14 Best History Magazines [2023]

History lovers can rejoice at the abundance of history magazines that are available for reading. This list lays out 14 of the best history magazines currently publishing in North America which are written by professionals who have dedicated their lives to their specific field of study. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy reading some great articles on your favorite subject matter!

Best History Magazines Comparison Table

1. Archaeology$$
  • 4.7/5
2. National Geographic History$$$
  • 4.7/5
3. Natural History$$$
  • 4.7/5
4. All About History$$$$$
  • 4.5/5
5. BBC History$$$$$
  • 4.5/5
6. Military History$$$
  • 4.5/5
7. Wild West$$$
  • 4.5/5
8. World War II$$$
  • 4.5/5
9. World War II History$$
  • 4.5/5
10. MHQ: Military History Quarterly $$$$$
  • 4.5/5
11. Civil War Times$$$
  • 4.5/5
12. The Civil War Monitor$$
  • 4.5/5
13. American History$$$$
  • 4.4/5
14. America’s Civil War$$$
  • 4.3/5

Best History Magazines

1. Archaeology Magazine


For those fascinated by the wonders of archaeology, Archaeology Magazine offers a wealth of knowledge with new and insightful perspectives into this all-encompassing subject.

Archaeology Magazine, the magazine for adventurers in archaeology. Here, readers can get a front row seat to archaeological discoveries all across the globe and find out about their past. Read all about lost treasures, crumbling empires, and braving harrowing terrain for clues to our human past. Learn how archaeologists use ancient artifacts to piece together little truths from piecing their lives together in what is an exciting journey through humankind’s rich history. See art and innovations from all around the world that have been uncovered by archaeologists.

The exciting stories are complemented with vivid writing and compelling photography that will keep you riveted to your chair long after you finish reading! Uncovering history by exploring dangerous terrain, meeting the locals, and taking great pictures of some not-so-stone-age practices.

It just may be time for you to subscribe to this new way of life. Archaeology Magazine can appeal to everyone curious about our past and dreamers planning their next great adventure.

2. National Geographic History Magazine

national geographic history

Haul back to the past with National Geographic History. You’ll venture into our conflict-ridden world from ancient eras to modern times, explore culture and art throughout history, and understand where we came from.

Since the beginning of time, humanity has faced challenges together – adversity, conquest, greed. Our ancestors had to contend with brutal heat waves and ice ages, raging rivers unleashed by earthquakes, or mountains collapsing under the weight of glaciers. Through the ups and downs, people have persevered–learning from failure as often as success along the way.

From Caesar to Napoleon, Muhammad Ali to Lady Gaga, every era brings new things worth experiencing (and even wearing). National Geographic HISTORY celebrates these legacy-makers in vibrant detail that invite your exploration. We can’t even imagine enlightening articles about topics including oceans of information around us in cyberspace and unbelievable creatures living below us in dark trenches at depths.

You’ll get all-new insights into what went on behind history’s most explosive conflicts and come away with a better understanding of who we are today. National Geographic History Magazine is like an interactive journey through time for your brain.

3. Natural History Magazine

natural history

Natural History Magazine provides you with insight into everything from dinosaurs to society, evolution to astronomy- it has something for everybody! It’s full of useful information, interviews, interesting articles on topics that people may not know about. Just like a natural library, halfway through reading this magazine, it will no longer be boring!

History is awesome, and you’ll love to read about this topic! Best of all, it’s educational, so you don’t have to give up your reading pleasure. Browse through stories on dinosaurs, climate change, evolution, water, environment, society, and culture, to name a few topics-you’ll find something interesting with every flip!

Fascinated by the past or ancient civilizations? There are features about old civilizations such as Egypt and Maya that will show you their importance in shaping our current world. More than just informative articles about history from the distant past, Natural History Magazine also includes new insights and new perspectives on what life was like for people at different times.

Learn new information about animals that you are unfamiliar with. Provide you with new perspectives on culture and society both in the past and in modern times. Find answers to your questions amongst this exciting publication!

4. All About History Magazine

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Boundlessly intriguing, All About History Magazine is both accessible and entertaining to everyone. Bringing the past alive today with photo spreads and articles depicting everything from ancient civilizations to Cold War conspiracies, there are never enough hours in a day to get through it all.

Every issue of this popular magazine covers a huge range of topics including travel news stories, celebrities’ take on history and interviews with experts on major historical events. Beautifully illustrated throughout by renowned artists relating signature narrative sequences based around extraordinary real-life stories that will leave you enthralled for hours at a time.

All About History Magazine is a beautiful, accessible magazine perfect for all ages. Every article and photo will make history come alive as you explore the past! It’s fun learning about the many amazing events of our human civilization from across millennia in your own time

5. BBC History Magazine

bbc history

The BBC History Magazine is Britain’s bestselling history magazine. From social to military, classical to modern, bringing the past to life- you will find something for every period of your interest. It covers a wide variety of topics, including social, military, classical civilizations, and modern-day issues, in a global perspective that readers are fascinated by. Developed by leading historians and often written in a creative way- these articles are not stuffy!

Every issue of BBC History Magazine will either make you feel nostalgic or give you a historical education. Whether it’s new discoveries from Pompeii, or ancient weapons that are still used today, each feature keeps readers captivated and excited about the world we live in.

With reviews of movies, books, and more- this magazine has it all, from what things were like in ancient Egypt (say hi to Nefertari!)to what it was like when French artist Eiffel created his landmark tower as the official entrance for world exhibition 1867 Le Trianon Palace at Versailles. Whatever your interest – social history like monarchs or Lady Jane Grey; military with Waterloo or El Alamein; ancient religions with Homer or Pompeii – so whatever you’re looking for, let BBC History be your answer!!

6. Military History Magazine

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This is the magazine that explores historic military maneuvers in depth and detail. From understanding the weapons of war to reading reports from generals who were on the battlefront, Military History Magazine offers insights into fascinating periods of history – telling stories about individual soldiers as well as whole armies. It’s a must-read for anyone with an interest in anything from siege warfare to naval battles!

Military History Magazine is the perfect read for anyone with an interest in warfare. Every issue is packed full of the most interesting, intricate, and informative articles on military history. Veterans will find this magazine a fascinating and educational reminder of their past experiences while those who are new to military tactics will be fascinated by all that it has to offer. Whether you enjoy reading about naval battles or tales from wars long since passed, Military History Magazine offers something for everyone interested in our shared history of combat.

This magazine would make an excellent gift for someone with an interest in fighting!

7. Wild West Magazine

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The story of the Wild West is coming to life! From native Americans to mountain men, from miners and cowboys- each issue brings you true stories about the legends and lore of America’s frontier times. It also delves into their attempts to tame it. With Western art on every page and an eye-catching layout design illuminating your reading journey, you’ll feel like a part of the pioneering movement sweeping across our great land!

Wild West Magazine is for those who want to know the true history of America’s Wild West. It delivers riveting true stories from the people, places and events that made up frontier times in this corner of America’s history. Each issue brings to life the legends and lore of America’s culture through Indians, cowboys, settlers, adventurers, lawmen and outlaws.

8. World War II magazine

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The World War II Magazine is a high-quality, glossy, and durable magazine that explores the stories of this planet’s most horrifying conflict with the unique storytelling that delivers up-close views of the fighters, leaders, tactics, weapons–even little-known incidents and unusual facts behind the war.

From detailed accounts of how people survived one battle to the next to rare photographs depicting what may have been Hitler’s bunker in Berlin before it was destroyed by bombs, this publication tells you all there is about WWII. It also includes articles from top military leaders such as Dwight D Eisenhower on the D-Day landings, and famous battles like Normandy had never looked more real than with these amazingly crafted graphics.

This magazine will be an unmatched addition to any library with its extensive coverage of World War Two both before and after America was involved.

9. World War II History Magazine

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World War II history magazine aims to bring the wars of World War II as close to home as possible. The carefully researched, beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written magazine provides in-depth coverage that is not often found elsewhere.

Ideal reading for anyone interested in going beyond box scores, America’s involvement in the war unfolds through personal stories told from those who were there: generals and privates alike. From major engagements to little-known details about the world-spanning war, combat situations are unveiled with a fresh perspective–from first-person accounts of people who fought it all. Whether you’re an armchair historian or a serious student of modern world history this brings battles, personalities, and equipment to life for a captivating read!

10. MHQ: Military History Quarterly Journal

mhq military history quarterly

MHQ is an award-winning journal, vividly illustrated and showcasing the soldiers, leaders, tactics, and weapons of world history, takes you on a coffee table journey through moments like ancient warfare to modern battles.

Get your reading material out in preparation for your next battle! This publication takes readers on an exciting journey through world history with brilliant content such as articles from authors and historians across the field who have devoted their careers to bringing you vividly illustrated accounts of historical battles fought over the last 5,000 years. From ancient warfare to present-day warfare, this deluxe, hard-bound publication features stories about soldiers, leaders, tactics, and weaponry throughout military history. Truly it is more like a coffee table book than a magazine!

11. Civil War Times Magazine

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Home to multitudes of tales, Civil War Times magazine chronicles the details and battles of America’s most tumultuous fight. For over 55 years, this periodical has brought readers new knowledge about major skirmishes and little-known secrets.

Filled with wartime stories from people who lived through it all—plus archival photographs and before-and-after timelines—each issue transports readers back in time to experience what actual soldiers went through on the battlefields as well as those at home keeping morale up for the troops. Gripping articles explore such topics as how bad plans led to military mistakes, while others consider how close some key moments came to turning out very differently.

12. The Civil War Monitor Magazine

the civil war monitor

The Civil War Monitor is a magazine that takes an in-depth and deep look at the entire Civil War. From military information to political discourse to social aspects of different people living during this time period, The Civil War Monitor is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this pivotal moment in American history.

With insight from various sources used within every article, you’ll understand its causes, conflicts, personalities, and consequences with this magazine that is rich in illustrated history lessons. This publication is a must-have for any serious reader!

13. American History Magazine

american history

Think history is boring? Think again. American History Magazine can teach you about the rich and diverse history of America, through social sciences and humanities articles, essays from leading journalists, firsthand accounts, and photos that capture life at every level during this 250-year period. Learn all about eye-opening events like The Great Depression, the Industrial Revolution, Prohibition, or World War II–as well as amazing people who shaped America today–in this unique publication.

The American Story starts here, with America’s History magazine–a deeply researched publication that isn’t afraid to tell it like it was.

14. America’s Civil War Magazine

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This is the magazine of America’s Civil War, with comprehensive information on all aspects of the war. It has insights from historians and in-depth analyses of tactics which are complemented by carefully chosen artwork drawn from archives around the world.

With coverage that both captures key moments and provides long-lasting value, it paints an exquisite picture of a turning point in American history written through military strategy. This publication will give you new perspectives into a pivotal moment for our nation—the cause, events, leaders and battles within our great country during what started as a struggle for unity but ended as carnage over slavery. Remembering this significant event is not just fulfilling an obligation: it provides us opportunity to learn vital lessons about governance that can be applied today!