How to create a Blog

You prepare the material, the plan, and everything else when you’re ready to start a blog.

Let transfer all information & resources that you have to the website. That is the best channel that helps you to grow your brand name, your business and your website will be a precious property by the time.

In this post, I will show you how to create a website on a WordPress template, choose a domain, theme, hosting

Creating and growing a website by yourself in the most simple way. You are not required to know about graphics, design, even you know about Facebook only you can create a new website by yourself.

Let’s start!

List of contents

  1. Build brandname on facebook
  2. Why do you need a website?
  3. Create a website by yourself on WordPress easily


The social network is used for every to interact with friends, familiar for many years. Currently, the social network is used for commercial business. Building up the brand name on Facebook is one of the priority things everyone has to do for commercial business.

What do we do to create a personal profile?

Have you ever not known how to create a brand name on Facebook? You have just tried to impress your audients in any way. You create an impressive avatar, promotion quotation, posting every day on rush time. That is the way we do!

When you build your brand name on Facebook that means you do not use Facebook for your personality anymore, Facebook had become your business.

You have a to-do list every day to increase interaction and improve your brand name and grow your business as below:

  • Always appear on Facebook. Remenber that you launch the shop and keep the shop alway “open” status.
  • Sharing useful free knowledge, everyone likes free
  • Appear with your own brand face
  • Reply your audience’s comment and keep the Client to stay longer.

The simple step of building a brand name on Facebook is the first step for your business marketing.


This question is not only for your niche but also for any other field.

Why do you need a website for your own business?

The website is an information business page that is used to introduce, share, and update activities, information of business; In order to grow up brand name to Client.

These are 10 reasons why a business need to own a website

1. Increase Customer Reach and Identify Potential Customers

If your business does not have its own website, you only use Facebook for business then you completely belong to the other foundation for your business.

Bringing your Client from social networks and managing potential Clients from e-mail registration is one of the functions that you can take advantage of managing your all Client.

2. Increase customer engagement

The interaction is increased when having your own website and it will help customers know more about your products and services, thereby reducing the time to find customers.

Owning the website can also expand the scope of customers to the local and other regions unlimited.

3. Push up efficient business

Ignore many traditional methods such as distributing leaflets, advertising through newspapers and radio, but instead of using marketing strategies such as SEO, email marketing is cheap and reasonable for startup businesses or you can push up your business with investment in google ads, advertising.

4. A platform for product sales

Most people are busy with daily work so that shopping time is almost limited. That is the reason why you should design your own website to bring your service and product to Clients. They can reach your product easily by shopping online.

5. Handle Customer’s complaints

Your business provides both products and services so customer service after sales is very important. You can receive your Client during office hours or out of the office. Receiving and handling customers’ complaints following a smart process that can increase the Prestige of business.

6. Build Brand Name

When customers visit a website, they first need to look at the company’s website to provide the products and services they want. A professional website will create attraction and have more opportunities to bring trust to customers.

Your business activities will show on the interface such as logo, slogan, e-mail, domain, homepage, products & services with many ways to communicate with customers friendly.

7. Update information quickly

All the latest information is shared with customers quickly, the action is simple and takes less time, and is more efficient.

8. Easily get feedback/reviews from customers

Customer’s opinion is an extremely important thing, it helps to capture customer psychology as well as more appropriate change strategies.

The information or feedback of the Client is easy to update all privately, not reluctantly and especially it does not take too much time.

9. Product Analysis

The website will be able to both promote new products and at the same time analyze product increasing in the market.

All information displayed on the enterprise’s website is identified with product location, origin, advantages, and disadvantages of the product to choose the most suitable product model.


Creating a website is not difficult nowadays. You are not required to have many skills to create a website. You can create your own website if you follow the below steps:

To get started, you need to

Setup – Buy a domain name and hosting

This is the most important to decide your website appearance.

There are 95% of users when starting a blog, choose WordPress because it is free and easy to use it.

Your website is like a house, WordPress is like the frame of the house.

The domain is like your address, you can choose a domain that is easy to remember if it is still available.

Hosting is like the land property and you build your own house on that land. On the internet, hosting is the place where your website is stored and makes your website available 24/7.

Step 1. How to register a domain

Choose a domain on Namecheap that is easy and you can check if your requested domain is available or not.

  • Create an namecheap account on
  • Check your domain
  • Choose domain that you want
  • Remember to make the payment on credit card/ paypal

–> Register domain here <–

Step 2. Hosting

Hosting is an online service that helps you publish a website or web application to the Internet.

There are many choices for hosting such as Bluehost, Host Armada. In my opinion, Host Armada is a good choice. The support team is always ready and supports you very quickly. I had received supports from the Armada team to handle my stuff with 3 websites and they reply me immediately to solve it.

There are 3 options for your choices. You are a starter, you should take the 2nd options that you can host multiple websites at the same time.

And there is a tip for you, you can take advantage of the good discount on holiday to get a good price for hosting.–> Register Hosting here<–

Step 3. Connect domain and hosting

Your website can launch when the domain and hosting are set up and connected together. To finish connecting, you need to:

  • Add domain to the host (this action is performed on interface of the hosting management )
  • Point IP or DNS from domain to host (this action is performed in domain settings)

Step 4. Choose a nice theme for the target website

Your website is built on open-source WordPress, so the 3rd parties will create millions of available themes for your choice.

You can choose a theme from many sources such as Theme Forest or Underline Theme.

Step 5. Apply theme and customize the website

When you purchase the theme, you also receive a demo for that theme. You can apply as same as or customize as your requirement for your own website based on the current theme.

Step 6. Build up your website

When everything is ready, you start to build the content for the Blog. The first experience for Blog Beginner is just keeping always writing every day.

Writing is the most important thing for a Blogger which decides your blog is alive or not. Therefore, start blogging as soon as start writing on your website.

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