12 Best Home Improvement & DIY Magazines

If you want to renovate your home, be clear of what designs you want for it. However, it can be challenging to develop home ideas, especially if you don’t have experience in home design. Don’t worry because this article will provide you with a list of the best home improvement magazines to guide you. 

We conduct a thorough review to give you a comprehensive guide for your home design needs. Each home magazine comes with specific details to help you decide on your home design. You will also learn about the things to consider in choosing home improvement magazines. 

Best Home Improvement Magazines Table 

Picture Name Price Suitable for Rating(1-5)
Southern Living Southern Living $ Gracious Southern Home Living
  • 4.6/5
Better Homes & Gardens Better Homes & Gardens $ Productive and Simplified Home Living
  • 4.5/5
Country Living Country Living $$ Country Style Living
  • 4.5/5
Martha Stewart Living Martha Stewart Living $ Lifestyle for Women
  • 4.5/5
Real Simple Real Simple $$ Simple and Stress-free Home Lifestyle
  • 4.5/5
HGTV HGTV $ Convenient and Decorative Home Projects
  • 4.5/5
Family Handyman Family Handyman $ DIY Solutions for Home Projects
  • 4.5/5
This Old House This Old House $ Renovation of Old Homes
  • 4.5/5
Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping $$ Organized and Beautiful Home Living
  • 4.4/5
Architectural Digest Architectural Digest $$ Contemporary and Classic Home Styles
  • 4.4/5
House Beautiful House Beautiful $$ Home Styling, Gardening, and Organization
  • 4.3/5
Elle Decor Elle Decor $ Fashionable Homeowners
  • 4.3/5


Getting Trustworthy Home Decor Magazines for Your Home Project 

With lots of home magazines, it can be hard to get one for your home project. Don’t worry because we will guide you in this matter.

  • Reliability 

It is important to consider reliability when it comes to buying home magazines. Is it a reputable brand of a magazine you can trust?

  • Offers tips, guides, and ideas for your home needs 

You can choose home magazines that provide tips, guides, and ideas for home design and living. So, you can have inspiration for designing your home in the best possible way. Additionally, you can also get ideas for your daily lifestyle. 


Factors in Choosing Home Improvement Magazines 

  • Offers excellent advice for your home improvement design 

You can prefer home magazines that can advise on the designs of your dream home. Home magazines can offer you interior ideas and tricks. You can learn how color affects your mood and more.

Home magazines can help you transform your small space into a beautiful ambiance. As you buy home magazines, choose those that can give you excellent home ideas. You can get reliable magazines on the market. 

  • Provides new trends 

Another factor in choosing your home decor magazines is the new trends that they offer. With that, you can try what’s trending in the home design industry. You can make more customized home designs that suit your standards.

  • Tradition 

It is also a good idea to get traditionalist home magazines. In this case, you can get a design that will never be out of style.


The following are the best home magazines that can guide you for your project. 

Top Home Improvement Decor Magazines 

1. Southern Living 

Southern Living magazine can offer content to make charming, welcoming, and stylish homes. They have decorating ideas to give your home curb appeal. The magazine also includes ideas and tips to decorate your home to make holidays more memorable.

This home magazine can guide you for gracious home living. Aside from home design ideas, they also have content for cooking. You can learn to cook a delicious recipe for dinner and desserts. 

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Southern Living will not fail you in your cooking, home decorating, and holiday needs. Their cooking section delivers the top recipes each month. They offer a combination of historic culinary delights using modern cooking techniques. 

The magazine also has sections for home improvement, travel, and entertaining. It provides elegance and beauty of Southern style to your home. If you want a complete magazine for more effortless home living, Southern Living is right for you. 


2. Better Homes & Gardens 

If you want to add charm to your home, Better Homes & Gardens magazine is a good investment. It provides gorgeous photography and seasonal ideas to make your home cozier. The magazine has guides to enhance the overall look of your home. 

With the magazine, you can learn how to take care of your home. They also have inspiration and advice on topics that can promote a healthy home life. Their home designs will surely help you to make your home beautiful and convenient to live in. 

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Better Homes & Gardens also come with enticing recipes each month. With that, you can cook food for the holiday, seasonal cooking, and convenient fast-fix meals. There’s also a section for children that allow them to enjoy family-oriented activities. 

This home magazine is the right choice if you want to enjoy a productive and simplified life. It can inspire you to continue improving your home and personal wellness. 


3. Country Living 

Country Living contains ideas for antiques and collecting, remodeling as well as decorating. The magazine also has content for travel, entertaining, landscaping, and gardening.

You can have a country home lifestyle with their projects, ideas, tips, and news. The magazine is designed to help readers live with decorating, gardening, and simple food. The pages have themes each month.

The magazine features an interview with professional guests and celebrities who provide their secrets in decorating. You can have the inspiration to make good food for the holidays. They have menus and entertaining guides to make your meal more special. 

If you love decorating and cooking, Country Living magazine can help you. You can transform your home into a more relaxing and elegant ambiance. 

It also includes outdoor themes like light landscaping and gardening that can make your home a beautiful sanctuary. This can be a good magazine if you like country living. 


4. Martha Stewart Living 

Martha Stewart Living is a lifestyle magazine, especially for women. They have content to give you inspiration for decorating and home improvement. The publications of Martha Stewart have been a big part of the homes of women since 1982. 

The magazine covers a wide variety of topics that are interesting to women. These topics include beauty, parties, home decorations, cooking, food, and holiday celebrations. You can also get helpful tips for their how-to-content. 

If you love art, Martha Stewart Living magazine is worth purchasing. It has a section that will teach you to create handmade gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. 

The magazine can be your essential partner if you need inspiration for beauty, home improvement, and making handmade gifts for your loved ones. It will help you to prepare food for holidays and parties. 

Martha Stewart Living magazine can help you to enhance your home decorations. It can also improve your creativity. 


5. Real Simple 

If you wish to lighten your life, Real Simple magazine may be perfect for you. It can help you to live simpler and more stress-free. You can have a balance at home and work.

The magazine offers content that will help you take care of yourself, your family, and your home. It is designed to focus on simple lifestyle movements. The magazine also has a philosophy of simplicity, which can be seen in its layout. 

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Real Simple offers excellent content about various topics. It tackles simple hair and makeup techniques, ideas for organization, simple recipes, and uncluttered decor. The magazine also provides how to eliminate your life burdens while maintaining their fullness. 

Real Simple also has content about kids and pets. They have a section for holiday entertaining and other special occasions, such as weddings and so much more. 

Do you want to enjoy simple and stress-free home living? Real Simple magazine is the right answer. 


6. HGTV 

HGTV magazine has a lot to offer to help you add curb appeal to your home. With its content, you can transform your home into a more relaxing and beautiful space. It helps to improve your creativity while decorating your house.    

The magazine will teach you to beautify your home in easy steps. It can provide you with a practical way to design your place without spending more of your money. 

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If you wish to have a simple and convenient home living, this home magazine can be the solution. You can be entertained by their how-to advice and cooking sections. 

You can learn to prepare delicious foods for holidays and even on ordinary days. HGTV magazine is suitable for those who want to renovate their home through decorating. 


7. Family Handyman 

Family Handyman has features such as homeLAB, Stuff We Love, and Handy Hints. They provide content about gear and materials, tools, and DIY solutions to help you with your home project. 

The magazine offers step-by-step instructions on how to improve your home. It also includes shopping lists and detailed photos to guide you on your task. If you want to frame storage shed, this magazine is for you. 

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Family Handyman magazine offers readers reliable home care advice. Aside from home improvement, they also have a section for cooking. They offer heritage recipes and stories from home cooks all over the country. 

They provide unique and best-loved family foods in every issue of the magazine. So, you can learn to make foods that you can share with your family. It is the leading magazine for doing it yourself homeowners. 

Family Handyman is a comprehensive magazine that can guide you on different topics. You can learn how to improve your home, cook delicious foods, and more. 


8. This Old House 

This Old House magazine offers traditional craftsmanship, modern ideas, and the living of today. It focuses on helping you with decorating your home, landscaping, and furnishings. 

The magazine will also teach you about finding the right contractors. It can help you renovate old houses like damaged flooring and more. They offer step by step guide to make your project easier. 

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It also has a section on how to repurpose gorgeous old trim or how to pick the right stove for you. The magazine can be a great partner to improve your home’s beauty and quality. It can be a practical solution to do your home project. 

Their articles are written step by step to make complex projects more manageable. The content is well-detailed to help you prevent mistakes with your task. 

If you want to have successful home renovations and improvements, This Old House magazine can be right for you. 


9. Good Housekeeping 

Good Housekeeping offers quality assurance and protection for consumers with Good Housekeeping Seal and Good Housekeeping Institute. It is among the most trusted magazines for lifestyle. 

The magazine provides helpful articles about various topics. They have sections for shopping, interior design, life management, cooking, beauty care, and holiday planning. 

Good Housekeeping offers tips for healthy eating and cooking foods daily or on special occasions. If you’re conscious of fitness, this magazine is a good investment. 

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They have fun but light-hearted articles that can inspire you in life. It also includes discussions about battling marriage woes and heart health. 

Good Housekeeping can be a good value for your time and money. It contains helpful content that allows you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Additionally, the magazine also aims to inspire women through uplifting personal success stories. You can enhance the beauty of your home as well as your personal life. 


10. Architectural Digest 

Architectural Digest magazine will take you to the most beautiful homes in the world. They have professional writers and gorgeous photography that will impress you.

It is among the leading magazine when it comes to the interior design industry. Architectural Digest features contemporary and classic styles you can apply to your home.

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They have reliable content that will guide you in decorating your home with the best designs and styles. The magazine can be a good investment for your time because it will offer inspiration and ideas to achieve your dream home. 

With its content, you can improve your creativity when it comes to your home improvement project. 

11. House Beautiful 

House Beautiful is among the top home design authorities in America. 

It provides various articles, photos, and interviews with professionals with full ideas for home styling. With their content, you can transform your dream ideas into reality. They have different sections for your needs. 

They have a shopping section where you can get the latest decorating tools and gadgets for your projects. The magazine’s editors and writers also offer an ideal tablescape for a dinner party. You can expand your imagination and creativity for designing your home. 

House Beautiful can be the magazine for you if you want a comprehensive guide for renovation, design inspiration, and lifestyle. It has a section for entertainment for table settings, flowers, and more you can apply for holidays. 

If you look for a magazine about gardening, organization, and cleaning, House Beautiful is a good option. It offers excellent tips to make your home pretty and relaxing. 


12. Elle Decor 

Elle Decor magazine comes with inspiration and ideas for making a beautiful home. You can also access the latest home tours and real estate news. The magazine also allows you to get insider design ideas, entertaining tips, recipes, and more. 

If you’re passionate about improving your home, Elle Decor magazine is a good option. It contains how-to articles and other guides that can add curb appeal to your home. 

Elle Decor magazine is perfect for those fashion-minded readers who want to know the latest in art, design, and culture. They also have sections for travel and food. 

You can get resources and ideas to transform your dream home design into reality. If you want to enhance your look, Elle Decor is the magazine for you. It can also be your essential partner in decorating your home to make it more elegant and relaxing. 

Elle Decor will help you make a statement of yourself through different decorations.