10 Best Goosebumps Books 2021

Are you on a mission to read every Goosebumps book ever written? Perhaps you’re just looking for a sure “new favorite book series’ for that avid young reader in your family. Whatever your reason for seeking them out, you’ll find Goosebumps books a-plenty waiting to scary you just right!

The best Goosebumps books, of course, are the ones you just can’t seem to put down or once done, you keep reaching for them to relive the scary thrill. Here’s a look at the top 10 spine-tingling Goosebumps books. (We hope R.L. Stine would agree with our choices!) To further whet your appetite, we also included an in-depth review of the top 3 books on our list.

Things to Consider When Buying Goosebumps Books

As with any book purchase, you will want to be sure that the chosen book and the intended reader are a perfect fit. Bear the following points in mind as you make your Goosebumps book selection and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  • Age and Reading Level of the Reader. Truth be told, there are quite a few adults who enjoy reading (and rereading) Goosebumps books. Still, the series is meant for children but not necessarily for fluent readers. Children who have a willing adult to either read with or for them can also enjoy the books.
  • Reader’s Interests. The Goosebumps books fall in the genres of horror, supernatural fiction and thriller. Although they are written superbly without the violence or gore you might find in more adult-oriented books, they are not for every reader.
  • Goosebumps Fan Now or Not Yet? If the book is being bought for someone who is already a Goosebumps fan than it is very important that you know which ones they already have or may have read.

Top 10 Goosebumps Books Chart

PictureName# of PagesPrice Rating (1-5)
# of Pages
Rating (1-5)
1. Night of the Living Dummy134$$4.7
2. Werewolf of Fever Swamp123$$4.7
3. The Haunted School120$4.7
4. Goosebumps #51: Beware, the Snowman113$$$4.6
5. Say Cheese and Die!132$$4.6
6. Son of Slappy134$$4.6
7. Welcome to Dead House123$$4.5
8. Monster Blood128$$4.4
9. The Haunted Mask121$$4.3
10. Deep Trouble117$$4.3

Goosebumps Books Shopping Tips

As you shop for the best Goosebumps books, you might be surprised by the wide range of choices available – and we’re not just talking about the titles!

  • Which Series. Did you know that there are over a dozen Goosebumps series and more than 180 Goosebumps books in total? Some persons relish completing one series before beginning on another one. Other people don’t mind hopscotching about from one series to the next. What type are you?
  • New or Used. Do you like the new book smell or the mystery of not knowing who owned your book before you? While each type of book (old and new) has it benefits, the choice is often a personal one. So, are looking for a good used book bargain or the heady pleasure of being the first to open a brand new book?
  • Paperback, Hardcover or Electronic. There is no denying that curling up with your handy electronic gadget simply can’t compare to curling up with an actual book. Electronic readers can be very convenient, though – think lugging 10 actual books around as opposed to having them available on an e-reader.

Top 3 Best Goosebumps Books Reviews

1. Night of the Living Dummy

Stories about an evil ventriloquist doll that comes to life are common enough but R.L. Stine’s Night of the Living Dummy is a classic, sinister and eerie take on that theme that his readers have always loved to be scared by.

First published in May 1993 as book #7 of the original Goosebumps series, it is the Goosebumps’s fans’ first introduction to Slappy the Dummy. The story tells of how Slappy is found by twin sisters and the envy this spawns between them. When a second dummy, named Mr. Wood, arrives on the scene things start to take a dark and nasty turn.

Inspired by The Adventures of Pinocchio, R.L. Stine goes on to feature Slappy in nine more novels. For many of his fans, however, Night of the Living Dummy still ranks as one of his very best Goosebumps books.

2. Werewolf of Fever Swamp

Published in December, 1993 as book # 14 of the original Goosebumps series, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp is yet another “page turner” horror novel that keeps R.L. Stine’s readers in suspense until the very end.

Soon after Grady Tucker and his family move to Fever Swamp they begin to notice strange (and frightening) things happening. A deer and other animals from town are found murdered, plus there are frightening howls filling the air at night. Grady thinks it’s a werewolf and his father is certain it’s Grady’s new found dog.

Can you figure out whether Grady’s dog is really the werewolf or is something more spine-chilling in store? If you are looking for a scary thrill, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp is sure to please. Plus, its ending twist is definitely one you never saw coming!

3. The Haunted School

Tommy Frazer’s new school is big, empty and has voices crying for help from behind the walls. Tommy decides to explore the school with his friend Ben and together they make some strange and shocking discoveries.

The Haunted School is a true Goosebumps classic and the perfect excuse for wanting to stay home from school! R.L. Stine ensures that readers are left guessing right to the very end with a creep and scary tale that many readers just can’t put down.

Often rated by fans as one of the most suspenseful of the Goosebumps books, The Haunted School is simply not a book you can read just once. The second and third time around will be as thrilling as the first with new insights gained with each read.