Virgil Flowers Books In Order

Virgil Flowers Books In Order

Virgil Flowers Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark of the Moon (2004)
  2. Heat Lightning (2008)
  3. Rough Country (2009)
  4. Bad Blood (2010)
  5. Shock Wave (2011)
  6. Mad River (2012)
  7. Storm Front (2013)
  8. Deadline (2014)
  9. Escape Clause (2016)
  10. Deep Freeze (2017)
  11. Holy Ghost (2018)
  12. Bloody Genius (2019)
  13. Ocean Prey (2021)

Who is Virgil Flowers?

Virgil Flowers is a detective in the fictional world of John Sandford.

He is intelligent, funny, and tough. He doesn’t always follow the rules, but he gets the job done.

Virgil Flowers can be reckless at times, making him do reckless things that could potentially put others in danger. Some may not enjoy this aspect of his personality because it is unsafe or responsible. Additionally, Flowers can be dense when it comes to figuring out crimes. Lastly, he is not always the most heroic figure, which some readers might not appreciate.

Overall, Virgil Flowers is a compelling and complex character with many good and bad qualities. Readers enjoy following his cases and learning about his unique personality. Although he has flaws, they make him an interesting person to read about.

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