Dale Carnegie Books in Order List and Best Books

Dale Carnegie’s books are some of the most popular and well-known self-help books.  Do you know which book to read first? There are so many of them! But don’t fret, we’ve done the work for you. We break down all of Dale Carnegie’s books in order so that you can get a little more out of each one! 

Dale Carnegie (1988-1955) was a renowned American writer who focused on areas such as self-improvement, public speaking, and salesmanship. He was one of the first writers to identify these topics as crucial to success before they were considered common advice. He made his fame by teaching techniques that have been proven for years.

The first book by Dale Carnegie that people usually read is “How To Win Friends And Influence People.” This book was published back in 1936 and it has been a huge success ever since. It is a classic self-help book that helps readers learn how to better their communication skills as well as become more likable.  It is an all-time classic that has been translated into over 30 languages and continues to be a bestseller worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our list and get reading! 

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Best 5 Dale Carnegie Books

ImageTitleRatingMore Info
How To Win Friends and Influence People How To Win Friends and Influence People
  • 4.7/5
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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  • 4.6/5
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The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
  • 4.6/5
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The Leader In You The Leader In You
  • 4.5/5
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How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job
  • 4.5/5
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Dale Carnegie Books in Order

The Art of Public Speaking (1915)

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Interested in developing public speaking skills? It is a vital skill that is important in all spheres of life such as in an interview or conference. Generally, people who are good at public speaking go a long way in their professional careers.

Ever since its publication, The Art of Public Speaking has been a classic text from the bestselling author Dale Carnegie. It is written by bestselling authors Dale Carnegie and J. Berg Esenwein and lays out the important principles for listeners and speakers of speeches. 

The Art of Public Speaking is a book that focuses on articulation, sentence structure, pacing, and verbal organization. It offers tips on how to make an impression in life and be successful with public speaking. This helpful resource will give you courage as well as the best techniques used in speeches by top-level executives all over the world. 

The book tackles all aspects of public speaking, including speech preparation, delivery, and feedback. The lessons we learn through this iconic text can easily be applied professionally, academically, or personally when learning about public speaking. After reading this witty guide you will be good at executing even your most difficult presentations smoothly!

Though written as far back as the 19th century, it still remains relevant to modern-day communication with helpful hints on how to handle personality types and what are some common mistakes when giving a speech so none of you rookies make them! 

Public Speaking & Influencing Men In Business (1937)

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Public Speaking & Influencing Men In Business is a must-read for anyone wanting to better themselves while conquering the fear of public speaking. It is an absolute must-have for anyone whose job requires them to have contact with the public, which is most people. It offers a clear teaching and practical illustrations on how to capture attention and develop boldness in oneself. Dale Carnegie offers an age-old formula for success, proven effective time and time again throughout history. Readers will learn how to deliver speeches with clear diction, powerful gestures, and forceful voices that inspire people from all walks of life.

The focus of this book is to present the fundamentals of public speaking as well as guidance in conquering the fears associated with it. This book covers how to come across confidence when practicing and delivering speeches, and discusses ways in which famous speakers were able to develop the skills they had been well-known for. It offers tips on improving memory through preparation, capturing attention from your audience at once, developing a good vocal tone and platform presence, launching into an effective presentation while keeping your audience alert- all crucial aspects that should be focused upon when presenting a speech. You also have access to several examples throughout the text that are intended to offer you inspiration and success.

Whether you’re designing a persuasive speech, rallying the troops for an important meeting, or giving an interview on TV—speaking in public can be terrifying. The Dale Carnegie Course provides comprehensive guidelines on how to develop courage and inspire trust by practicing your delivery at home and sharing it with family members. With this indispensable guide to conquering stage fright, you’ll learn how to open with creative flair; avoid unwelcome responses; stop yourself from being word-bound and making good use of gestures for emphasis; overcome childhood fears of speaking in front of groups; transform shyness into self-confidence and poise when delivering a talk—and much more!

The book also offers an understanding of fear associated with public speaking, drawing from the experiences other prominent speakers go through. There are exercises and pointers shared about memory – recalling their speech outlines (especially when you’re faced with a dilemma). Additionally, there are secrets of effective delivery that allow one to captivate one’s audience while maintaining a charismatic personality throughout the process (whether it may be beginning or ending). Finally, advice for proper execution during opening and closing rites is highlighted.

Successful public speakers are a rare breed. But you can become one by utilizing these techniques, principles, and tools for powerful speeches. This book covers every strategy needed to be the best speaker possible!

Lincoln the Unknown (1932)

First written by Dale Carnegie, the book is his well-done interpretation of the 16th president of the United States. Lincoln the Unknown is not your typical biography because it details Lincoln’s early life and thought process and understanding. The novel reads like a memoir but yields so much information about Abraham Lincoln with beautiful language that even those unfamiliar with American history can enjoy this captivating story. Within this book, he writes about how a poverty-stricken Abraham Lincoln became president of the United States, and experienced life-changing struggles. 

 Abraham Lincoln is one name that no one forgets ever, but what do we know about him truly? From his poor beginnings and formative years through to his presidency, this book shows you the fascinating details of how Abraham Lincoln came from being an unknown farm boy to become one of the world’s most well-known presidents. This riveting account recounts everything from every moment in Mr. Lincoln’s life as he faced down betrayal, hardship, and disaster on a monumental scale with dignity, humor, and compassion – qualities that made him beloved by citizens across North America during Civil Wartime. This brilliant biography chronicles Lincoln’s struggles with fame and provides breathtaking inside views on how he succeeded. 

He had many wins as well as losses but his love for reading helped him go far ahead in life.

When Lincoln was just a country boy, he would walk miles in order to borrow books from his neighbors so that he could read for hours on end – it quickly became his favorite pastime. The book relays insights into how this passionate reader led himself to greatness and came out as one of America’s most beloved presidents with a legacy that will never be forgotten.

With heart-warming wit and humor, this book is an exciting journey into the innermost thoughts of Abraham Lincoln that no other readers will ever know! Purchase this book today and you too can learn how to inspire happiness in yourself, excel in life against all odds!

Little Known Facts About Well Known People(1934)

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When you read a book, it’s important to know who the author is and what they want you to get from it. When you read Dale Carnegie’s Little Known Facts About Well Known People, one might think he knew these people personally or something. He doesn’t really claim any of them as friends – either in this life or the last. It’s amazing how the “little known” personal information about people from all walks of life is so original, fun, and full of personality. In this book, Dale Carnegie has tried to highlight their habits. The lives of others have always been intriguing to him though–enough so that if Cleopatra was alive today she might recommend this book and even stop by for tea with President Napoleon Solo as they planned back when they were still kids getting their start on Earth…

What your friends might not know about your favorite people! Find out the fun and fascinating facts about famous icons from all walks of life in this book. You’ll be reading up on Austrian neurologist Seigo Shigematsu, Albert Einstein, Edgar Allan Poe, Cleopatra, Lenin, Christopher Columbus and more – their habits (including a bit of gossip), personal lives, and what they accomplished that you never would have guessed. 

Sharing the high life of our most well-known historical figures, Little Known Facts About Well Known People is an illuminating read that sheds new light on today’s headlines. A perfect conversation starter for anyone who likes trivia or enjoys hearing the stories behind global events, this book offers little known insights about history’s heroes that will open readers’ eyes

While this information might not have been essential knowledge for your school tests, the author thought it was important enough to share. With the Little Known Facts About Well Known People review, they are all here in one fun-filled book! No one short of world-renowned author Dale Carnegie could prepare you with such obscure and interesting facts that you never knew before! It’s simply a must-read for anyone who’s into politics, history, or the lives of great writers and thinkers.

Read this book and learn the Little Known Facts About Well Known People. Let Dale Carnegie take you on a journey into some of the mind’s most brilliant thinkers, rulers, swindlers, failures, and tinkerers–and see if you know them as well as they think they know themselves.

How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936)

Do you need people to like you? Be a leader? This book will teach you how. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a true bible of interpersonal relationships that rightly deserves its spot as one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Nowadays friends are just as important as your workmates, so it’s essential to know how to win them over so you can get all the best favors. This classic book shows you how with valuable advice and experiences that have been tried and tested for decades!

This book was originally written as an “informal, commonsense guide to human relationships that draw on Carnegie’s experiences in his early career as a journalist and public speaking teacher.” It will improve your relationships with family, co-workers, and friends, and help you get what you want at work without ever playing dirty.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a practical social handbook for today. Techniques in this philosophy are timeless because of their universal applications that transcend any one culture, community, or generation. This book will help you become more personable by understanding the psychology behind people’s likes and dislikes. It will also give you a better understanding of people’s strengths and weaknesses; to know what to do when someone loses an argument; how to cope with frustrations without taking it out on others; how to maintain one-on-one relationships, etc.

This book has helped countless people develop social skills, achieve their goals, and find success. Encourages readers to make efforts in acquiring new friends or improving pre-existing relationships with family and other loved ones through active listening, recognizing a person’s positive traits from an objective viewpoint, persistence in actively disagreeing without demonization (yes!), and other techniques. 

Understand that some of us were born without a self-esteem or manners manual (we wish we had one!), but it is possible to dramatically improve your sense of power, importance, and achievement by better understanding how other people think! Stop trying to be an introvert, and start using your personality the right way. This book is all you need!

Learn more about “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Five Minute Biographies (1937)

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Help a friend or loved one become the best conversationalist they could be. Get them Five Minute Biographies, which offer quick, educational insights into some of the most incredible historical figures that ever lived. This beautifully illustrated book will leave you wondering what you always wanted to know about these 48 intriguing people!

This is a little book with big bios! In five minutes or less, you’ll learn the basics about some of history’s most influential figures. All you need to do is open up this nifty biography book and dive straight in. These are quick reads that have all the major events but give a fresh take on what makes them special as well. 

Sometimes you need to get to the point, and this is when Five Minute Biographies is your guide. With these short biographies, you can quickly learn all about a person’s life in just moments. Each of these profiles will captivate you and then leave so that there is always room in your schedule for more learning! From business giants to presidents, legends to athletes, masters of art and science–they’re all here. 

In this book of short biographies (or micro biographies), you’ll find inspiration from some of history’s greatest figures such as Joan Crawford, Theodore Roosevelt and Jack London. Each biography touches briefly on what made these people famous and how their lives have impacted ours in meaningful ways.

The Mayo Brothers share their insights on how to make healthcare better in America; Joan Crawford tells us about her glamorous and tumultuous early Hollywood days; Lionel Barrymore discusses his role as Mr. Potter in the adaptation of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Get excited about these fascinating people with this great book that will only take five minutes (or less) per biography! 

Whether you’re doing research for a project or just looking for something new to read late into the night, these quick reads may have you hooked in no time! Explore what shaped this person’s story throughout their life with five minutes per page-bringing them to life through your imagination. There are many great reasons to give this writing style a try: it forces the writer to condense each moment into concise sentences, enhancing communication skills. 

Bored? What’s better than reading one billion pages of boring biography books that don’t even contain pictures and make you fall asleep before the first sentence? Time to get Five Minute Biographies!. Take a break from your life with the most exciting story ever told in five minutes or less when you pick up this incredibly useful book today!

Dale Carnegie’s Biographical Roundup (1944)

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Do you tire of the never-ending parade of motivational speakers proclaiming, “you can be anyone you want,” when what they really mean is that we should all aspire to be better versions of ourselves? Have these messages become old-fashioned and out-of-touch with our lives today? Dale Carnegie’s Biographical Roundup challenges this mindset by focusing on humans who have succeeded despite adversity and hardship. He details the trials and tribulations of well-known personalities who have gone before and survived. Through their testimony, readers will be able to see that obstacles can be overcome through confidence, faith in oneself, persistence, determination, and manners while not compromising honesty.

You will read about people from humble beginnings; explorers whose abilities were belittled but who went for glory anyways; artists who experienced both ill fate and acclaim alike. With emphasis placed on the notion that success need not equate to wealth or fame.

Learn life’s stories of courage and adventure!  Many are afraid that they’ll get too old to change their path, but all the people in this amazing roundup show us that you are never too old for a twist on your expectations. With these stories as inspiration, we can begin to believe in our own ability to be brave and courageous at any age!

Dale Carnegie’s Biographical Roundup is a collection of stories that provides insight into some of the world’s most famous personalities. From Abraham Lincoln to John Barrymore, each fascinating and inspiring story covers what it takes to be successful in life: not just success in business and society but also personal success.

BOB HOPE: Once he couldn’t hold a job in a storage warehouse; but he now holds down the job of America’s favorite comedian;

CAPTAIN EDDIE RICKENBACKER: He is a hero of two wars, yet he was once too shy to say “Good Morning”;

JOHN BARRYMORE: He earned five thousand dollars a day, yet he searched garbage cans for food for his pet vulture;

OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES: At sixty he attended burlesque shows; at ninety-three he read Plato to improve his mind;

JAN CHRISTIAN SMUTS: One of Great Britain’s most famous leaders married a woman who refused to have children under the British flag;

BERNARD BARUCH: A phrenologist advised his mother, now he advises presidents;

GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY: How a shy, self-conscious boy became one of America’s greatest military leaders;

ADMIRAL CHESTER W. NIMITZ: He knows how to handle ships, Japs, and wives;

MADAME CHIANG KAI-SHEK: She faced a hundred thousand hostile soldiers to save her husband;

GENERAL MARK CLARK: The general who conquered Rome stood twenty-eighth from the bottom of his class at West Point;

CONNIE MACK: The most famous ball club manager in America lost eight hundred games in eight years;

GENERAL DWIGHT EISENHOWER: They said he would teach history; instead, he makes history for others to teach;

LOWELL JACKSON THOMAS: He dictates in taxicabs and travels five thousand miles for one week of skiing;

CAPTAIN EDWARD ELLSBERG: He went down to the sea in a diver’s helmet and brought up a drydock;

It is a beautifully concise reminder that sometimes people go through tough times in their lives, but then come out with much greater resilience than they had before. Famous people throughout history have gone through some sort of adversity and conquered it, be it from battling poverty to surviving wars and other such ordeals as well.

The wisdom offered in this comprehensive volume will be priceless to anyone who has an interest in becoming a persuasive speaker with plenty of thoughtful advice on what it means to have power over one’s own personal fears and worries.” It contains the profiles of some of the great orators and thinkers in history, including Winston Churchill. Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, General Dwight Eisenhower, Joseph Stalin, and many others. Added to that are other speeches by these brilliant individuals so you can study how they were masters at presenting their thoughts to live audiences without fear or anxiety. 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948)

Have you ever felt like just everything is too much? That the stress gets to be so bad that you can’t handle it anymore. Well in this book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie we try to give you some insights on how one can learn what is worth worrying about and what isn’t. So stop feeling out of control, read this guide now.

In today’s fast-paced society, it is hard to remember life isn’t just about a figure in the bank account. 95% of success is true perception, as Dale Carnegie himself was one of the unhappiest lads in New York. Carnegie said that he made himself sick with worry because he hated his position in life and wanted to figure out how to stop worrying. The book’s goal is to lead the reader through a more enjoyable and fulfilling life by helping them become aware not only of themselves but others around them as well- aspects like kindness, love, patience and tolerance.

Carnegie starts his book by asking the question- “are you thin enough?” and gives a smile to all who are not. He proceeds to tell his story about how he was in great sorrow because he had no money, despite trying to live an honest life and working hard. This led him to the realization that it is the thoughts with which we fill ourselves full of anxiety that will determine our future worries. Carnegie then goes on to describe what each chapter of How To Stop Worrying And Start Living will be focusing on throughout so as to help those people afflicted with worry lessen their burdensome mindsets for themselves and others around them.

“The book presents his ideas on how to stop worrying and start living. He answers questions such as “What is worry?”, “Why do we worry?” and “Can anything be done about it?”. Carnegie says that the process of learning how to stop worrying is, without doubt, a difficult one but with a few helpful hints, worries can simply become an old friend.”

For those who need some help with getting their mind off the present to dwell on a more important future, this book will teach you all of the tricks that one needs in order not to worry about themselves and what is going on around them. We all worry too much sometimes. Dale Carnegie shows you how to tackle the things that bother us most. He explores topics such as finding inner peace, dealing with criticism, loneliness in friendships-and worries of all sorts!

Carnegie addresses everything from intense concentration while speaking in public, which can lead to reduced self-anger after correcting oneself; being able to avoid worry by starting fresh each morning or simply having dinner together with friends. These pointers are detailed in his writing so that anyone can understand.

This is the perfect book for those who are sick of feeling depressed because of everyday worries. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living will show you how to overcome any type of despair, which can be caused by both external sources or even self-inflicted. It teaches helpful techniques for making friends less worrisome, improving work efficiency, and living a more fulfilling life.

Stop worrying and start living. Sometimes we forget why we worry in the first place. We’re all on this planet for such a short time, why don’t we just make the best of it?  We get lost in our worries over materialistic things like house payments, car notes, or that life may not go as expected. But there is more to life than that, isn’t there? With this self-help book by one of America’s wealthiest men for entrepreneurs and businessmen alike you will learn how to manage your thoughts so they don’t control you anymore!

Learn more about How to Stop Worrying and Start

Dale Carnegie’s Scrapbook: A Treasury Of The Wisdom Of The Ages (1959)  A selection of Dale Carnegie’s writings edited by Dorothy Carnegie.

Amidst a busy life, it’s easy to feel discouraged and uninspired. Thankfully, Dale Carnegie’s Scrapbook is here for the reader who needs a spark of inspiration. From someone you already know – or perhaps someone new. Whether you’re looking for some guidance on how to deal with difficult individuals, an affirmation that success can come from people other than yourself, or just need a little encouragement in your day-to-day routine: this scrapbook will provide much-needed relief through its words.

This book is a collection of the all-time greatest and most influential quotes that have ever been saying. It includes quotations from heavyweights like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Winston Churchill, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, George Bernard Shaw, Mother Teresa–and Dale Carnegie himself. As if this wasn’t enough, on these pages are some new favorites–some authors you probably never heard of before who nevertheless deserve to be better known now. 

Dale Carnegie’s Scrapbook: A Treasury Of The Wisdom Of The Ages is a variety pack of personal growth mantras, ranging from the famous to the unknown. It’s rare that we give ourselves enough time alone with our thoughts. With Dale Carnegie’s Scrapbook, you can do just that–you’ll read a quote and be able no resist taking out your pen and writing it down to review later, so you might really absorb its impact on your life. This book will become a cherished possession: something to reach for over and over again!

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking (1962) – Dorothy Carnegie’s summary based on Dale Carnegie’s Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business, from 1931.

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Public speaking skills are quickly becoming an essential life skills. The ability to speak in a clear, confident manner can improve business, self-confidence, and personal satisfaction.

Whether you want to speak confidently in front of a group or enjoy the satisfaction that comes with people listening attentively and getting what you are proposing, “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking” is an essential read. This book is crammed with tips on how to feel more confident about speaking, and it covers all facets of public speaking from preparing for the talk by gathering information about your audience, to conquering stage fright so that you can be jarred from stammering pauses when talking. You’ll also explore how adopting certain principles will help create an engaging message and make your words click those all-important neurons.

This book is a great guide to help improve one’s public speaking skills. It has all sorts of categories of speeches- from getting the audience’s attention with short talks, to persuade them into sharing a personal story or giving actionable advice.  This is an excellent book for anyone who needs more encouragement when it comes to voicing their opinion in front of others and entering lively discussions (be it at work, home life, or even just out on the streets). This invaluable resource teaches you how to use your voice as a tool, rather than simply relying on the words themselves. Though some sections are admittedly gentler and less assertive than others–such as Impromptu Talks which speaks more about empowering both oneself and the audience.

This guide teaches you how to build your own authority in relation to a specific subject and communicate it effectively. You’ll learn the basic idea behind making talks of any kind successful: Know your objective, know your audience, prepare an outline or mental plan, use a persuasive voice tone and give timely afterthoughts. Using these principles, this updated edition helps readers speak up confidently and responsibly in front of any group or individual.

You’ll also learn various methods for drawing crowds into your remarks by using words that people want to hear – words like “you,” “I” and “me.” You will be introduced to the use of visuals, gestures and giving feedback from audience members during speeches. 

Managing Through People(1975) by Dale Carnegie & Associates

Do you find yourself frustrated with the difficulty of managing people correctly? Management is hard, but this book will help make it a little less taxing. The author gives us strong, practical advice to get ahead in our careers while making sure that our employees are happy and engaged. You’ll learn things like setting objectives for both short-term and long-term activities or directing your staff and getting them to buy into your ideas creatively yet positively. This helpful guide will truly set you on the path to success!

Managing Through People is a management book that will help you better understand your duties and why they need to be done in certain ways. And for those managing through people, it’s insightful enough to break down barriers to communication between functionalities and readjust management styles with participative management.

This management book also emphasizes organization management behaviors, motivating employees, participative management style, communication barriers that may arise in both the employee and employer relationship and what role technology should take in shaping your work plans. With such an open point-of-view divisional responsibilities are not all alike but they still follow the same methods and principles outlined within this book: setting objectives; planning for short-term,intermediate-term, and long-term activities; organizing their departments; directing, coordinating and controlling their staff.

Along this journey, they’ll find benefits in the planning of both participative management (letting the employees make decisions) as well as command-and-control styles like assigning tasks or keeping subordinates busy with work.

How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job (1970)

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Some people think having a successful life means you always have to be busy and stressed. This is not the case. Life doesn’t need to be complicated, overwhelming, or perfect in order for you to get what you want out of it. But just as important as getting things done is enjoying life! 

Dale Carnegie’s How To Enjoy Your Life and Your Job will give you the tools and techniques that can help lead to an enjoyable life through benefiting from a job that brings about stability in your home life. If you’re looking for how best to spend your time at work so that you can live each day happily with excitement, this book has all the great advice!

This book helps you create a new approach to life as well as people, discovering talents you never knew you had. It also shows how to make your work environment more interesting by making other people feel important, avoiding unnecessary tension, getting what you want out of others easier with less friction, turning routine tasks into stimulating opportunities, expressing amusement at criticism for the betterment of yourself and your company sales in the long run!

Nobody likes being corrected but it’s essential to give people a chance so that they can learn from their mistakes. He encourages empathy which makes others more open-minded.”

Establishing meaningful goals; working toward them wholeheartedly; using satisfying methods that make work an adventure rather than an ordeal-Dale Carnegie shows you how to use these principles even in trying times like losing a loved one or coping with illness. And if at any time your morale is on the low side? Light up your spirit with motivational insider secrets that will give you increased self-respect and produce harmony in your daily life.

Self-improvement comes through reflection; so think about your options carefully before taking any action.

After reading this book, you’ll be able to have a new approach to life and people and your world will change forever.  You’ll be ready to take on anything that life throws at you with enthusiasm, comfort, and ease-simply by applying the techniques found in these pages. Dale Carnegie tells of how we’re often our own worst enemies; from resentment and needless competition with others to jealousy of people close to us who might enjoy life or fame even less than we do. You will learn how to make every day more exciting and rewarding – how you can get more done and have more fun doing it!

Leader in You: How to Win Friends, Influence People, and Succeed in a Changing World (1993)- by Dale Carnegie & Associates

What are your career goals? Are you bored with life and looking for more meaning in the work that you do? Do you have leadership strengths but don’t know how to use them to excel at work or in competition. Look no further than this comprehensive guide. With Dale Carnegie’s time-tested human relations principles, learn how to get ahead of the game!

You’ll find step-by-step strategies including how to identify your leadership strengths; achieve your goals and increase self-confidence; and eliminate anger before it has unbearable consequences on the people around you (and ultimately, on yourself). Get the Leader in You by Dale Carnegie Training today for a richer, happier life both personally and professionally.

“There are people in this world who believe that you can’t learn to be a leader from a book. Sure, we see confidence, charisma, and intelligence too often not to notice it. But what makes them great leaders? What should we know? How do they share their wisdom with the rest of us?”

The Leader in You: How to Win Friends, Influence People, and Succeed in a Changing World is the #1 Employee Recommended Best Seller on Amazon! Every leader should read this book. It teaches you how to communicate with your team effectively. The recipe for success includes listening and understanding the motivations of others before broaching any topic of disagreement or concern that might arise during conversations. This helps people feel valued and respected when communicating with them while allowing our natural leadership skills to show through without any intimidation from consequences following negative actions taken due to communication problems.

Leader in You is the ultimate guide to being the best you can be and has helped countless people build high-profile careers, achieve their goals, and enjoy a life with more happiness. Dale Carnegie Training has taught millions of people successful communication skills like how to win friends and influence people since 1915. Learn from body language patterns that may signal hidden feelings of anger or pleasure when listening; model your own voice on effective speakers; create positive relationships at work with coworkers without offending others; develop charisma by sharing ideas crisply and persuasively in person or over the phone– Leader in You will help you know what words say “yes!” 

You can’t grow an organization without human assets. You also need clear leadership and a shared vision to empower your staff. Equip yourself with the tools needed to be a leader: Know how you are different from (and superior to) followers. Take risks, show what motivates them, listen carefully and answer quickly; Learn not just to comply but also how to lead―lead others by means of providing direction, motivation and inspiration; Keep your mind focused on achievement despite constant change-plan for contingencies or emergencies in advance; Gain practical advice on everything from communications skills.

This is a  classic book that has been updated and improved by his network of professional trainers and published for the modern age. You can learn to change: To guide rather than to lead, To contribute, not to resist, To share not keep, To take risks not remain passive— everything in order to succeed in today’s environment. With this book you will have a genuine vision and values for your company; Communicate with better clarity; And motivate those around them effectively.

Building a fulfilling and successful life is not something that’s just handed to you. It takes hard work, patience, education about the things that matter most in life, AND most importantly, it takes knowing WHO YOU ARE as an individual which can only be gained through discovering others. We are looking for young adults who want more out of their lives than what our current society provides- we need leaders with vision! The Leader In You: How To Win Friends Influence People Successfully follows this ideology by teaching you valuable skills like listening to learn and how to see from someone else’s point of view.

This powerful self-help book teaches you how to master your human potential and become a true Leader in You.

Dale Carnegie’s Lifetime Plan for Success : The Great Bestselling Works Complete in One Volume (2001) -How To Win Friends & Influence People And How To Stop Worrying & Start Living

Are you looking for a way to take your personal and professional success to the next level? Dale Carnegie’s Lifetime Plan for Success, motivational and practical teachings are as sound today as when they were first written in How to Win Friends & Influence People. In this volume, not only will students learn how to make others like them, but also how to be creative speakers!

Dale Carnegie was already a successful businessman when, after surviving the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and witnessing human nature at its worst, he set out to write what would become his life’s work. His first book made him America’s most famous and sought-after speaker on success. A century later, that work is still going strong and includes not only How to Win Friends & Influence People but also How to Stop Worrying & Start Living.

Dale Carnegie’s Lifetime Plan for Success not only offers the best advice about how to handle people and become a better speaker, but it also tells you exactly how to stop worrying. These timeless teachings have taught millions – including with their mentors such as NASA, GM and ExxonMobil – how to be successful in both personal and professional life. 

This is also the perfect gift for anyone. With two books packed together, this must-have volume has all the information one could need on how they can improve their life – from making new friends! It features lessons that are as sound now as when they were first written by Dale Carnegie himself. Perfect for those looking for meaningful ways to show someone you care about them!

Dale Carnegies Radio Program How to Win Friends and Influence People – Lesson 1 (2006): Gain insight into handling difficult people; Discover the keys to … & What employers want in their employees

Are you looking for a way to become more influential? Learn from the secrets of one of the most famous motivational speakers and authors. Dale Carnegie offers insight into handling difficult people, keys to popularity, and how young people can look for a job. Keep this book close by in order to use its advice on how to deal with your wife, children, employees, or secretary that will help you gain favor not even just with them but everyone else too.

What kind of person is your boss? Difficult? A perfectionist? Looking to build a solid, peaceful team in order to make the most money he or she can? Bosses are hard people! Show them Dale Carnegie’s five secrets for how to win through suspicion and hostility. Win their trust and get ahead with these five brilliant techniques that will assure you appreciate at least one half of every conversation.

Learn the secrets of attaining not only power over outsiders but insiders as well! Live interviews with five secretaries sharing what they dislike about their bosses bring out some enlightening information: Tips on succeeding at work; What employers want in their employees; How we make friends and influence those around us.

The ultimate formula for getting people to like you. Dale Carnegie’s Radio Program: How to Win Friends and Influence People teaches the five steps that will help you gain favor not only with your secretary, but with your family members,  your sweetheart, and everyone else. This book tackles the problem of “the future problem”–the futility felt by many when their careers are over and done because they can’t get along with people anymore. Shows how young people can look for a job without being unemployed long enough even to learn something!

Dale Carnegie’s Radio Program is one of the most innovative programs available for people interested in self-help. Tune into this series and learn about knocking down barriers with self relationships, how parents can better understand their children, and explore why learning these “How to Win People” secrets are vital (not just at work but on a global scale) if there’s going to be peace in the world.

Dale Carnegie’s Radio Program : How to Win Friends and Influence People – Lesson 2 (2007): Overcome Your Fears, How to Get a Raise & Staying Connected to Your Teenager 

“What do I have to do?” You ask yourself. “Which way should I go? What can’t I leave behind me?”  There are so many decisions, so much information around us at all times, both online and off-, that it can be hard just to make up your mind about anything – let alone answer these big questions! Fortunately for you, today we’re going to help with your sanity by answering the hardest question of them all.

You’re not lost. You can find your way out of the maze you’ve gotten yourself into. Your old, worn-out habits are keeping you in the same place over and over again. On Friday night with nothing to do? Already on that downward spiral? Dale Carnegie has all of the advice you need to get back on track – it’s never too late! He might even teach you a thing or two about how to get a raise at work and staying connected with your loved ones (even if they have turned into dreadful teenagers). Come learn from one of America’s most revered experts on teaching people first-hand ways for avoiding tension and unpleasantness while acquiring skills for living richer lives more full of harmony and happiness.

You’ve probably never seen the word “fear” used like this before! Featuring one hour of Dale Carnegie’s timeless words of wisdom, and dramatic scenes from his life, The Dale Carnegie Radio Program helps listeners overcome their fears and other debilitating obstacles. 

Overcome Your Fears is a collection of interviews with people about how to get through their fears. The stories range from overcoming the fear of public speaking to staying in an abusive relationship. This book is full of practical advice and relatable examples that will help you change your life either by conquering your own fears, or seeing a friend or loved one safely through theirs.

How to Get a Raise: If you want your boss to give you that much-deserved raise, all it takes is self-confidence – which is essential for success as well. 

Staying Connected to Your Teenager: Does your teen daughter have unacceptable friends? Try understanding them instead of making judgments about their morals or values. These short but crucial programs will help you strengthen bonds with literally anyone in your life! It offers practical tips on everything from successful parenting strategies used by some of society’s most accomplished individuals, to sound advice when it comes to difficult conversations such as dealing with a rebellious teenager or preventing a kid from turning into an Internet addict. This excellent resource imparts important life lessons that can be applied.

This book offers priceless advice and guidance for parents of young adults. 

Tired of being stuck in a job? This book could be the answer to every professional person’s struggles. Hear today’s best ideas from Dale Carnegie on how to get what you want in your career, home, and social life!

Tips for Public Speaking : Selected from Carnegie’s Original 1920 YMCA Course Books (2007)

Public speaking can be hard and scary but it doesn’t have to be! This book is no doubt the best guide on the skill of public speaking, covering a wide range of techniques and methods that will help you become an immensely capable public speaker. 

Public Speaking: Selected from Carnegie’s Original 1920 YMCA Course Boo offers readers four comprehensive courses in public communication compiled by Dale Carnegie, who not only tried out what he preached but understood how to make his speech engaging for any audience. For those who are looking forward to conquering their fear and shyness about getting up in front of people, this would be your destination for all things related to mastering this art. With specific sections on preparing speeches as well as precisely balancing confidence with humility while delivering them.

Tips for public speaking are exactly what it sounds like. The authentic Dale Carnegie, both folksy and erudite, teaching us not only Courage and Self-Confidence, but the secrets of Preparing the Speech; Opening and Closing an Address; giving the Convincing Speech, the Popular Speech, the Humorous Speech, the Decisive Speech, and much more. 

You’ll get all this plus sharp wit from a legend in our industry’s history who knows what they are talking about! They say that at your funeral people will remember how well you spoke more than anything else – let’s make sure it’s something worth remembering! With Carnegie’s authentic tone as well as his wit and humor preserved within the text, this publication is not only engaging but also has historical value.

Whether you’re new to public speaking or just want to refresh your skills, this is the perfect guidebook for anyone seeking success in their life.

So grab your copy of Tips for Public Speaking today!

Stand and Deliver (2008)-Audible Audiobook – Original recording

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Stand and Deliver provides you with all the tools that you need to dramatically improve your oral communication in just minutes a day. You’ll learn how to polish every aspect of your speech from finding the perfect words, facilitating interaction with audiences large or small, confidently modulating emotional tone, and delivering unforgettable short speeches on any topic. If someone asks you why good verbal skills are important for success in business, Stand and Deliver is the answer!

In Stand and Deliver, the author teaches you how to speak to an audience of one with words that are powerful, personal, and persuasive. You’ll learn how to command attention as well as inspire your listeners—regardless of their socioeconomic status—to take action by describing what they want in a language they can understand. If you’re ready for the questions people won’t ask themselves about their own lives but always have about other people: “Why does this person have so many friends? Why do my prospects trust me more than anyone else? How am I different enough from all these other folks?” then read on!

Forge powerful connections and deliver the messages withstand and deliver! This book will completely transform your way of thinking about social interaction. If you want to go from home-schooled to Harvard—or just excel in any communication both formal and informal—this is the place for you.

The 5 Essential People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts_- Dale Carnegie Training (2009)

The 5 Essential People Skills is a guide to effective assertiveness in the workplace. Creative, witty, persuasive writing. The book covers everything from how to listen attentively and understand others’ needs and feelings to how to ask for help with difficult projects.

The skills featured are designed as an educational tool for students who may end up having leadership opportunities at work one day or employees looking for ways to improve their work interactions. It provides tools that can be used at home too so you can speak your mind passionately instead of holding back all the time due to fear or hesitation!

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, The 5 Essential People Skills is the new handbook for powerful people skills. The book includes down-to-earth explanations of techniques such as the most assertive ways to shut someone up and when it’s called into question during a meeting. With practical and proven advice on how to communicate your expectations in any situation, Dale Carnegie Training provides this straightforward approach that will make life much more rewarding and successful.

The success stories motivate others with examples of CEOs who were insecure at first but through these simple skills became some of our most confident leaders in history! You can apply all five essential people skills without being passive or aggressive.

Although there are many books on communication and success, this is the only book that teaches exactly how to handle every scenario- from small encounters (let’s say with your boss) to large negotiations. When you’re advanced in The 5 Essential People Skills, you’ll be able to assert yourself appropriately without offending others or seeming too aggressive. And when it comes time for people skills in your job interview? You’ll ace it!

This well-rounded, step-by-step guide tells you how to spot power plays in a business setting before they become fatal. Other helpful aspects of the course include lessons about listening skills, overcoming anxiety reactions, strengthening negotiation strategies, resolving conflicts without enemies. You’ll learn how to be more persuasive as well as respected thanks to helpful tips on self-presentation and storytelling. For those looking to excel in their careers or just assert themselves confidently while speaking up at meetings with colleagues, this is your go-to book!

“You have to learn how to speak—not only in an engaging or entertaining manner but in a way that can persuade other people we’re right and they’re wrong.”

“You have to learn how not only to listen—but actively involve others by asking them what they think and asking their opinion on every matter you deal with.” And those are just the first two! 

From mastering your own emotions to understanding other people’s points of view-these techniques can do more than create successful negotiations and conversations; they can improve your life exponentially! 

Recognizing hidden motives in others, avoiding “awkward situations” at work or home…and many other guiding principles that can help us achieve our fullest potentials as individuals while also enriching our companies and communities. 

IF YOU WANT TO BE PERFECTLY PREPARED FOR ANYTHING, from a job interview to that big meeting around the corner- if you want people to remember how nice you are and not what you look like- if you’ve ever wished your own thoughts and desires counted just as much as other people’s opinions– this book is for you.

Leadership Mastery: How to Challenge Yourself and Others to Greatness – Dale Carnegie Training(2009)

You know you’re a leader, but what kind of leader are you? Not the old-fashioned type, where leaders try to micromanage their people and make all the decisions. Today’s successful leaders — Thomaz Davila of FedEx, Maya Angelou, Elton John—are more like inspirational captains than commanders. 

Leadership Mastery is a leadership development book that uses little-known secrets of America’s most successful leaders to provide the reader with practical, pragmatic insights into how they can adapt their own leadership style for more channels of success. The author presents an innovative approach to becoming an inspirational leader who can encourage and motivate others in today’s competitive environment.

Excellence is not an accident: it requires work, dedication, and a willingness to learn. It’s critical for modern leaders–individuals in charge of organizations with ambitious goals up to the lofty tasks at hand for our future. This book is designed specifically for those people!

Gain the respect and admiration of others while emboldening your inner self to carry out all your aspirations with the author who can inspire and motivate you while adhering to timeless leadership principles such as flexibility, adaptability, trustworthiness, and distribution of power.

Benefits: Become more confident in any situation or circumstance–whether it’s traveling for business, making tough decisions at home, dealing with employees daily–by learning successful leadership strategies from history’s best leaders. 

The book has garnered amazing feedback from aspiring leaders who are quickly gaining traction in their career paths thanks to its accessible principles.

Sell Like a Pro (2010)

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We all have talents and skills, but sometimes we need to develop particular ones. Sales is a skill that even many people think they’re not capable of doing – or at least not as well as others.

Sell Like a Pro is for anyone who wants to take their personal or business life and sales career to the next level. You’ll master how to dodge salespeople, resist standard sales techniques, and essentially control the sales process from start to finish.  The product teaches you effective communication skills for negotiating prices while also allowing your prospects an easy out if they’re not ready. With these powerful tactics at your disposal, you will never have questions about what you’re doing wrong again because in Sell Like A Pro we teach by example; what’s worked for 100% of our clients is sure to work for you!

Gain the Confidence, Enthusiasm, and Top-Producer Ability of a Sales Professional. You’ll learn how to avoid what sales professionals do incorrectly and demonstrate how to use those tactics that work – in every conversation. In Sell Like a Pro you’ll have high energy discussions with customers about their needs and dreams, build trust by asking qualifying questions upfront so your prospect can feel comfortable before any objections arise (and make money at the same time), master closing techniques used by top producers like empathy that will generate an immediate yes from your most resistant prospects, leave them yearning for more information about your product or service. And be prepared for anything because Dale Carnegie Training’s “intense curiosity” approach will ensure you never run out of new things.

 By the time you finish this course, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself so that your personality comes through how you work with customers/clients. You’ll be able to answer any questions from prospects and clients confidently (and convincingly) without hesitating before each word or having trouble coming up with words on the spot. Finally learn why there are no stupid questions!

Make Yourself Unforgettable : How to Become the Person Everyone Remembers and No One Can Resist (2011)

Are you feeling lonely among all the friends and colleagues who don’t seem to appreciate or notice you? Or is there a person in your life that annoys you for one reason or another but they won’t stop hanging around, making themselves indispensable to your success?

Life is short. Talk to everyone you meet, because someone just might change your life. Be fearless and tough. Let nothing stand in your way. Get going—before it’s too late! This book will show you how to triumph over fear, worry and self-doubt once and for all by controlling the mental attitude that produces these debilitating emotions.

You’re special and unique like everyone else-so why do you have to fake it? You don’t! Get on the path of self-branding success with Make Yourself Unforgettable. It’s a manual for becoming successful in every aspect of life because when you’re unforgettable, success just finds its way to you. For example: • How can I be confident in social settings?

Make Yourself Unforgettable shows you how to excel in any social situation by becoming the person everyone remembers. You’ll learn the six simple but essential steps for managing communication problems, how to keep ethical lapses from derailing your career and skills, and even how to shield yourself from anxieties of all sorts. As Dale Carnegie writes: “Confidence may be the most important single factor determining human success.” When readers adopt confidence as a presence—both physically and emotionally—as well as one attitude in every interaction with their fellow man, they cannot help but stand out. 

Learn how to reveal and embody those ten essential traits of being unforgettable! You’ll be looking forward to shaking hands with people at networking mixers, look forward with excitement as somebody pulls up close gossiping about recent social events. Heck- just answer the phone when it rings! Plus: How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd and become a successful leader? When should intuition guide your business decisions? The answers can be found in this dynamic, inspirational guidebook for anyone looking to lead a life.

Dale Carnegie’s book is a quick and easy read that provides great, achievable advice for improving your life. You’ll learn how to become the person everyone remembers with six steps, four unexpected stumbling blocks at ethical behavior and five key social skills. A class act with no fear, you will be able to master these skills to help you meet new people and grow as an individual. Get this book now!

Stand and Deliver : How to Become a Masterful Communicator and Public Speaker (2011)

Have you noticed that some people seem to be born with good presentation skills? And they never seem to lose their confidence or get nervous in front of an audience. Well, the truth is there’s no such thing as being a natural communicator. Everyone can learn how—and this book will show you how! 

It reveals techniques that have worked for countless great speakers and public speakers throughout history. You’ll find plenty of easy suggestions for preparing your presentations and overcoming stage fright, along with tips on developing a style the audience will love and winning any group in one minute flat. The better you know how to speak well in public, the more customers will call on your skills; that means more opportunities for success in whatever field interests you most!

Stand and Deliver is a book that gives you the guide to be a masterful speaker. It teaches you to win over any audience in one minute with this concise read!

  1. Keys to High Impact Delivery
  2. What Every Listener Really Wants. What Every Speaker Needs to Know
  3. Overcoming Stage Fright: “Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself”
  4. Using Humor Effectively
  5. Stories and Self-Revelation: How to Win Attention and Respect
  6. Motivating Your Listeners to Action
  7. Winning the First Minute: Making a Positive Impression
  8. The Power of Persuasion, Part 1
  9. The Power of Persuasion, Part 2
  10. Creativity and The Magic Formula
  11. Dealing with Questions and Answers.
  12. How to Conclude a Presentation

Stand and Deliver is a must-have for everyone who wants to get their message across loud and clear. With tips on how to hold the audience’s attention, how to speak with inflection, and even how to breathe during that long speech, you’ll be ready for your next presentation in no time. You’ll never have stage fright again! 

Do’s and Don’ts of How to Win Friends and Influence People (2012)

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Do you like being the life of the party? Do your friends and people love to talk to you when they meet you in a grocery store for a conversation about their day? Dale Carnegie’s classic book can teach you how to have conversations that will change people’s lives. It also teaches how to be charismatic and snazzy on radio broadcasting so audience members come back again and again without feeling bored. You’ll just need some simple, time-tested techniques.

You can put your knowledge to the test and see if you know how to make friends or influence people. This book contains all the appropriate do’s and don’ts for any Round Table broadcaster that picks up their microphone while speaking to an informal audience who just finished dinner. There is a lot of preparation that goes into this because speaking candidly for radio is not as simple as someone chatting around a table with friends.

Round Table broadcasters are hosts of informal discussions on social topics. If you want to improve your vocal skills, this is the book for you. Tune into Dale Carnegie and learn to be persuasive while staying friendly with a compelling style that satisfies your audience! They’ll come back every time they hear YOU talk!

In life, you’re faced with people everywhere. And like a true gentleman or gentlewoman, you’ve got to be prepared. Dale Carnegie’s book Do’s and Don’ts of How to Win Friends and Influence People is the ultimate guide on how to make friends in business and social situations for anyone who wants their actions to speak louder than words! It contains classic advice – including powerful ways (and whatnot) to criticize – that will help you refine your personal communication style. From tips on making speeches and discussions, this book has everything one needs for being forceful without being aggressive, developing self-confidence through fighting fear– from what clothes should be worn when opposing arguments are presented– coping with competition-winning personality traits: kindness versus aggression.

Let’s start with a positive “do”. Addressing the microphone, don’t hesitate to speak up. Just remember, do not shout and go for volume over clarity. Speak clearly without shouting or mumbling. Use clear words instead of vague generalities and be sure that your subject is well-focused and interesting to you as well as your audience – it will take practice but won’t hurt you in the long run.

We have different “don’ts” depending on what you want from Round Tables broadcasts: if you’re looking for an entertaining group discussion with varied input, forget about seconding every speaker or interrupting him – talk when called upon; if someone asks questions which no one can answer, pass them on to another round table.

Dale Carnegie’s advice is as applicable today as it was in 1936. From the ‘Round Table’ broadcaster to business negotiations and even everyday conversation, his insights can help you better navigate the social jungle. What would Dr. Dale say? Invert your attitude from skeptical to questioning; give people the benefit of the doubt – they’re human too! Get other points of view on a subject before forming an opinion; be sincerely interested in what others have to say. Listen carefully while following up frequently with questions if someone has told you something like “I think this problem might be solved by…” And then they’ll complete it by saying I don’t know-how, and that’s when YOU jump in with some practical suggestions for solutions!

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age (2012)

It’s 2021, and we’re evolving into a digital world-even on our way to work! Don’t get left off the grid in these crazy times. Let Dale Carnegie teach you how to communicate with diplomacy and tact, capitalize on a solid network, make people like you, project your message widely and clearly, be a more effective leader, increase your ability to get things done or optimize the power of digital tools! This new edition includes updates for modern society – teaching today’s twenty-first-century workers how they can accomplish more than ever before without sacrificing their values. With this book (and maybe additional help from the Internet) you’ll conquer those most important relationships of all: building friendships while influencing people.”

Even in the digital age, the things that matter most are human connections and feelings. Dale Carnegie’s 1936 bestseller How to Win Friends and Influence People has taught countless people how to communicate with diplomacy and tact, be a more effective leader, increase your ability to get things done.

We all know the basics. You know what you have to do, but it’s so easy to get lost in social media and not be able to find yourself again. People lose themselves online, they stop making human connections with those around them- don’t let this happen to you! In Dale Carnegie’s day, people had three forms of communication: face-to-face meetings; telephone conversations that could last no more than 30 minutes; letter writing (in its heyday lasted up to thirty days!) These methods have changed drastically in recent decades. Now we communicate through live-tweeting about our lunch plans or posting an ad on a friend’s Facebook timeline. Ninety percent of the time these digital communications are meaningless fluff-“Hey”

If you’re aiming to do well in this digital form of self-marketing, the best guide for understanding how to make people like and listen to a person on social media is Dale Carnegie’s timeless win friends and influence people strategy. It has been updated with internet jargon etc., so as not to be too out-of-date.

Don’t let your voice get lost among tweeting flock or likes! Read the most effective guidebook of its kind in order that communication can happen with diplomacy and tact, people will like being listened to by you, your message will project widely without getting caught up in inboxes/news feeds. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age offers advice on how to navigate the digital frontier of interpersonal communication, from creating a solid personal network to projecting your message clearly and successfully. This book is not only informative, but it also makes great bedtime reading!

The Sales Advantage : How to Get It, Keep It, and Sell More Than Ever (2013) – by Dale Carnegie (Author), J. Oliver Crom (Author), Michael A. Crom 

Do you want to know how to sell effectively? Science bears out what sales professionals have long known: Salespeople are more effective when they take a buyer’s perspective. The two crucial questions most often asked by salespeople are “How can I close more sales?” and “What can I do to reduce objections?” Now, the time is right for new ways of looking at selling that answer both these questions – and do much more besides! This book will show you not only how to act like a buyer, but also how to behave as one.

The Sales Advantage is a step-by-step guide to help sales professionals become better at what they do. The book explores how behavior and attitudes can be the differentiating factor in success, arming readers with advanced principles of selling that will allow them to outsell themselves again and again.

The book tells readers how to develop a selling system that includes market research, targeting prospects with a competitive edge, proactively handling objections, and generating more leads through promotional activities.

There are many ways people describe their product. Some tell what it does as if talking to the customer while others describe using flowery words; some speak bluntly but with sincerity while others have sarcastically convincing messages. Whatever your approach may be, there needs to be something about your description that grabs people’s attention so that they want to buy the product!

Research shows that more than 90% of all buying decisions are made at the emotional level, with logic and analysis playing a much smaller role. Understanding what motivates buyers is fundamental to making more sales.” The Sales Advantage” provides a step-by-step conceptual framework for understanding; profiling customers; targeting prospects persuasively; winning them over in initial interactions; setting strategies for success among challenging industries.

The author gives salespeople all they need to know about pricing, too—able to say this sort of knowledge “reveals how your products stack up against competitors’ offerings on four levels: price per unit, product life cycle status, future market momentum as well as competition among suppliers.” In other words, getting an edge over everyone else in the business.

The Sales Advantage offers a contrarian (and persuasive) solution to the challenge of “selling” in this age of complex buying and selling. It asks salespeople to rotate their mindset from that of an “asking/giving” position with customers, to becoming market scouts, proactively asking tough questions about what they can do for their customers–with no strings attached. Customer objections are often based on misunderstanding, so it is imperative for buyers and sellers alike to be able to understand each other’s perspectives. The key to successfully closing 100% of every account possible is by meeting the needs.

This book explains the four steps to building long-term customer relationships and how those customers are more successful because you care for them. It’s full of examples from a variety of sales professionals who have succeeded in their careers by following these practices so that others can use their experience as a guide to better sales performance.

This is a masterful guide for sales professionals who want to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Inside, you’ll find advice on how to: 

• Find prospects and uncover opportunities from new customers as well as existing accounts

 • Determine customer needs through questions like “What are they interested in?” or “Why do they need it?”

• Present an agreement without asking for signatures until all needs are met

And if that wasn’t enough, this book also features:

– Tips on common objections at every stage of the sale

– Valuable templates and worksheets that turn good ideas into consistently profitable business practices.

So you think your sales numbers are bad? The problem might just be in your approach. By following the Sales Advantage’s systematic, measurable 11-step process to develop new business from existing and new accounts, you can quickly identify potential customers’ needs and dominant buying motives before asking for their money. Feel confident when making a sale by knowing which questions to ask and what to say so that not only do they think about buying it today but also keep thinking about tomorrow!

Don’t delay–order yours today!

THE DALE CARNEGIE OMNIBUS VOLUME 1: How to Win Friends and Influence People | Develop Self-Confidence, Improve Public Speaking | The Quick & Easy Way … Speaking (2016)

Hey there,  Probably you are like most of us, you want to be able to work and live in a more thoughtful, productive way. We all agree that relationships matter because they are the vehicle for growth. So now what? There isn’t a magic solution or quick fix that will help you with everything! You could read this book in one sitting and get some ideas about how we’re wired as humans (a social species) but it wouldn’t necessarily change your life dramatically. But if you commit yourself to the daily practice of the principles contained on these pages then yes, you’ll be equipped with a full armory for anything! Prepare yourself to keep learning ideas from really smart people who have already applied them successfully themselves.

This book contains three of Carnegie’s best titles, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Developing Self-Confidence, and Improve Public Speaking. If you’re looking for a book that can help with all aspects of your life – from speaking skills to memory – this is the one. Find out how to argue less, make friends more easily, get others on your side without being pushy or wordy. Get tips on enjoying success at work and letting people like you so that winning new friends becomes effortless again!

The Dale Carnegie Omnibus Volume 1: How to Win Friends and Influence People has everything a reader could want. It includes the classic self-help that is loved by millions in How to Win Friends and Influence People, as well as two other books on similar themes avoiding arguments and attention to others’ needs – so no one can resist its appeal. Written with subtle humor, this book will change clients’ lives for the better in all aspects of life, whether they are working or trying to increase their social skills. There is information here on how to speak more clearly, use people’s names more often when talking with them; it will even teach readers how not to be shy at parties while explaining how little gestures show you really care. 

Traditionally speaking, there are five keys to improving life: Relationship building, memory improvement, popularity coming easy, feeling comfortable in social situations and getting your point across powerfully. The Dale Carnegie Omnibus Volume 1 will boost these very important aspects of the human experience immensely. This is being sold as a set including three bestselling titles written by one of the most influential writers on all things related to human interaction.

Our perception of the world is based on what we know, from our own experiences, as well as examples that we hear about. That’s why for years Dale Carnegie has been advising people to “smile when you are in a tight place,” which not only makes us feel better but also can change how other people react to us. In this book, learn how to stop getting mad at your boss and happily go back to work tomorrow morning; ask for anything with confidence and get it; speak effectively without preparation because you’re so relaxed!

Many are books on human relationships but none has been so persistently revealing and so universally respected as this volume. More than 10 million copies have found homes all over the world, providing dynamic help for young and old alike in managing their personal relations with parents, spouses, children, friends and colleagues. 

This is a book that has no done-it-yourself aspect: It provides tools to work through complicated problems or distressing situations; it offers clear advice about handling people who undermine you under the guise of friendship or who exploit your good nature because they sense your generosity. Its real keystone lies in its penetrating insights into understanding people thoroughly as individuals by recognizing what motivates them. And nothing is such compelling proof of its effectiveness

Dale Carnegie Omnibus (How to Stop Worrying and Start Living/How to Enjoy Your Life and Job) – Vol. 2 (2016)

In today’s fast-paced and often stressful world, the temptation to worry constantly about life’s problems can sometimes seem overwhelming. With The Dale Carnegie Omnibus Volume 2, you will learn how to break free from this cycle of stress by developing a simple yet powerful tool: self-confidence plus enthusiasm equals success.” This book is easy to read, with straightforward exercises for fighting worries like fear of poverty, fear of criticism, and even fear of change. It will encourage you to create your own personal winning formula. This is an essential read for anyone who wants happiness in both their professional life and their private lives.”

Find out how to stop worrying and start living with the informative timeless book. This bestseller is a combination of anecdotes, short essays, pep talks, stories from others who have found happiness and peace in their lives. If you are exhausted or running down because of stress, take heart! You can live a life full of love and achievement just by using the tips found in this classic title that has helped millions. It’s never too late for better habits—turn your worry into optimism now!. With these invaluable complementary titles How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, How to Enjoy Your Life and Job, no one will ever question the value he or she has in life. “The only way out of worry is by backing into it.” So says success guru Dale Carnegie. 

When faced with countless problems and dilemmas, it’s hard to know which way to turn. Whether you want a fresh perspective on your current situation or seek out a problem-solving plan for tomorrow, these guides are proven solutions that often provide better answers than one could imagine. Now in a paperback format, so you can take them anywhere—plus available for immediate access via ePub3 from your favorite eBook retailer—Dale Carnegie’s timeless wisdom has never been more timely or essential.

No matter your circumstances, these life-changing books have the answers you’re looking for. You’ll develop a positive mindset; learn how to overcome depression; build on your strengths; and get over boredom, all while enjoying more time with friends and family. With this book, building the life of your dreams has never been easier.

 As people’s lives get busier every day—and as they work longer hours at jobs they don’t enjoy—fewer people are happy with their work or home lives because they have little time left over for what makes them truly happy. This bestseller has helped hundreds of thousands find balance while still enjoying their days so you can too!

The Little Recognized Secret of Success (2017)

Do you feel as if your work never goes appreciated? Your leadership skills are underutilized, and that your organization is in dire need of a motivational speaker or somebody who can show them the way to success. Dale Carnegie’s autobiography talks about how any individual has the potential for being successful and deserving of appreciation. In his book: The Little Recognized Secret of Success, he discusses how being sincerely enthusiastic about one’s job is what makes coworkers want to follow their lead. With enthusiasm anything becomes possible!

There are a million books on how to be successful. There’s the one about who you know, and then the one about what you do. But if we’re really being honest with ourselves, there is a truth they all share: it starts with being enthusiastic.

If that sounds like someone else who has shared this secret with you before, don’t worry–it probably ran in their family! Dale Carnegie worked hard for thirty years interviewing some of the most successful people alive to figure out why they got where they were in business and personal life. His book focuses on five essential principles that are responsible for so much excellent work and sterling success.

 You’ll learn how to win friends, sell your product, develop self-confidence, speak eloquently, conduct meetings with efficiency and power, maintain superior relationships with those who may be difficult or antagonistic – in short, how to do the world’s work more rapidly than by one’s unaided efforts.

You’ll find even more wisdom in this book, The Little Recognized Secret of Success, than what is featured in the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. With chapters such as I Sell My First, Last And Only ICS Course; Enthusiasm Does the Trick; Enthusiasm Worked Miracles For Me; Emotional Drive Is What Counts; and Tone of Voice-Beware These Menaces! This workbook will provide you with insightful knowledge that will help you achieve success!

Let Dale Carnegie motivate you to pursue your goals with his practical and motivational teachings in “The Little Recognized Secret of Success.” With quotes like: “Enthusiasm does the trick, Enthusiasm worked miracles for me, Emotional drive is what counts” Read this book to find out how to get enthusiastic about seeing success for yourself.

Listen!: The Art of Effective Communication (2017)- by Dale Carnegie & Associates

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Do you find yourself fumbling for the words when you’re trying to make someone understand? Do you often feel unheard of or misunderstood in your relationships? If so, this book is for you! You’ll learn how Dale Carnegie learned to use concrete examples and conversations with historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.

Including new material on emotional intelligence and handling difficult people, “Listen!” shares practical techniques for building more effective relationships at work and at home-including surviving a bad boss, handling criticism constructively, resolving conflicts, managing an angry coworker; Creating real dialogues with children who have behavioral problems; ­Speaking up without sounding aggressive while still being firm about your opinion.

In Listen!, he expounds on the art of effective communication and how those with powerful listening skills can make connections in all types of relationships. With vivid examples, easy-to-learn techniques, and practical exercises for becoming a better listener – as well as making yourself heard – even in difficult situations, Dale teaches his readers that anyone’s life is enriched by good communication skills.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re at a party or in the office. Whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone, or online—listening is powerful. It lets people tell you what they want to tell you and doesn’t hold back with “Listen!: The Art of Effective Communication!”

We spend a lot of time speaking to people, and yet all too often we fail to connect. Why do we so badly want to be heard and understood? We could learn from Dale Carnegie’s tips on making yourself heard in even the most difficult of situations. Using vivid examples, easy-to-learn techniques, and practical exercises for becoming a better listener—in person as well as on the phone or in other written communications—Dale Carnegie will show you how it’s done, after demonstrating his own scenarios using an actor portraying him so that you can see what this looks like first hand. Once he’s walked you through steps to create understanding in conversations with family members or work colleagues there are also tips for dealing with disagreements respectfully.

So many people are always speaking or writing and don’t take the time to listen to what is being said. It’s a brutally loud world out there where you can barely hear yourself think, let alone understand someone else! Write better business correspondence, family notes, or pen pal letters and make your mark on the world by improving communication with the following lessons: 

Learn about the pitfalls of talking too quickly or not at all. Leave those long awkward pauses that leave one half of a conversation waiting for an answer – right out! How to be both confident in using your voice but still modest enough that others will enjoy listening. Learn how words create emotions and communicate with them powerfully-it just takes knowing how to use them correctly.

Perhaps the most important human skill is listening. Don’t you wish we could all stop talking and start listening to one another more often? The fact is that you will gain far more respect from those around you, be able to build quality connections, and learn about yourself through every conversation. This book will give readers skills for becoming better listener-and making themselves heard and understood in all of their relationships.

The New York Times bestseller! The original power book for anyone who wants success in life. With over 15 million copies sold, this is one of the greatest self–improvement books ever written.

Deepen your relationship with loved ones when you communicate in new ways shaped by Dale Carnegie Training’s decades of experience helping companies’ customers reach their potential with training programs tailored to specific industries, cultures, and needs. Why not benefit from these techniques as an individual? Get started now! 

Live Enthusiastically! : Formulas, Stories and Insights (2017)

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If you find yourself struggling in life, unsure of how to make it fun and rewarding again, then you need a new “internal script” that will allow you to overcome anything that might try and keep your happiness suppressed. Live Enthusiastically will give the reader insight into how they feel about themselves as well as what they would like for the rest of their lives.

We all know that life is full of emotions, from joy to anger to sorrow. As Dale Carnegie explains in his book ” .Live Enthusiastically!: Formulas, Stories and Insights” the first step to living a happier life is understanding every moment come with its own unique perspective colored by your own feelings and outlook on life. By accepting what can’t be changed while embracing what can, i.e., there’s no use struggling against obstacles when it’s easier simply to flow around them, you’ll create an internal script for yourself that inspires happiness; making way for the things that truly matter–both now and in the future!

Curiosity is the key to understanding a surge of positive energy. In this book, you will be given key ingredients for self-discovery and motivation. You will find ways to turn fear into excitement, or negative thoughts into empowerment. You’ll learn how anyone can harness the power of enthusiasm so they can live their lives with greater success and satisfaction!

Live Enthusiastically! is a journey of self-discovery that will broaden your perspective and offer immediate clarity on relationships, work, personal life, and much more.

It’s time to ask how you can live a richer life by developing the power of enthusiasm.

Believe in yourself! Believe that it’s never too late to change your life. We all take part in the wonderful phenomenon of life, but not every moment or every experience is easy. What if you could find beauty in the challenges and fulfillment where there was only emptiness? You’re about to find out how Dale Carnegie changed his entire outlook on life and wants to show you how he learned from his very own experience with negative thinking. Now you can do so, too- by living more enthusiastically than ever before! 

Purchase now for motivational guidance and infinite growth potentials at a low price–the decision is up to you.

How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking(2020)

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Do you have the skills to confidently share your thoughts with others face-to-face? Have you ever wondered what it would be like for your bosses, co-workers, friends, and family members to listen to you? Are you an introvert or extrovert who is terrified of speaking in front of a group? Luckily for us, Dale Carnegie has been through all those terrifying times. In this book titled “How To Develop Self Confidence And Influence People by Public Speaking”, he has compiled thirteen tools that will help give any person the fitting self-confidence they need when preparing for their next public speaking moment.

Dale Carnegie’s groundbreaking book on public speaking has helped millions transform their natural fear into ultimate self-confidence. Written in a clear, no-nonsense style that is often imitated but never surpassed, How to Develop Self Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking will help you overcome the fears of public speaking while providing valuable advice for success. This book will teach you valuable lessons on giving powerful talks in any situation-including effective use of different types of presentations。

Within this book, Dale Carnegie is sharing his incredible knowledge of public speaking tactics with the world in a way that’s so accessible to consider it like he’s right there, giving you personal advice. He’ll share tips for staying poised and calm when you’re delivering your speech -even if you feel nervous- creating memorable content and learning from mistakes just to name a few. After reading this, your presentations will be an amazing success!

Verbosely and unabashedly confident, Dale Carnegie was a well-known business trainer who devoted himself to teaching the world’s top executives how to speak confidently in public. From overcoming shyness, managing fear of speaking before large crowds or experts in their field, and being persuasive at any given time – his techniques were invaluable for anyone with an aptitude for public speaking. After more than a decade as a private tutor and founder of his international company, Dale Carnegie & Associates, he shares some of the most effective strategies he learned while coaching corporate professionals on stage.

Imagine how it would feel to be at your best every time you speak with a group of people. Deliver speeches that are well-organized, compelling and everyone’s looking at you in awe. Your colleagues will look up to your leadership skills, friends and family will see you as a model citizen, and maybe even consider voting for the next president! Luckily all these amazing feelings can be yours with this little guide from Dale Carnegie. Barack Obama himself used Dale Carnegie’s strategies for public speaking when he ran his campaign! 

Strengthen your skills in public speaking and find the confidence and poise necessary to captivate your audience with this book! Find out how to make your presentations practically perfect by reading this book today!

Sell!: The Way Your Customers Want to Buy- Dale Carnegie & Associates (2021)

How do you position yourself in the world? How do you need to be more persuasive, more engaging when trying to convince a prospect or customer your product is worth investing their time and money in? You have succeeded only if they willingly give up scarce resources. And today, it’s common for companies to pay significantly–even a dominant part–of their marketing budget on different types of media just to catch someone’s attention. Imagine that by learning exactly how customers see what they hear, and understanding why we’re so certain about the way people buy now because this book shows how recent research has uncovered ancient but universal rules for persuading and converting prospects into customers.

The most important tool in your business is your message. In this age of technology-driven marketing, what people want has changed dramatically too. The old approach–broadcasting your message the way you know it should be told–doesn’t work anymore. Every day we are labeled as superficial and ignorant because we don’t jump on every trend that comes our way. Using influence is one way to change minds and hearts with a story worth hearing again and again; something they’ll remember even after they’ve left us behind.

Creativity is the key to success in today’s marketplace… and relationships are the key to creativity. Innovative teachers, marketers, entrepreneurs, therapists -essentially any professional who’s involved with people- needs all the help they can get. This is where Carnegie’s acclaimed bestselling classic Sell! comes in.

It offers a step-by-step guide discussing how tactics you’re already using as well as many new ones that will let readers learn about more persuasive ways of dealing with people such as persuading them verbally or psychologically to start listening again after giving up on trying to convince readers.

Packed with interviews for insights like how customers prefer information from online businesses versus those that are in-store or on the radio. This book will get you thinking about what it means to know your customers; not just what sells best but who you’re selling to and why when crafting your own business strategy. You’ll be able to improve customer service skills by reading all the examples of each of your types of buyers throughout the text as well as learning some creative techniques through stories from the past. It’s the perfect way to improve your customer’s purchase experience by knowing what they want in their salesperson.

People are used to buying online, but selling is a whole different story. We’re so busy with the latest gadget that we don’t take a moment to think about all the other new gadgets on the market. There’s more competition than ever before and it’s not always easy for your sales staff to read customers like an open book. Sell! by Dale Carnegie takes into account everything you need to know in order to reap smarter business outcomes at every step of your sales process if they only knew. It covers how customers perceive what you say and do and explores which types of questions are seldom asked by top salespeople or never even thought about. This guide will help them build rapport, ask better questions, anticipate customer needs satisfactorily and persuade them.

In this book, Dale Carnegie combines new research with timeless human relations principles. It’s a fresh take on what works in the sales industry to grow your business today. You will learn:

-What types of questions do customers rarely ask but top salespeople know how to answer.

-When it is time for customers to pay more for your product or service.

-How what you think about can matter and change your results.