10 Best Romance Novels [2023]

Romance stories are fun, sexy, and popular. The joy of such stories is the fantasy to it – the belief that as a relationship begins, what follows is a perfect love story full of passion and charming quirks such that the only worry that exists is how the two love birds will survive their minutes apart.

Romance books provide you with real-life love advice that makes you a better lover to your partner. They can rev up your sex drive as well. They are fun read when you have nothing better to do and this makes finding a good romance novel very important.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with romance novels and this makes finding the good ones really difficult. We have carried out our own research and compiled the following guide of the best romance novels.

Let’s now see which books make up our list.

Consider This When Buying Romance Novels

  • Online Book Reviews. If you are buying romance books for the first time, you will be wise to check online book reviews that feature such books. Most reviews are carried out by independent researchers and the opinion they post is usually unbiased.

As you grow into the romance genre and develop a liking towards a certain subgenre or style of writing then you can refine your search even further and find romance novels that suit your taste and preference.

  • Recommendation from Other Romance Novel Enthusiasts. If you have a friend or a colleague who is fascinated by romance novels just as you are, get their opinion on which romance books they found interesting.

From their recommendations, get yourself a copy and start reading.

Top 10 Romance Novels Comparison Table

Picture Name Sub-Genre Price Rating (1-5)
1. What’s Left of Me by Amanda Maxlyn Contemporary fiction $$$$
  • 4.8/5
2. Forgotten Secrets by Robin Perini Thriller & Suspense $$
  • 4.7/5
3. The Witness by Nora Roberts Romantic suspense $
  • 4.6/5
4. Make Me Forget by Anna Brooks Saga $$$
  • 4.6/5
5. When You’re Ready by J L Berg Saga $$$
  • 4.5/5
6. Suddenly One Summer Contemporary fiction $
  • 4.4/5
7. After Midnight Contemporary fiction $$$$
  • 4.4/5
8. Crazy Little Thing Family life $
  • 4.3/5
9. Bedding The Wrong Brother Comedy $
  • 4.3/5
10. And Then She Was GONE Thriller & Suspense $
  • 4.3/5

The Benefits of Reading Romance Novels

  • Romance Novels Help You Improve Your Relationship. Relationships in the real world are full of ups and down: some men do not know how to be romantic and women expect too much from their boyfriends. Romance novels contain tips on how to make your relationship better and when men read them they learn how to be more romantic and appreciative of their wives and girlfriends.
  • They Help You Improve Your Confidence. The main characters of most romance novels are average people from average families. They are often depicted as the poor girl from the village, the silent bookworm or a fat girl that no one wants to be with.

By reading such novels you get to understand that perfection is not everything and this helps build your self-confidence.

  • Romance Novels Help You Improve Your Sex Life. The scenes in such books are usually hot, steamy and full of wild passion. The build up to such scenes is usually clear and elaborate and this definitely gets you in the mood for love making.
  • Romance Novels Teach You True Love. By reading romance novels you get to understand that true love is that which has been through many of life’s challenges and tribulations but it has still remained strong. True love is all about appreciating the little things that your loved one does for you and not expensive dates or gifts that cost a fortune.
  • Romance Novels Reduce Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack. Romance novels condition you to have more emotions and this reduces your chances of suffering a heart attack.
  • Romance Novels Teach You Valuable Life Lessons. Romance novels allow the readers to live through the characters. The characters make mistakes and this teaches you what to avoid. But seeing the characters learn and grow from their mistakes teaches you that we all fail at one point in life but how we recover from the setbacks is what matters in life.

Top 5 Best Romance Novels Reviews

1. What’s Left of Me

What’s Left of Me

What’s Left of Me (Volume 1) is one of the best romance novels that you can get. It tells the story of Aundrea, a 21 year old lady diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer has been tough on her but she fights it with all she got. She refuses to give in and this is what gives her the strength to soldier on when it seems easy to just give up.

People see her differently now that she has cancer. They are careful not to hurt. They think that she is delicate and fragile and as such they are careful every time they are around her.

They feel pity for her and this irks her the most. She does not want their pity or sympathy. She just wants to be treated like any other 21 year old. She wants to feel normal and all the pity and sympathy she is getting is not helping in this regard.

In an attempt to feel normal, Aundrea goes on a date with her friends. She lets loose and she is free and full of life. It is here that she meets Parker. He is fun and charming and she goes home with him.

It was meant to be a one night stand but Parker is in love and a relationship is one the cards.

What follows is a story of genuine love and affection as Aundrea speculates whether to tell Parker that she is sick or not.

Get a copy of Amanda Maxlyn debut novel today for the best romance story ever.

2. Forgotten Secrets

Forgotten Secrets

When discussing the best romance stories you cannot fail to mention Forgotten Secrets. The main character in this novel is Riley Lambert. She works as an FBI profiler and she is good at her job.

When she was 10, she watched haplessly as her sister was abducted from her bedroom. She vowed to find her sister and as such she has been secretly using FBI resources to search for her sister.

In the course of one of her assignment, she meets ex-navy seal Thayne Blackwood. He is hot and a relationship ensues. They spend one awesome week together and this further enhances their bond.

As the story develops you get to learn of forgotten secrets that come to light when Thayne’s sister is abducted after her clinic is attacked.

To enjoy more of this story you need to get a copy of Forgotten Secrets today.

3. The Witness

The Witness

Nora Roberts is one of the best romance novelists and with the publication of The Witness she proves why that is the case.

Elizabeth Fitch is an obedient girl. Her mum is cold and controlling and in an effort to avoid all these, she lets loose one night and is lured to bed by a Russian to a house on Lake Shore drive.

Her act of rebellion results in death and she is now the target of the Russian mafia. She is forced into witness protection and adopts the name Abigail Lowry.

The chief of police Brooks Gleason takes an interest Abigail and she has to choose whether staying alive is enough or she wants to lead a life she never thought she could have.

The story develops nicely and slowly and you get to enjoy every moment of it.

4. Make Me Forget

Make Me Forget

Make Me Forget (It’s Kind Of Personal Book 1) revolves around Charlotte and Travis. They have both suffered tragedies in their lives and it is Charlotte who saves Travis from drowning in despair when he lost her girlfriend and their young baby.

In their first encounter, Charlottes lies to Travis. One little lie that she thinks is harmless but it comes back to haunt her. Travis hates liars and the relationship comes to a premature end.

Make Me Forget (It’s Kind Of Personal Book 1) develops into one of the most heartbreaking stories that you will ever read.

Get yourself a copy today and experience the best of romance novels.

5. When You’re Ready

When You’re Ready

If you are looking for a beautiful romantic story about love and second chances then you should read When You’re Ready (The Ready Series Book 1).

The main characters in this story are Clare and Dr. Logan. They meet up at the hospital and Clare finds herself deeply drawn to him.

Logan is hot as hell and Clare finds herself drooling at him. The chemistry between the two is instantaneous a relationship ensues.

The story is not without twists and turns that break your heart and then piece it back together when you least expect.

To enjoy more of this story then you need to get a copy of When You’re Ready (The Ready Series Book 1) today which is by far one of the best romance books that you will ever read.