12 Best Sports Magazines [2023]

So, you’re a sports lover? Or maybe your just a casual fan of sports and want to keep up with the latest news. Either way, you’ll love this post! We’ve compiled 12 best sports magazines to help satisfy your craving for the latest sports news and updates.

Best Sports Magazines Comparison Table

1. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED$$Various sports
2. Sport Weekly$$$$$Various sports
3. Runner’s World$$Running

4. Golf Digest$$Golf
5. GOLF Magazine$$$Golf
6. Tennis Magazine$$Tennis
7. SLAM Magazine$$Basketball
8. Baseball America$$$$$Baseball
9. Baseball Digest$$$$$Baseball

10. Beckett Baseball

$$$$$Baseball cards
11. Cross Country Skier$$Ski
12. The Hockey News$$Hockey

Best Sports Magazine Reviews



SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Magazine is America’s favorite one-stop source for in-depth coverage and expert analysis. It’s where you’ll find all your major sports news stories with features and interviews from athletes who are anything but ordinary. A Sports Illustrated subscription keeps us up to date on our favorite games while we sit back, watch the big game, then turn off the TV to face another round of hook shots from our spouse.

Sports Illustrated is a light-hearted magazine that delivers all the latest in athletic news. From your favorite team’s stats to what’s happening on and off the field, Sports Illustrated has you covered with in-depth analysis, interviews, profiles of some of today’s most popular players, and more! If you like sports or want to keep up with happenings around town, then this magazine is exactly for you.

2. Sports Weekly

sport weekly

You and your family will love the special coverage from top journalists across all sports. Plus, don’t forget about complete live scores on every game as it happens; it features stories about athletes overcoming adversity to lead their respective teams to wins, with the latest breaking news in MLB, NFL, NBA & more. It’s everything you need for high-level sports coverage right at your fingertips!

USA Today Sports Weekly provides thorough sports coverage that can’t be beaten whether it’s football, basketball, or baseball season, complete reports, feature stories, statistics, schedules, standings, and other important information about your favorite sports and players – not just in terms of who won but what happened behind closed doors and why they were victorious.

When you subscribe to this service, you’ll also get coverages of behind-the-scenes from professional leagues all year longs as well as up-to-date information on NFL teams in the U.S., the latest happenings in the NBA at a glance, and more. You will feel like an insider with this subscription!

3. Runner’s World Magazine

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Runner’s World Magazine is the world of running brought to you. Run faster, farther, and have more fun with the help of the essential guide for all runners – beginner or hard-core marathoners alike. Discover how to breathe better and survive while also getting sound advice on stretching, running gear, and nutrition from your favorite runners like Shalane Flanagan, Meb Keflezighi, Robbie McCoy, and many more!

If you want to feel less like a couch potato and more like an athlete, they have what you need. Each issue of this globally recognized brand will offer new strategies to fuel your training, race faster by improving your form, increase your endurance for long-distance runs or keep it simple with interval training. Plus, there are also running gear reviews that ensure no stone is left unturned in making sure runners are outfitted for success from head to toe!

Entertaining and informative, this publication will help men and women with everything they need to succeed in running. From how-to articles on pacing intervals to gear reviews on new gadgets by Garmin technology – from basic tips like choosing a proper workout wardrobe or stretching exercises that can reduce the risk of injury – there’s something here for every aspiring runner. With the wisdom gleaned from their drills at the race track as well as decades spent grappling with ultramarathoners, they know what it takes to keep runners going when they hit those inevitable hurdles.

4. Golf Digest

Golf Digest Magazine provides the latest articles on how to improve your game and enjoy it more. Every month, Golf Digest breaks down some of the most important golf moves highlighting pro tips from Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, and Tom Watson. Get motivation for a weekend round with this monthly course in playing like PGA and LPGA pros.

The most comprehensive golf periodical in existence today, Golf Digest contains features, not just reviews; teaching tips from expert instructors and pros; tournament recaps by top writers who have been there for decades; forums on anything from home building to finances; how-to stories about families playing together or couples crafting memories at resorts around the world “like real people.” And each issue delivers all this variety with award-winning photography showcasing beauty worldwide.

Golf Digest Magazine is the golf magazine providing golf enthusiasts of all abilities with articles that help them improve their game and enjoy it more.

5. GOLF Magazine

Golf Magazine is the ultimate guide to becoming a better golfer. Whether you’re an experienced player or someone who has just begun to swing at the golf ball, Golf Magazine will provide actionable insights and lessons on how to improve your game, always from an expert in the field. From tips for technique improvement, instructional features that teach new techniques for greater distance and accuracy to product reviews that equip players with all of their equipment, make informed decisions when purchasing land work.

This magazine offers a thoughtful look at what is happening in competition, both established and emerging tournaments, and the personalities involved. All this knowledge together makes for reading that provides the information you can trust on your favorite sport!

Get your golf game to the next level with their exclusive tips from Top 100 Teachers, introspective interviews with rising stars and old masters, short-game tips from guru David Pelz. You’ll also enjoy top players’ private lessons, personalized for your game. Golf magazine provides insight into tournament play and personalities in golf today!

6. Tennis Magazine

tennis magazine

Tennis is a fun sport, and now you can know even more about it with the Tennis Magazine!

Tennis Magazine is the ultimate resource for players of all skill levels! From professional tips to game reviews, Tennis Magazine will help you get better in your off-time and further improve your skills while keeping track of competing against other world-class pros.

Tennis Magazine covers every aspect of the sport – from cutting-edge strategies used by up-and-coming players to top athletes’ personal stories. It helps current, and future tennis stars become more adept at playing their sport with expert instruction and articles on safety and tournament coverage. Conversely, Tennis also encourages general fans to participate in the fun by offering travelogue alike reports on competitive matches across North America and worldwide!

Past articles have covered topics like professional players’ rankings, player profiles, instruction tips for beginners and intermediate players, travel to tennis camps and resorts. You’ll get great resources for improving your own game, from learning the latest techniques to travel plans that will help take your skills to the next level. So whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, Tennis Magazine has something for everyone!

7. Slam Magazine

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Slam Magazine is the magazine that screams basketball! Slam lives and breathes hoops, from following your favorite players in college to cheering them on at an NBA game.

With every issue, you’ll get in-depth interviews from some of today’s most amazing players and detailed coverage of stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and many others. You’ll also find articles on people who give back to their communities through sports as well as the hottest gear straight out of NBA locker rooms.

8. Baseball America

If you love the game of baseball, then this is the magazine for you!

Every issue features in-depth analysis and statistics about the professional, college, and high school levels; discussion pieces tackling eventful topics from a unique perspective spotlight players who are currently playing or were recently drafted into MLB organizations.

Whether it’s an activity report from a major league team or coverage of their top prospect ranking lists, Baseball America won’t let any news go unnoticed – even small-town scores. Enter the extensive archives to learn more about heroes like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Walter Johnson, and Satchel Paige.

With thorough reporting, in-depth prospect evaluation, columnists that provide expert knowledge from all ends of the game, year-round team coverage, and more – Baseball America delivers exactly what you need to know about this great American pastime.

9. Baseball Digest

Baseball digest

Baseball Digest is your one-stop-shop for all things baseball!

Get in the know with the MLB’s latest top prospects, find out what teams are making moves before everyone else does, and stay up to date on everything happening in Major League Baseball. Each package will come delivered right to your doorstep twice a month so you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of America’s oldest sport.

From player profiles to team reviews, there’s something for any fan here. Dive into more than 25 articles each issue from veteran journalists who have been at it since 1941 and maintain their expertise of this wonderful sport that brings people together from all around the world every day. Whether you want some light reading or serious debate about America’s favorite pastime,

Baseball Digest Magazine does its best to cover everything baseball. Whether you want news on what’s hot or recaps on what’s already died down, there will always be something new published for you to read in every issue.

10. Beckett Baseball

Beckett Baseball Magazine is the best place to go for information on new releases, values of older cards, and collecting trends. With informative articles and great-looking pictures, this magazine will quickly become your bible in the world of baseball card collecting. The writers and authors are all passionate about their craft with a shared love of a good ballgame. Every issue features a fold-out card that you can’t get anywhere else!

11. Cross Country Skier Magazine

cross country skier

Cross Country Skier Magazine, the premier source for cross country skiing news and information!

This magazine is packed with equipment reviews, expert advice from top experts, training tips for any level of skiers (from beginners to big-mountain racers), insights and anecdotes from international competitors about what’s it’s really like on the world cup tour, compatibility between Nordic combined and cross country skiing, head-to-head comparisons among four models in various categories including skis boots and ski poles that are perfect for your skiing style; as well as information about upcoming events.

Whether off-season or at the height of winter, try Cross Country Skier Magazine!

12. The Hockey News

The Hockey News brings you the best of hockey, all in one place. For over 60 years, THN has been an insider’s go-to for NHL happenings and updates.

You can find everything you need to keep up with all your favorite players inside. With articles about specific games, standings, and stats from leagues all over the world, there is no shortage of content waiting for you when you open a new issue. Without further ado, get ready for some puck-pushing action with The Hockey News Magazine!

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