9 Best Hunting Magazines [2023]

Hunting is an integral part of American culture. Hunting magazines help hunters and lovers of the outdoors to keep up to date on the latest techniques, trends, and gear in the hunting world. Here is our list of 9 best deer, duck, trapping, and hunting magazines with plenty of magazine reviews for you!

Best Hunting Magazines Comparison Table

1. Sports Afield$$$
  • 4.7/5
2. North American Whitetail$$
  • 4.6/5
3. Petersen’s Bowhunting$
  • 4.6/5
4. Deer and Deer Hunting$$
  • 4.5/5

5. Gun Dog$$$
  • 4.5/5
6. Trapper & Predator Caller$$
  • 4.5/5
7. Fur Fish & Game$$
  • 4.5/5
8. Bowhunter$$
  • 4.5/5
9. Wild Fowl$$
  • 4.4/5

Best Hunting Magazine Reviews

1. Sports Afield Magazine

sports afield magazine

Sports Afield Magazine is putting the world’s best hunters on your coffee table. Whether you are new to hunting or a seasoned veteran, Sports Afield will satisfy your appetite for all of the information and adventure that outdoor life has to offer.

It features hundreds of articles on guns, wildlife conservation, and articles about popular hunting destinations in western North America and Africa, and feature articles about exciting hunts worldwide. Dive into a story about how a hunter takes down a grizzly bear with just one shot, or explore the sprawling African savannah and hunt buffalo as you would back home. Featuring all your favorite writers from outdoor’s most prestigious magazines—including Jim Zumbo and Brian Seideman – SPORTS AFIELD is essential for every serious hunter.

You can share in many great hunts – even if you aren’t fortunate enough to do it yourself: they’ve got it all covered with beautiful photographs, captivating tales, and expert insights from hunters as they emerge from their quarries filled with victory… Delivered to your door, so you’re never too far away from the life of hunting.

2. North American Whitetail Magazine

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North American Whitetail is a dedicated publication for hunters and sportsmen who wish to capture trophies of top quality whitetails. Whether experienced or new to hunting, there will be something for you in every issue.

The magazine inspires hunting, teaches new tactics, captures hunts on film, and displays beautifully detailed photographs of incredible animals. Readers can find the best tips on how to handle deer woods, catch them by surprise, in your own backyard if possible, and take them down with cold-blooded accuracy!

With expert advice available at your fingertips via this magazine’s pages, you’ll have all that it takes to enter that room filled with trophy heads and claim the prize. With high caliber information about hunting tactics and regions for large levels of game like Oregon Blacktails or Minnesota Wyandottes safely secured into these pages till date- read today!

3. Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine

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Petersen’s Bowhunting is the magazine that you will need to find your next place in nature as a bowhunter. It features various archery equipment tests, as well as shooting tips and reading about successful hunters. With articles about how to handle a bow and other gear, it also offers advice so you can learn more about this wonderful form of outdoor recreational activity, hunting!

After 30+ years of making bowhunters successful, Petersen’s Bowhunting magazine has the newest hunting gear and insights on how to make a shot. Whether you’re into hunting for deer with your compound or traditional recurve bow, catching fish with rod and reel, or chasing game birds-Petersen’s has something for everyone who loves the outdoors.

This magazine holds a wealth of information on rifles, equipment reviews that include all prices from economy models to high-end bows. There are also articles about clothing items like shooting vests and coats designed specifically with archery in mind. Find tips to help you grow as an archer and find out what gear fellow enthusiasts recommend. Effective shooting is essential in this magazine, teaching successful tactics from professional archers, hunters and more!

4. Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine

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Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine provides you with everything you need to know about hunting for the white-tailed deer. Covering topics such as deadly deer hunting techniques, important facts about habitat requirement, game management and more, it will help any hunter be successful this coming season!

The magazine features a variety of how-to articles that are designed to offer every day advice to hunters so they can be successful when out in the field. Did I mention the remarkable photo gallery? You won’t believe your eyes after viewing photos taken by talented hunters who share their stories and success photos alike!

With every issue providing readers with complete in depth essays and questions on all aspects of white-tailed deer biology, behavior and hunting techniques, as well as topics such as habitat requirements and natural history; it truly has something for anyone who hunts or enjoys nature whether they are casual hunters or die-hard enthusiasts.

5. Gun Dog Magazine

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Gun Dog Magazine is a useful guide for dog owners. It is the go-to source for individuals looking to get into hunting with their pet. With detailed profiles about many different types of dogs and an overview on breeds, training, gear, accessories and more, this informational magazine is helpful.

In addition to the instructional content that Gun Dog Magazine provides, it offers engaging tips on how canines like to play games: “Dogs love simple toys that challenge them.” The articles come from expert authors who know what they are talking about; these experts have hands-on experience training retrievers in such fields as duck hunting. This informative magazine shares its expertise at all levels – from recreational use to professional hunters and trainers.

A good time to read Gun Dog Magazine is while sitting by a campfire after a successful hunt listening to your dog’s panting breath mix with the crackle of flames filling the summer evening air.

6. Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine

trapper and predator caller magazine

The Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine is an all-in-one resource for trapping, predator calling and animal damage. Whether someone is looking to learn a new technique or pick up new gear, this magazine covers the whole spectrum of hunting and trapping techniques with in-depth features from experts across North America.

Readers will be captivated by both the fascinating history and amazing success stories of professional trappers and species experts. Warring animals have always created big problems for humans–sometimes it’s a furry intruder that has eaten human food or left footprints on somebody’s bedspread–but they’re never fun to find dead under your shed or roaming around your farm after dark.

With this magazine subscription at your fingertips, you’ll be at the top of the game while catching every detail needed in order to harvest a successful catch.

7. Fur Fish & Game Magazine


Hunting, fishing, trapping, birding. Whatever your taste in outdoor sports this magazine is chock-full of expert advice and never-waiting adventure. With stories from brave souls who take to the great outdoors as their playground, you’ll find a thrilling new issue with each mail delivery.

A trapper’s idea of a good time is to read about other people’s adventures in the wild. FUR-FISH-GAME has been collecting and sharing these stories since 1925, with each one tailored for those who live for adventure. From hunting tips to antique trap styles, whether you’re into fishing or trapping, this magazine will keep your eyes glinting until the pages are dog eared from repeated reading.

8. Bowhunter Magazine

bowhunter magazine

Bowhunter Magazine focuses exclusively on bowhunting, and has become the leading provider of game hunting stories for those who enjoy bowhunting! It continues to provide readers with the most insightful, educational, and entertaining hunting stories.

This volume will excite you about archery as a whole new dimension in hunting; it will give you tips and techniques to improve your hunt; help you understand why we do what we do; serve as a source for accurate shooting data charts over different distances from wide open fields to crowded stands. It offers advice on scouting public land, how animals react to winds, safety while practicing tree climbing or looking water sources from atop mountain peaks.

The magazine’s voice is friendly while maintaining esprit and style. It spotlights ethical hunting methods to motivate readers to be responsible game hunters.

9. Wild Fowl Magazine

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Wildfowl Magazine is a free magazine written for all levels of duck and goose hunters. If you want to learn about guns, loads, decoys, calls, boats and blinds–you will find it in this publication. If you are interested in retriever training or gear or gadgets- Wildfowl Magazine has articles on them too!

Never worry about going out into the field unprepared again! Wildfowl Magazine is packed with helpful articles on hunting gear, maintenance of your guns and how to choose the right decoys for you. For hunters who are not just looking for easy prey- look no further than those intricate camouflage patterns or specialized eyewear that some birds foolishly rely on as a protective measure.