14 Best Health and Wellness Magazines 2021

Healthy living has become more popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Health magazines are great for people who want to improve fitness, nutrition guidance, positive thoughts on wellness, and healthy lifestyles. It’s also good for those who just like staying up-to-date on the latest trends in health and wellness.

You may have heard the saying “you are what you eat.” This is true, but you’re also what you read. If you want to start living a healthier life, it’s important that your reading material reflects this change in lifestyle.

This blog post will find you the best health and wellness magazines for you or your loved ones who are looking for some guidance on living a healthier lifestyle.

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1. Prevention Magazine

Prevention Magazine has all the information you need to live a happier, healthier life. With articles on how to maintain your mental health and physical fitness, as well as offering advice on what foods prevent disease and how alternative medicines can help people in pain; Prevention is the best at settling nerves without medication.

Get fully up-to-date on the latest medical breakthroughs and innovative therapies, while also enjoying delicious recipes that are both good for you as well as tasty. Prevention Magazine is a fun read because each issue has plenty of helpful advice to help keep you looking.

2. Breathe Magazine

Imagine a time without stress, days spent in a blissful state of recovery. Breathing deeply can have benefits such as an increased capacity for creativity, more balance in life, less congestion, and anxiety.

Breathe Magazine will help you do just that with 5 different sections for relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Each section has the solutions to get your body back on track such as “wellbeing” which has advice on how to lower cholesterol levels and why meditation is key for a happy mind; or “living” with recipes for meals that make you feel great inside-out.

3. Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health is a magazine for men that educates readers on building strength, understanding diet and style, and finding better relationships through tips for living life the right way.

You will get new insights into creating a healthy life full of success in all realms of your life. You can turn challenges into opportunities by learning about what it really takes to succeed. Men’s Health magazine provides practical tips on leading a well-rounded lifestyle with up-to-date topics like nutrition, fitness, health research claims that are backed by science, and more.

Featuring articles on diet, exercise, lifestyle tips, fitness gear reviews, and more; it has everything you need to lead the healthiest life possible!

You’ll be able to locate all the information that is necessary for a well balanced, happy life without compromising quality in any area.

4. Woman’s World

Woman’s World magazine is a leading lifestyle and fashion publication for women and their families. The timely articles of experts will help you live healthier.

For many women, Woman’s World is their go-to resource for living a more fulfilling and healthier life. Everyday health challenges such as weight management or eating issues can be stressful to say the least; with this magazine, readers have a trusted source of information to lean on during these difficult situations. The sections in each issue cover topics from cooking healthy meals at home to fashions that flatter different body shapes. Readers can also find advice about relationships and self-confidence as well–whatever they need right in the palm of her hand!

You’ll find fitness tips from celebrities, gorgeous seasonal fashions, the most delicious recipes to try at home alongside stunning decorating ideas for those daring enough to add some color to the living room- which we all know is difficult!

Can’t get enough of home-cooked dinners? Find inspiration at your local market or in the pages of Woman’s Worlds latest issue. From inventive taco recipes with ground meat to flavorful lamb stew that can be made in under one hour – article after article articulates how easy it is to make delicious meals at home without sacrificing quality time spent together.

5. First For Women

If you are looking to start feeling beautiful and being the best version of yourself, First Magazine is a perfect read.

First for Women magazine provides valuable information and inspiration about topics from fitness, food, beauty, to relationships. There are articles providing ways to stay healthy; discover new recipes; try trendy hair looks and get advice for your health issues such as nutrition problems or stress management; tips for healthy eating, exercising, and décor ideas, this magazine helps make every day feel like a fresh start.

You will get valuable advice on everything from healthy recipes when you’re trying to lose weight, or how to dress for your body type. You’ll find recommendations on the perfect mascara that doesn’t smudge and where to buy it.

6. Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is the monthly guide to your body-mind-spirit connection.

From simple beginners poses to advanced core work, it covers a wide variety of hard-to-find technical knowledge and home science experiments that make for inspiring reading.

Everyone has their favorite yoga style or level that they don’t want to step away from, no matter what life throws at them. Their editorial team tailors articles and interviews specifically for asana (postures), mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), kriya (energy practices), or chakra alignment styles.

In each issue of Yoga Journal, you’ll find inspiring content packed with practical how-tos like home practices, meditation techniques, anatomy information that’ll help you stay safe in the yoga room, nourishing recipes to keep improving both on and off the mat, and stories of yogis just like you. The one thing that unites them? They’re committed to their own personal growth both within and beyond your physical studio walls.

7. Psychology Today Magazine

Find out how your daily routine contributes to a healthy body and mind. Psychology Today magazine offers an in-depth analysis of what you’re doing wrong and steps you can take towards the right mindset when it comes to emotional and physical health, family relationships, society confusion, spirituality exploration, stress prevention, behavioral choices such as drinking too much alcohol or overeating sugary sweets…and more! It’s time for a mental detox!

Psychology Today magazine is committed to teaching people how to love themselves better through its insightful content written by leading experts on psychology who contribute knowledge about the latest discoveries. Striking a balance between research and practical applications for everyday life is what this magazine does best. Let psychology help guide you through this new world – it can’t hurt!

psychology today

8. Health Magazine

When it comes to wellbeing, Health Magazine is your best friend. The award-winning publication covers all the important topics for both your physical and emotional well being in an approachable, fun way!

In this magazine, you’ll thrill to the frank advice from their experts who make it their life’s work to reveal all the secrets-what foods do I need that I don’t get enough of? How much exercise should I be doing? What is DNA testing anyway and how much does it cost? Armed with your understanding about what’s going on inside your body, outside forces have no chance against you.

Get helpful tips from Health Magazine on your way be happier, healthier, and better looking than ever!

9. Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine is all about empowering women to take control of their wellness, whether that be through fitness or nutrition. Every issue features an expert-orchestrated plan that will lead you closer to being the healthiest version of yourself; this includes recipes, workouts and advice from leading medical professionals. You’ll find everything in Women’s Health for your health happiness!

Featuring actionable tips on nutrition, fitness, sex, relationships, magazines with celebrity styled Hollywood Fashion with the latest fitness products that will help you build your perfect body. There is something for every woman to live her best life—Woman’s Health has it all!

10. Oxygen Magazine

Oxygen is a health magazine for all women who want to live happy, healthy lives. It contains fitness tips for beginners and elite athletes alike, plus masterful advice on nutrition with recipes and meal plans that make it easy to buy whole foods you love – everything from fast to fresh!

Whether fitness is your passion or your path of healing, Oxygen will motivate you – from leading the change in a culture where they are kinder before corrective measures through motivational speaker promenades at major training events; their Pursuit talks, which share how overcoming adversity inch by inch leads us towards the goals.

Each issue contains innovative, fool-proof workouts designed with input from top fitness experts, time saving recipes that are easy to make at home in 30 minutes or less, and real advice on how to get back on track when life gets too tough.

11. OnFitness Magazine

OnFitness Magazine lets you in on the most innovative health and fitness trends that are shaping tomorrow.

With topics ranging from motivation methods to niche information like what electrolytes are good post-workout or 10 exercises all runners should do each week, readers will get the knowledge they can put into practice now!

This one-of-a-kind publication targets just you, the person who is passionate about health and fitness. With cutting-edge articles addressing today’s key topics in this field, OnFitness Magazine keeps your thirst for knowledge satisfied– sounds delicious!

12. Spirituality & Health Magazine

What you don’t know might be costing your health and your eternity. This magazine is the resource for anyone exploring the link between spirituality, holistic medicine, and physical fitness. It offers an accessible mix of Eastern philosophy, meditation, faith-based topics, mainstream religion, wellness tips, public health information—introducing relevant discussion on topics like lifestyle and creativity to intriguing issues of conscience that touch us all.

With articles about transitioning into a new season of life, exploring an Eastern philosophy, and going vegan, Spirituality & Health strives to empower readers with knowledge of ways they can better themselves in harmony with nature. With extensive research and practical advice, this publication pushes forward our understanding of what it means to lead a fulfilling life.

13. SHAPE Magazine

SHAPE is a magazine for any woman looking to live her most vibrant and healthy life. The holistic way of thinking about fitness, wellness, fashion and beauty combined with its exclusive interviews from dynamic speakers and influencers in the fitness world sets SHAPE apart from other magazines on the market. Its weight loss tips are sure to keep your body going strong while highlighting plant-fueled dieting trends with tons of useful insight into current industry standards.

With great pieces on how millennials can stay healthy (it’s not just about salads!), SHAPE has recommendations for readers on tons of fitness routines. From high-intensity interval training to calming yoga sessions, this magazine will suit all your needs when it comes to exercise regimens! For those who are looking for new weight loss plans, don’t worry as SHAPE has been helping people get in shape with their creative bodyweight workouts and delicious vegan recipes. Inside its pages, there are plenty of self-love tips too — from facial exercises like smiling more often or getting better sleep at night.

14. Psychologies Magazine

Feeling like you’re in a rut? Psychologies magazine is here to shake things up. With advice on self-improvement, relationships, and everyday life from experts, the latest news about women’s issues and modern-day feminism, all your womanly questions answered by top specialists with every issue – Psychologies is your one-stop destination for feeling better than ever!

Psychologies magazine is the perfect fit for those who live life and want to learn how best to balance priorities. Featuring articles covering a wide range of topics, Psychologies has something for everyone.