6 Best French Cookbooks [2023]

When it comes to ranking the most romantic and elegant cuisines in the world, we’d never forget about the French. Baguettes, croissants, Roquefort cheese, butters – who doesn’t think all these French food kicks ass?

Authentic French cuisine in all its fanciness can be hard to imitate without some form of help. And while it may be quite impossible to get personal training from the best like Ducasse, Passard or Pepin – the best French cookbooks will train you and share all the best recipes (almost) like these masters.

So whether you’re looking for the best gift for your food lover friend or want to try some French cooking for your romantic candle light date, these cookbooks will help you set the right mood and taste for success.

Listed below are six French cookbooks – both new and classic selections for people who love food and the French taste.

Top 6 French Cookbooks Chart

Picture Name Formats Price Rating (1-5)
1. Mastering the Art of French Cooking Kindle, Hardcover $$
  • 4.8
2. My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories Kindle, Hardcover $$$
  • 4.7
3. Barefoot in Paris Kindle, Hardcover $$$
  • 4.7
4. The Art of French Pastry Kindle,
  • 4.7
5. The French Market Cookbook Kindle,
  • 4.5
6. The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook Kindle,
  • 4.5

Top 3 Best French Cookbooks Reviews

1. Mastering the Art

Mastering the Art
Child’s cookbook is a collection of elegant, easy to make, and flavor packed recipes. Even though often regarded ‘too buttery’ for this present day’s tastes, Julia Child’s cookbook still holds the best and most favorite French recipes of our time.

The book is praised for its simplicity in details. Recipes are explained in two organized columns, left for the ingredients, and right for the instructions. One of the best French cookbooks clearly for beginners, it gives no specific time of preparation, as some people take more than half an hour to cut vegetables and others take only five minutes. It also offers readers additional tips and suggestions for wines in all the main course recipes.

The recipes in the book are very accessible, with all the ingredients found in your local supermarket. The cookbook which has simpler than complex recipes caters well for people who are new to French recipes. If you want to know how to make proper soufflés, sauce, and pie doughs – this is where you should look.

2. My Paris Kitchen

My Paris Kitchen

This latest book from David Lebovitz My Paris Kitchen features more than 100 recipes including desserts, appetizers, first courses and main courses. This new book is a fabulous read as it celebrates the joys of French home cooking and transformation of simple ingredients into magnificent French dishes.

Throughout the book you’ll also be entertained by Lebovits stories about Paris and the Parisian culture accompanied by nice photos of Paris street foods, bakeries and local cafes.

Shortly after it was published My Paris Kitchen was included in the top 10 cookbooks of the year by the Los Angeles Times. Lebovitz book delights readers as he brings a charming side to France’s everyday cooking customs. Critics highly applaud Lebovitz books for its lovely mix of old and new French dishes – a diversity we’ll see throughout the chapters.

As a whole, this wonderful cookbook book perfectly displays the young chef’s trademark with his own French recipes. Lebovitz book will help you master French cooking, and the most romantic Parisian recipes may it be traditional or new.

3. Barefoot in Paris

Barefoot in ParisIna Garten is an American author, TV host and former staff member of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Her newly published collection entitled Barefoot in Paris is one of the best french cookbooks serving as cooking remedy for people who have found new love on French food. At first glance, the book draws you with its title alone which conjures images of cookery in small window-gardened apartments on a sleepy morning.

There may be a lot of delicious traditional recipes that might make you back away with the sheer number of ingredients, but at second glance you will be impressed at how easy and well organized the instructions are presented in this cookbook. Her hearty beouf bourguignon which can spark romance in your cozy little apartment is a favorite among readers and one you shouldn’t miss.

Barefoot in Paris is all about Ina’s love of the city. It’s all about the beauty of outdoor markets, bakeries, fromageries and food favorites you can find at the heart of each true Parisian. Not your ordinary cookbook, this brilliant literature will rethink the way you see French food soon after reading.