9 Best Travel Magazines

Every traveler has their favorite destination, but they also have a list of places left to explore. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best travel magazines for you to follow along with and see what other destinations are out there!

Best Travel Magazines Comparison Table


1. Travel + Leisure

  • 4.5/5
2. Conde Nast Traveler$
  • 4.5/5
3. Florida Travel & Lifestyles$
  • 4.4/5
4. Southern Travel & Lifestyles$
  • 4.4/5
5. Global Traveler$$$$
  • 4.4/5
6. British Heritage Travel$$$
  • 4.3/5

7. Discover Britain

  • 4.3/5
8. Cowboys & Indians$$
  • 4.3/5
9. Arizona Highways$$$
  • 4.3/5

1. Travel + Leisure Magazine

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Travel+Leisure: Where do you dream of going? Whether it’s in your region, halfway around the world, or on another planet- Travel + Leisure is there. In every issue, there’s something new for the mind and heart- news, stories about people doing fascinating things, profiles of exotic spots all over the world.

Travel + Leisure is the go-to for everything travelers need. Head over to the archives to find great lists of fantastic destinations, both near and far. Now you don’t have to roam around aimlessly anymore, but instead, you can stay informed with the latest trends and information that’s worth reading about. Find travel tips like how to pack light for all of your adventures abroad, handy survival digital security guides when traveling internationally, or even mileage strategies so that you are always prepared for a trip AND don’t have to spend more than necessary on airport parking fees!

Travel + Leisure magazine tells you where to go and how to stay: it’s the world-famous guide with budget-friendly travel ideas.

2. Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

For over 30 years, Condé Nast Traveler has been the traveler’s trusted resource for reliable knowledge and advice. Stories of destinations around the world are told from a local’s perspective with insider tips.

Condé Nast Traveler magazine is a travel guide for all traveling enthusiasts. From seasoned travelers to beginners, it provides everything they need from luxurious experiences to dining and partying in foreign destinations. Written by people who have personally seen the sites on expeditions, you won’t want to miss this magazine.

Some great features about this product: It is friendly to travelers who want an expert opinion on where to stay, eat, and drink when they travel outside their home country.

3. Florida Travel & Lifestyles Magazine

florida travel and lifestyles

You won’t believe all of the ways you can have a terrific Florida vacation. From theme parks and natural wonders to family-friendly activities, there is so much for you and your loved ones to experience in this sun-drenched region of our country.

The Sunshine State has a lot to offer—wide-open beaches, pristine parks, and amusement centers like Disney World. Visitors can find all the listings they need in Florida Travel & Lifestyles. With vacation ideas for every season, you’re sure to get outside your comfort zone (or chill out on the beach) with this magazine’s advice on getting around town and what attractions are in each region of south Florida.

4. Southern Travel & Lifestyles Magazine

southern travel and lifestyles

Versatile, colorful palettes are a hallmark of the South. Designed to display the richness and variety of this region, this beautiful collector’s coffee-table book has eighty distinctive color photos of its decadent gardens, parks, mountainsides for hikers and campers as well as for those who just want to enjoy country life in their own backyard.

The Southern Travel & Lifestyles Magazine is filled with destination highlights that will have you dreaming about your next trip south. With attractions tips from locals including when to go, what it costs and how they do it down there;

In every issue, you’ll find adventures and hidden gems which showcase all that the South has to offer. From Savannah and Charleston to New Orleans, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee-Southern Travel & Lifestyles keeps travelers up-to-date on how to experience it all!

5. Global Traveler Magazine

global traveler magazine

Travel tips for high-end luxury travelers from trusted and highly qualified professionals. The magazine is perfect for the long-haul traveler with a penchant for all that life offers on its horizon.

The magazine’s members are an international community of high-end luxury travelers with an enduring passion for leisure, as well. Every issue offers travel tips and information that will make any trip across the globe seamless. The magazine also appeals to their need for innovative food and golf destinations and provides important vital medical advice that ensures safe travels in a global world. From beautifully designed destinations to classic food trends around the world, making planning a trip easy peasy!

6. British Heritage Travel Magazine

british heritage magazine

Explore the vast history of Britain from the Romans to the medieval period and beyond. Find out why Brits have such a strong sense of humor, how they reacted during world wars, and what some of their most treasured traditions are.

Let British Heritage Travel lead you to experience some of the most important historical stories in England. You’ll be able to trace how the country began and discover who its people are- they’re so much more than Londoners! No matter which time period interests you, whether it’s all about Stone Age life or Victorian times, there’s something cultural in these pages that should pique your interest. It covers both natural and human-made wonders: landscapes from bustling cities like Edinburgh to lovely little villages nestled among rolling hillsides dotted with prehistoric stone circles.

This family-friendly magazine lets you explore all that Britain has to offer without ever leaving your living room.

7. Discover Britain Magazine

discover britain magazine

Discover Britain is an informative and fascinating magazine that spotlights all the best points of the country. Along with in-depth articles on events that helped shape British history, Discover Britain also includes information on iconic landmarks, artists’ statements about their work, roundtable discussions about politically sensitive topics, and favorite British recipes to share with loved ones. In every issue of this exciting publication, you’ll find something new to explore or indulge in while being immersed in what makes our nation so fascinating.

8. Cowboys & Indians Magazine

cowboys indians magazine

Cowboys & Indians Magazine is an engaging read about the American West, with in-depth interviews of celebrities and influencers that keep readers informed about a broad range of topics from travel to adventure. It provides entertainment for all ages with its high-end content on arts like filmmaking and fashion, along with recreational activities like snow skiing. Cowboys & Indians magazine has stories from artisans who have mastered their crafts over generations, as well as profiles on young innovators that remind us there’s always more out there to explore, know and understand.

Recreational pages show what’s happening in the world and where it’s happening, with in depth reporting on interesting personalities from all walks of life and places near and far. Americana articles cover topics like horses that come out to greet you or people teach their kids to ride through the saddle without any training equipment. The stories bring alive some of America’s cowboy history – clothes, artworks, recipes – showing how so much about them inspired these days’ trends.

9. Arizona Highways Magazine

arizon highways magazine

In the rugged landscape of Arizona, there is no shortage of breathtaking vistas. In fact, some 30 million acres boast beauty 365 days a year, making it one of the most scenic states in the country. That’s exactly where Arizona Highways Magazine has been documenting that beauty for almost 100 years–helping readers “escape and explore” with stunning photographs and engaging stories about journeys to all corners of this vast state.

Arizona Highways Magazine brings the beauty and grandeur of Arizona to readers all over the world. Landscape photography illustrates extraordinary landscapes with hidden gems waiting to be explored. In-depth information about people, places, things will allow you to explore and experience our great state in new ways every day for years.