10 Best Woodworking Magazines 2021

Have you ever walked around at a craft show or woodcarving event and wondered where these people get these wonderful ideas? How do they know what tools to use? How do they know the proper techniques to get the job done, right?

The long and short of it is that they have experience. These craftsmen have spent a lifetime figuring out how perfect their craft.

So how can you tap into all of that expertise without leaving your house? Just look for the best woodworking magazine you can find. Inside these high-quality pieces of literature, you’ll find lots of tips and tricks to master the art of woodcarving.

We’ve looked at ten of the best woodworking journals and reviewed what we feel are the top three to help you find the one that will best help you.

Top 10 Woodworking Magazines Ultimate Table

PictureNameIssues Per Subscr.Subscr. Length PriceRating (1-5)
Issues Per Subscr.
Subscr. Length
Rating (1-5)
1. The Family Handyman 8 issues1 year$4.5
2. Meredith Wood 14 issues 2 years$$$4.4
3. Active Interest Media Woodsmith 6 Issues1 year$$$4.4
4. Taunton Press Fine Homebuilding 8 Issues1 year$$$4.4
5. Fox Chapel Publishing Co Inc Woodcarving Illustrated 4 issues1 year$$4.4
6. General Motors Woodcarving 6 issues 1 year$$$$4.4
7. Rockler Press, Inc Woodworker's Journal 6 issues1 year$$4.3
8. Taunton Press Fine Woodworking 7 issues1 year$$$4.2
9. F&W Publications Popular Woodworking [Print + Kindle] 7 issues1 year$$3.7
10. Woodcraft Supply Llc Woodcraft Magazine 6 issues1 year$$3.6

Buying Information

When you are looking for the best woodworking magazine, there are a few factors that you should always consider.

  • The Length of Subscription. Anytime you are looking for a magazine subscription, you should try to get your money’s best value. Therefore, you should look for a magazine that comes out with a new issue regularly, but is not too expensive.
  • Target Audience. Is the magazine written for beginners or more with experts in mind? If you are new to woodcarving, you will want a magazine that explains things straightforward and easy to understand. However, if you already have the experience, you can broaden your horizons to include more technical magazines.
  • Topics. Are you looking for a particular type of woodworking, or do you want a broader spectrum of projects? Make sure that you find a magazine that suits your expertise or interests.
  • Sample Plans. Does the magazine include different plans that are easy to follow and understand? Or does it just show various projects hoping to inspire you to create something of your own? Make sure that you pick a magazine that provides you with whatever information you need to improve your craft skills.

Top 3 Best Woodworking Magazine Reviews

1. The Family Handyman

After carefully reviewing lots of different magazines, this is our pick for best woodworking magazine currently available. It provides lots of helpful insights into the world of woodworking, with easy to follow articles that do not include overly technical language. This writing style makes it an excellent choice for anyone, but especially beginners.

You get eight issues a year with The Family Handyman magazine subscription, which is a superb value, considering that it is a low-cost subscription. Inside each issue are lots of great tips, reviews, and plans. The plans were for a wide assortment of woodworking projects, from benches to pergolas. They were easy to read and easy to follow. We thought that they would be easily adapted for different applications and make this an excellent value.

Summary: A subscription to The Family Handyman magazine provides readers with a lot of great resources. You get eight issues per year, and each one is chock full of useful plans, product reviews, and project inspirations. The tone of the articles is such that even a beginner can easily understand it.

2. Meredith Wood

With a subscription to Meredith Wood magazine, you get fourteen issues over two years. The subscription is a bit pricier than some of the other that we looked at, but the magazine more than makes up for that with high-quality content.

Each issue is chock full of ideas, plans, projects, and tool reviews. Meredith Wood has a more sophisticated clientele in mind, so this might not be the best magazine for beginners until they understand some of the ins and outs of woodworking. However, if you already have experience in woodworking, then this magazine will be a fantastic resource.

Summary: Meredith Wood will provide you with in-depth discussions on a wide array of topics; from the best new router bits to how to properly dovetail new desk drawers. It is written from an expert’s standpoint and may feature some terms and vocabulary that beginners may find intimidating.

3. Active Interest Media Woodsmith

Active Interest Media Woodsmith magazine is much like our number 2 selection, Wood. It is a relatively technical woodworking magazine, making it ideal for more experienced artisans. However, if a beginner would like to take a chance on it, the magazine could be an excellent resource, as long as the reader is willing to look up some of the terms written in the articles.

This magazine will offer you plans, tool reviews, and project inspirations in a more technical format. These projects will range from the very simple, like dovetailed desk drawers, to the more complex, like the drawers’ desk to fit in.

With the Active Interest Media Woodsmith subscription, you will receive six issues per year at a relatively high price. While the content is outstanding, the price is the highest of our top three. The price may scare some consumers since we have reviewed and found cheaper alternatives that offer the same content.

Summary: Active Interest Media Woodsmith is for experienced woodworkers and beginners willing to do a bit of vocabulary research. The subscription is relatively expensive compared to some of the other magazines we reviewed, even though the quality of the content is extremely high.