best vegetarian cookbooks

10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks [2023]

What you eat matters a lot. Food is needed for proper growth and development and this calls for utmost care and attention when selecting what to feed our bodies. Unfortunately, some people are less conscious of what they eat, allowing unhealthy foods such as fries and junk to take over their diet. These foods are …

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Best French Cookbooks

6 Best French Cookbooks [2023]

When it comes to ranking the most romantic and elegant cuisines in the world, we’d never forget about the French. Baguettes, croissants, Roquefort cheese, butters – who doesn’t think all these French food kicks ass? Authentic French cuisine in all its fanciness can be hard to imitate without some form of help. And while it …

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Best Paleo Cookbooks

10 Best Paleo Cookbooks [2023]

The Paleo trend is ever growing and it doesn’t look like it would die down any sooner. Paleo offers a one of a kind eating experience which allows you to get into the diet of our prehistoric ancestors some two million years ago. Feeding on diets comprised of lean meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables – …

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Best Mediterranean Cookbooks

6 Best Mediterranean Cookbooks [2023]

Did you know that there are 23 different countries with coastlines that touch the Mediterranean Sea? That is a lot of different cuisines! With the numerous cookbooks available, you might tend to lean toward the European cuisine when it comes to choosing the best Mediterranean cookbook, yet there are so many other dishes that fit …

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6 Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks [20232]

Whether you have an intolerance to gluten or a full-blown allergy, it will only take a small amount of it to cause misery. In order to limit the hassle that comes with constantly checking food packaging labels, you can cook from scratch to ensure your meals do not contain any gluten. By using the best …

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