10 Best Paranormal Romance Books

Whether you already like to read romance novels or you are looking for a new genre to read, you may find that paranormal interest books pique your interest.

Similarly, you have watched a TV series or movie that had a paranormal romance theme, which could lead you to want to read books on the same theme.

When this is the case, knowing which are the best paranormal romance books will help you to enjoy your read and keep you coming back for more.

Top 10 Paranormal Romance Books Table

Picture Name Format Price Rating (1-5)
1. Midnight Star (Vampire Girl) (Volume 2) Paperback $
  • 4.9/5
2. Vampire Girl (Volume 1) Paperback $
  • 4.8/5
3. Shifters in the Spring: Sixteen New Paranormal Romances Paperback $$$$
  • 4.8/5
4. Trial by Moon (Trial Series) (Volume 1) Paperback $
  • 4.8/5
5. The Soul Summoner (Volume 1) Paperback $$$
  • 4.7/5
6. Radiance (Wraith Kings) (Volume 1) Paperback $$
  • 4.7/5
7. Finding Fire (Bad Boys Of The Underworld) (Volume 1) Paperback $$
  • 4.7/5
8. A Shade Of Vampire 2: A Shade Of Blood Paperback $$$
  • 4.5/5
9. A Shade Of Vampire (Shade of Vampire; Book One) Paperback $$
  • 4.3/5
10. Omega: An Urban Fantasy Novel (War of the Alphas) (Volume 1) Paperback $$$
  • 4.2/5

Aspects to Consider for Paranormal Romance Books

  • Format. You may have a favored format of the books you read, or may change according to whether you intend to enjoy the book at home or while travelling. Many books are now available as paperbacks, hardbacks and e-books. Check whether your desired format is one of the options for the book.
  • Length. Books come in all different lengths, from shorts to novellas to novels. Consider whether you want a quick read or an extended story that you can really get your teeth into. As part of this process, check whether the book is split up into chapters, which will help you gauge how long each chapter will take to read.
  • Blurb. The blurb is the summary of the book that can often be found on the back cover of the book. Rather than simply reading the title (literally judging a book by its cover!) make sure you also read the blurb to determine whether this piques your interest and demonstrates that it might be a book that you will enjoy.
  • Explicit Content. Some books may be considered erotica though they are labelled romance, so check whether it has a rating or notes details of the content in the first few pages to make it less likely for offence to be caused. The details in respect of the type of story can also provide other information, such as whether there is a happy ending. Check these to ensure that it matches what you want from a story.
  • Series. Check whether the book is one of a series, which may mean that you will have to make further purchases in order to keep up with the story. If you are not prepared to commit in this manner, ensure that the book is a single title. Alternatively, if you want to purchase an entire series, check that all of the editions are still in print before buying the first title. Similarly, if the story comes in several volumes, you may be inclined to buy all of them from the outset so you can be ready to move onto the next volume once you finish one. Alternatively, it is prudent to simply check that the other volumes are in stock from your preferred retailer.
  • Author. The author of the book may have written other books so consider whether you might have enjoyed other examples of their books, which will make it more likely that you will enjoy the story.
  • Anthology. An anthology is a collection of stories, often by different authors. This will give you the opportunity to read lots of different styles, which will create the opportunity to determine which style of writing you like.

Top 3 Best Paranormal Romance Books Reviews

1. Karpov Kinrade Midnight Star

Midnight Star is a paranormal romance by author, Karpov Kinrade, that is available in paperback format.

It makes up part of a series and is the second book in the Vampire Girl series. In this book, the story continues from where it ended in the first book, Vampire Girl.

The main protagonist is so heroic that you cannot help but root for her as she seeks to make it through her ordeal.

The other characters are intense and thrilling to read about, even if you do not always like them, you still want to see how they will proceed.

Midnight Star offers a compelling story that makes it hard to put the book down. It is a must-read for those who have already read Vampire Girl, but can also be enjoyed alone.

2. Karpov Kinrade Vampire Girl

Vampire Girl is the first of a series of books, so it begins a story that can continue through several further books. Though this version is a paperback, it is also available in Kindle format.

The book has 278 pages and it will prove difficult to stop yourself from wanting to immediately devour all of them.

The story is so descriptive that you cannot help but being drawn in along for the thrilling ride. The protagonist – literally – has to go through hell to save her mother.

The story builds well and offers many layers in order to create a comprehensive story that you can really get into.

Vampire Girl is a great book for those readers who are fans of the vampire romance genre.

3. J.K. Harper Shifters in the Spring

Shapeshifters In The Spring is an anthology of 16 individual stories within the paranormal romance genre that spans 800 pages.

Each story is written by a different author, so they are each distinct from each other, which is more than enough to keep any reader interested in the book.

The stories create a range of emotions from laughter to heartbreak and is a great way to get a taste of some authors whose work you may not have read before.

Shapeshifters In The Spring is one of the best paranormal romance books for those people who want a thrilling selection of stories, each one better than the last.