8 Best Water Sports Magazines

If you love water sports then you will enjoy these 8 best water sports magazines. They cater to the needs of swimmers, divers, yachting, and more. I’ve been thinking about what to do with my summer vacation and it’s clear – I need more time in the water!

Best Water Sports Magazines List

1. Scuba Diving$$
  • 4.7/5
2. Cruising World$$
  • 4.5/5
3. Yachting$
  • 4.5/5
4. Boating$$
  • 4.5/5
5. Saltwater Sportsman$$
  • 4.5/5
6. Soundings$$
  • 4.5/5
7. Diver$$$
  • 4.4/5
8. Kayak Session$$$$
  • 4.3/5

Best Water Sports Magazine Reviews

1. Scuba Diving Magazine

scuba diving magazine

Scuba Diving Magazine is the world’s leading technical diving monthly magazine. It consists of breathtaking underwater photos, showcasing underwater life viewed by a diver who captured the perfect shot, articles on new technology and updates on environmental issues, training tips for beginning and skilled divers, suggestions on where to find the best types of gear, advice from SCUBA diving experts– taken straight out of Scuba Diving Magazine’s pages. Articles include travel destination reports, health and nutrition information for divers and updates on current environmental issues.

This monthly(12 issues/year) publication has something for every level of SCUBA Diver – novice or expert alike. From educational content explaining how the new technology works to interviews with industry leaders covering topics like animal ecology and explorer science trends, this magazine offers an insightful look into all things marine life!

2. Cruising World Magazine

cruising world magazine

Cruising World Magazine inspires sailors to sail the world from inside their living room. Every month(12 issues/year), you’ll find tough gear reviews, advice on how to charter or buy your own yacht, boating tips, maintenance, and how-to articles on boating. Every issue also includes features that showcase picturesque cruising destinations throughout the world. The articles are written by professionals in the marine industry who share their knowledge with readers. You can also explore topics near and far from home with in-depth articles about travel destinations, installations worldwide!

Cruising World Magazine offers practical advice mixed with stunning photography that will inspire every sailor at any level to enjoy this glorious lifestyle of living on the water.

Cruising World is a lifestyle magazine for all types of cruisers – whether you are just starting out in your first boat or captain of many vessels!

3. Yachting Magazine

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Are you an eager adventurer ready to set sail into the deep seas and last uncharted waters, or a novice just starting on your very first boat journey? Either way, Yachting Magazine is for you. With stories about new yachts and equipment reviews, articles about fishing trips and making stops at cruising destinations, as well as fascinating tales of adventure from around the world on land and sea, advice about upcoming boat expos as well as racing reports, both sail and powerboats for experienced and novice shipowners alike.

Yachting Magazine is a boating enthusiast’s must-have. Whether you are an experienced yachtsman or just looking for ideas of where to go when the weather gets too crazy back home, this magazine provides sound advice from crew captains and other experts on everything from buying your first boat to fashioning sails that will get more power out of high winds.

4. Boating Magazine

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Boating Magazine is for all boat-lovers, from the casual boater looking to get started in their pursuit of a new piece of craft to the experienced fisherman looking for tips. If you love water sports and want something that will help you stay updated on current designs and advances in technology while fostering a sense of community with other enthusiasts, then Boating Magazine is perfect for you!

What’s Inside: Boating magazine is like your one-stop shop when it comes to anything boat-related. They have great articles about fishing boats as well as expert advice about any marine activity. The West Coast office has workshops for those interested in learning how fishing rods work or what makes a sailboat look right or wrong.

Boaters of all types are included in this publication, which includes coverage of sport-fishing boats to luxury watercraft with articles authored by experts. This magazine is ideal for boaters as it provides them with information on topics from certified boat tests and reviews to new models of yachts, cruisers, performance boats, pontoon boats, and more. Boat owners also have access to information on different gear such as anchors and radar systems through helpful how-to articles.

5. Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

saltwater sportsman magazine

Saltwater Sportsman Magazine is an essential resource for the fishing enthusiast. It provides articles on all aspects of saltwater fishing, boating, and environmental conservation.

The editors cover topics such as how to choose a boat or charter that will best suit your needs; present seminars on species types and techniques like spearing or fly-fishing; offer reports on marine species populations; highlight local events across America; review equipment that you may want to purchase before going out in the field–from night vision goggles to underwater cameras–and give tips about navigating with global positioning systems (GPS).

Other sections include news about conservation efforts for marine resources, guides for locating an unforgettable boat experience; as well as informative reviews of fishing equipment like reels, rods, nets, etc., and boating information such as salt-water resistant materials.

6. Soundings Magazine

Soundings Magazine is the news and feature magazine for recreational boaters, brought to you by people with a lifetime of experience.

Packed full of articles that are informative and engaging, including destinations worth exploring; features on boats-for-sale; dispatches from editors in the field on what’s happening this summer; advice about cruising informally if business or family obligations prevent risking possible embarrassment at dockless marinas (or, if like most sailors you’re not acquainted with your nearest Laundromat); all herein plus coverage on products as varied as coolers and chartbooks, anchor windlasses and deep cycle batteries?

Soundings Magazine is your trusted friend in the boating world. If you’re looking for a fun read and want to be exposed to exciting new goods, then Soundings is perfect for you too!

7. Diver Magazine

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Diving is for anyone and anywhere! And Diver Magazine has everything you need to dive with ease. They’re the magazine of champions with engaging photography, impressive dives destinations, gear reviews, and diving medicine – like how to avoid the bends or what a needle decompression would be like. It’s the Canadian Review your diver dreams of: informative and entertaining all-in-one place!

It even advises on how to become an apprentice instructor in scuba too! All divers across Canada turn towards Diver Magazine because it delivers nothing but the knowledge that will help you dive into the fun.

Freediving is not just for dolphins! Skim across our canvas-lined beaches, make new friends with stingrays and jellyfish, explore sunken ships and trawl through shipwrecks up to 300 meters below. Nearing a true blue abyss? Dive anywhere from Saint John’s to Victoria or Halifax—they have stories for every water level adventurer’s needs!

Diving magazines are great for those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest posts and reviews. Diver magazine has all of the information you need to travel across Canada or even explore some previous untraveled points. From dive boat reviews to marine life, this magazine is sure to brighten any diver’s day!

8. Kayak Session Magazine

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Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide. It offers readers an exclusive window to some of the planet’s most beautiful but dangerous rivers. Join the editors as they document epic journeys down some of the toughest rapids in Europe, South America, and North America – all with unique tips on technique and gear needed for comfort and success.

It features stunning images of kayakers in their element coupled with a photo-first layout and fresh content, guaranteed to inspire even the most outfitted of river rats. This publication bridges the gap between what’s possible on this earth and your daydreams about it by giving you coverage from Patagonia to Zambia via our uniquely beautiful continent. Whether you’re dreaming up an escape route or tearing down a rapid in North America, New Zealand, or Brazil, they’ve got tracks covered—from sea level paddling trips to mountain expeditions where mega-rafting has been left behind; from tiger fishing in India to high water “flowage”.

Whether it is gear reviews or interviews with celebrated paddlers past or present, Kayak Session has something for everybody -including tips on better portages and how to release a raft when it gets stuck underwater!