10 Best Historical Romance Novels [2023]

The passion, the scandal, the mystery, and…the hot hunk on the cover!

Romance novels sometimes have a bad reputation, don’t they?

It’s a pity, however, because some of the best historical romance novels out there are written by very talented writers!

Not all of them are R-rated, not all of them are strictly religious-based and not all of them are as predictable as you may think.

The novels on our list below, ranging from well-known classics to newer publications have something to offer the wide range of readers out there.

If you do want the spicy, steamy romance, check out number 5.

If you’re looking for something written by a Christian author, you’ll love number 3 (which is also a series of 3 books).

Those of you who have seen the film version of number 1 below but have never read the book need to get a copy immediately and see just how much better the written version is.

We have plenty of other options to choose from, so have a look at all of them to find the book that will fulfill your romantic dreams.

Don’t Judge

You know what we’re talking about. Everyone says it!

We’re just going to have to say it again, though.

Don’t judge the book by its cover!

The artwork is only one tiny part of the entire work. You simply can’t expect writing geniuses to also be graphic geniuses (although the author of number 3 below just happens to be a freelance graphic designer!)

The quality of the book comes from the writing, not from the ability to choose cover artwork.

Mix It Up

Think about the historical era and the country that you like books to be set in.

Good! Now after you’ve read a few of those books, mix it up a bit by changing countries and centuries.

Change is a good thing when it comes to reading romance novels; otherwise, they may just all end up blending together.

If you usually read books set in Scotland or England, head on over to America for a while.

If the books you like take place on the sea, head-on into the nearest port and find something set in a beautiful castle.

Top 10 Historical Romance Novels Complete Table

Picture Name Price Rating (1-5)
1. Gone with the Wind, 75th Anniversary Edition $$$ 4.8
2. A Kingdom of Dreams $ 4.6
3. When Love Calls: A Novel (The Gregory Sisters) $$$ 4.6
4. The Grand Masquerade (Bold Women of the 19th Century Series, Book 1) $$ 4.5
5. Amethyst: Chase Family Series Book 1 $$$ 4.4
6. True to the Highlander (The Novels of Loch Moigh) $$ 4.4
7. Stormy Persuasion (A Malory Novel) $$$$ 4.4
8. The Duke and I (Bridgertons) $ 4.4
9. Lost in Temptation: Regency Chase Family Series Book 1 $$$ 4.3
10. The Bride Wore Blue (The Brides of Bath) (Volume 1) $$ 4.2

Top 3 Best Historical Romance Novels Reviews

Are these the three very best books in existence on the planet in the category of historical romance novels?

It depends on whom you ask!

We highlight three of them to give you an idea of the options available and hopefully show you some new books that you haven’t already read.

If you have read them all, then have a look at the other great options on our list. Read the plot summaries and see what strikes your fancy!

1. Margaret Mitchell Gone with the Wind

Gone With The Wind had to top our list of the best historical romance novels. It just had to!

It is one of the greatest American romance novels ever written, and it continues to be a favorite of readers with each passing decade.

If you don’t already know the plot, this thrilling novel follows the life of southern belle Scarlett O’Hara before and during the Civil War. Apart from the drama, the romance, and the scandal, the quality of author Margaret Mitchell shines through. It is what has kept the book alive and why it continues to be a favorite in today’s world.

We realize that many of you historical romance novel fans have either read it, seen the movie or you are just sick of hearing about it, which is why we’ve included a mixture of classic favorites and new best sellers on our list.

Check out the next two if you’ve had enough of this wind in your sails!

2. Judith McNaught A Kingdom of Dreams

Why not sail on over to Scotland and immerse yourself in the world of Judith McNaught’s A Kingdom of Dreams?

Skeptical readers and those who aren’t fond of the era nor the setting of this novel are pleasantly surprised once they pick it up and read it. Judith captures her audience and brings the characters to life, especially the heroine, Jennifer Merrick, and the love story that evolves is absolutely breathtaking.

Just read it! You’ll see what we mean.

What’s that? You’ve already read it? No problem. Check out the next novel!

3. Lorna Seilstad When Love Calls: A Novel

When Love Calls is the first volume of a series of romance novels set in the twentieth century.

Hannah, the main character, and her two sisters are forced off the family home due to a bank foreclosure. As the eldest, Hannah works to support her younger siblings as she settles for a switchboard operator position. Are her dreams of becoming a lawyer lost forever?

You will have to read to find out!

Apart from an exciting plot and storyline, the author has thoroughly researched the details of her novel and this is very evident as you read them.

The message the book conveys is more of a religious-based one, as author Lorna Seilstad is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers group, and this book is perfect for those who are looking for a G-rated read that still has a dash of humor, drama, danger and of course, romance.