Blog

how to publish a poem

Having a blog is an excellent asset for you to publish your poems.

You also have a chance to monetize your blog once you get around 100 visitors per day.

The best way to monetize your blog is by building an email list and asking your email subscribers to buy your poems.

Your visitors to your blog might have special upcoming occasions like a romantic date.

So, you can easily entice your email subscribers to purchase poems from you to gift to their loved ones.

Your poetry blog can be a great source of passive income in the long-term, considering the numerous ways that you can monetize it.

You can use ConvertKit, a top-rated email marketing tool for sending bulk emails to your email list.

ConvertKit is designed in a way where your bulk emails are more likely to land in your subscriber’s inbox.

Essential Factors To Consider To Build a Profitable Poetry Blog

  • You can get a tremendous amount of traffic from Pinterest by creating and scheduling pins using Tailwind.
  • Write blog posts that are related to poetry with keywords that have high search volume and low competition.
  • Build a separate page with a payment gateway where your visitors can buy your personalized poetry for specific occasions.
  • Promote affiliate products in your poetry niche, which can turn out to be a source of revenue.
  • Create an opt-in email form to collect emails on your landing page, blog posts, and popup when people visit your website.

Publish Your Poems On Social Media

how to publish a poem

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best social media platforms to publish your poetry.

All these platforms have one thing in common that is hashtags.

Use the most trending and popular hashtags that are related to poetry.

The downside of publishing your poetry on social media is that people may voice out negative opinions.

On Facebook, you can publish your poems to groups that are related to poetry.

You can reach out to influencers on Twitter to retweet your poetry.

Your poetry can become viral on Instagram if you have attractive images and popular hashtags.

Using Canva, you can design amazing images freely to post on Instagram.

3. Self-Publish Your Poems On Amazon KDP

amazon kdp

You can easily self-publish your poems through Amazon KDP as an ebook.

There are no hassles of shipping, and people would buy and read it online through Amazon Kindle.

Using SellerApp, you can check which keyword has high search volume on Amazon in the book category, and you can find what kind of poetry has the most search volume.

So, you can plan and write poems that readers would most likely buy on Amazon.

The best part is that it requires very little investment to self-publish your poems on Amazon KDP.

Make sure you design an attractive cover for your ebook, so it would entice people to buy it.

You can outsource to design your ebook cover from experts in Fiverr at a low cost.

Advantages Of Self-Publishing Your Poems On Amazon KDP

  • You have the complete copyrights of your ebook.
  • Amazon KDP is an excellent source for earning passive income.
  • More eyeballs are looking to find your ebook.
  • You don’t need any technical skills; everything is understandable.
  • There aren’t any inventory and packaging costs.

4. Self-Publish Your Poems On Google Play Books

how to publish a poem

Google Play Books gives you the complete freedom to set the price for your poetry ebook and select the countries you want to sell.

There are over two billion android users, so people are more likely to find your poetry ebook on Google Play.

You have a global audience who would have specific interests in reading poetry.

They also have promo codes for you to offer discounts for your ebooks and audiobooks.

Many best-selling authors see more sales and growth in their ebook sales on this platform.

Google Play Books provides personalized recommendations to its users.

So, if any user has an interest in poetry, your ebook would be recommended to them.

Also, it’s a good idea to have an audiobook format to sell your ebook.

5. Self-Publish Your Poems On Apple Books

apple books

Apple Books is yet another great platform if you want to publish a poem.

It would be a seamless process but a little complicated for structuring, publishing, and selling your poems on the Apple Books store.

There are many ways how a user can find your poetry ebook on this platform.

You get 70% of your ebook sale irrespective of the price to make more profit.

There are no file delivery fees and payments for preferential store placement.

Make sure you create an attractive product page to positively impact the readers’ decision to buy your poetry ebook.

You need to create iTunes Connect Account to get started with publishing your poetry directly.

Here’s a detailed guide to going through the sign-up process.



1. Can I publish a single poem?

It is good to have at least ten poems to publish on platforms like Amazon KDP, Google Play Books, and Apple Books, but you can publish them on social media if you want to post only a single poem.

2. How much does it cost to publish a poem?

The cost varies, taking into account the literary magazines that can range anywhere around $3 for a submission fee. If you are self-publishing on Amazon KDP, Google Play Books, and Apple Books, there aren’t any costs.

3. How to publish a poem for money?

Many literary magazines pay from $10 to as high as $300. If you want to make money by selling poetry, having a poetry blog is a good idea.

4. Which is the best social media platform to publish poems?

Instagram is an excellent platform for your poetry to be read by many people. Using the right hashtags can make your poems go viral. But still, it has to be written very well.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you got some great insights on how to publish a poem hassle-free.

I have covered all the essential aspects of becoming a published poet.

The excitement you get after publishing your poetry is priceless.

Check out the other article that I’ve written about: How Writers Make Money.

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