Best Gay Romance Novels

10 Best Gay Romance Novels 2021

We all know that romance novels are fun, entertaining, and insanely popular. There’s something about a great love story that will captivate even the most rational person. One sub-genre that has become increasingly popular in recent years is gay romance. Tired of the same old boy meets girl story, readers are looking for more diversity. …

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Best DC Graphic Novels

10 Best DC Graphic Novels 2021

For some, there’s almost nothing quite so satisfying as sitting down for an afternoon and sinking your teeth into the rich, detailed fantasy world created by top graphic novelists and artists. The DC collection, particularly well-known heroes such as Batman, Superman, and the Green Lantern, is popular for its special collections and high-quality products. If …

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10 Best Daredevil Graphic Novels 2021

Daredevil, or Matt Murdock, is a relatively old character from the Marvel Comic Universe. He was first introduced to readers in 1964 and was created by all-time comic great Stan Lee. Blinded at a young age, he develops his other senses to super-human levels. He then uses his abilities to fight crime in a small …

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best romance novels

10 Best Romance Novels 2021

Romance stories are fun, sexy and popular. The joy of such stories is the fantasy to it – the belief that as a relationship begins, what follows is a perfect love story full of passion and charming quirks such that the only worry that exist is how the two love birds will survive their minutes …

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Best French Novels

10 Best French Novels 2021

Why do we enjoy French novels so much? Perhaps, it’s because the best French novels are among the true classics – novels that have stood the test of time. The best novels (French or not, classics or not) have certain traits in common, such as, Popularity. Most people genuinely enjoy reading them. Talk. They generate conversation as …

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Best Novellas

10 Best Novellas 2021

We don’t have to tell you that reading stimulates your mind, reduces stress, and improves your focus and thinking skills. The problem is that between our work, social, and family lives, we can barely find the time to breathe yet alone indulge in pleasure reading. Fortunately, we have a solution: novellas. Shorter than a novel …

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Best Steampunk Novels

10 Best Steampunk Novels 2021

Steampunk is a unique and fascinating sci-fi subgenre. It can include time travel, alternate histories, romance, magic, or even vampires. As long as the books incorporate some details that suggest technology never developed past the industrial steam-powered machinery, authors can truly let their imagination sparkle. Although this creative freedom is one thing that makes steampunk …

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Best Postmodern Novels

6 Best Postmodern Novels 2021

If you are excited and intrigued by the fragmentation, paradoxes and unreliable narrators of postmodern literature, then you’ll love our top ten list. Not only do all the novels in our list feature challenging ideas, they weave these themes around exciting and humorous tales. Here we take a look at the top six best postmodern …

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Best Russian Novels

6 Best Russian Novels 2021

If you love good literature, you really can’t go past a good Russian novel. Not only do Russian authors tell fabulous tales of fictional drama, there is a poetic elegance to their writing that American and English authors don’t have. Russian novels contain some of the most powerful and emotional stories ever told. Spending a …

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best western novels

10 Best Western Novels 2021

Western fiction and literature is typically set in America’s western frontier. Western movies and films were quite popular at the turn of the millennium with every Tom, Dick and Harry hitting the store to get the latest western film. This led to the upsurge in interest in western novels and literature. Contemporary writers took up …

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