6 Best Photography Magazines 2021

If you enjoy taking photos and want to improve your photography skills, then studying up on the latest photography trends is a must. Photography magazines are filled with helpful tutorials and articles from professional photographers to help you get the best photos possible.

Here we take a look at the top six best photography magazines and review the best three.

Consider This

When you’re considering a photography magazine there are plenty of options to subscribe to. There’s one key difference you’ll need to keep in mind when making your decision between magazines.

  • Tutorial. Focused magazines are geared towards new photographers who are still learning how to use their cameras and take photos. These magazines are great for when you’re just starting out, or need a refresher on the basics.
  • Inspirational. Photography magazines have been put together by other photographers to give you inspiration for your shoots. These magazines are full of glossy full page images with short articles highlighting key elements to the images. Professional photographers looking for a little inspiration will find it here.

Top 6 Photography Magazines Table

PictureNameIssues per YearPriceRating (1-5)
Issues per Year
Rating (1-5)
1. Outdoor Photographer 11$4.3
2. Digital Photo Pro 7$$4.2
3. National Geographic Traveler 6$4.2
4. Popular Photography 12$3.9
5. Digital Photo 4$3.9
6. Professional Photographer 12$$3.9

Purchase Information

What you may consider to be the best photography magazines isn’t always the same as what some other photographers choose because everyone wants something different from the magazine’s content.

We’ve talked about the difference between inspirational and tutorial based magazines, but there are more points to consider.

  • Regularity. This largely depends on the type of magazine you subscribe to. If you’re looking for a tutorial type magazine then 12 issues a year will be about right. You won’t be overwhelmed with new concepts and skills to learn. Whereas if you want inspiration, an inspiring magazine can be referred back to several times over a few months, so only a few issues a year are needed.
  • Digital Version. These are great for taking with you on the go. You can quickly review tutorials on your phone or computer. However unless you have a high-quality screen, you won’t see all the details of great photos.
  • Hardcopy. If you’re subscribing to a magazine for inspiration, then a hard copy is best. You’ll see all the detail and correct coloration, exactly as the photographer intended it.

Top 3 Best Photography Magazines Reviews

1. Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer is the essential how-to guide.

There is a nice mix of advanced techniques and beginner versions, so all photographers can take away a few tricks and tips for their next shoot.

As this publication has been running for quite a long time, most of the articles are aimed to intermediate and advanced photographers. For the best value, beginner photographers should study the basics of photography from another source and practice these skills along with the more advanced techniques discussed in the issues.

The title of this magazine is a little deceptive, as this magazine doesn’t just focus on outdoor photography. There is a range of photography featured in each issue, with a focus on nature, travel, local and many other types.

We appreciated the regular articles on advanced lighting, exposure, filters and techniques. These articles go into far greater depth than most books aimed at professional photographers. Even the product reviews in each issue were highly insightful and unbiased.

2. Digital Photo Pro

If you’re looking for a high quality magazine that has a strong focus towards digital DSLR cameras, then this is it. All the articles featured in this magazine are deeply researched and provide tons of information to intermediate and advanced techniques.

The editor has done an excellent job of ensuring this magazine is artfully put together. With a wonderful balance of text and full page images. We especially loved the pages that featured articles by different professional photographers. There is a clear change in the design and style of each different photographer, whilst still maintaining an overall theme.

Each issue is light reading with just over 100 pages, yet there is plenty of high quality information that you won’t find elsewhere. The equipment reviews are highly detailed and helpful; the reviewers give unbiased opinions of each of the products, too.

3. National Geographic Traveler

When it comes to photographic inspiration, few can go past the masterpieces showcased in National Geographic. Long standing as the industry leader and setting one of the highest editorial standards in the industry, National Geographic is a great source of high-quality inspiration.

The traveler edition takes you all over the world to new destinations and the photographers do a great job of showcasing different subjects and styles. Even though this magazine has a strong focus on articles over photography, the photos featured stand out as masterpieces in their own right.

This is one of the best photography magazines for industry leading shots, and often has incredible once-in-a-lifetime photos.