10 Best Fantasy Audiobooks 2021

­­If you’re looking for fantasy audiobooks that don’t disappoint, you’ve come to the right place. Fantasy audiobook, one of the fastest-growing and most profitable genres, is becoming a hit with kids and adults alike. According to the Audio Publishers Association, science fiction/fantasy and mystery/thriller are among the most popular genre that has a consistent huge following since 2007.

However, not all fantasy audiobooks published can give you a great reading experience. This is why getting started with a good fantasy audiobook is important. In choosing the best fantasy audiobooks, there are also things to consider like the quality of the narration, the story (are you more into high-fantasy or dark-fantasy?), and the type (if you want a graphic or non-graphic).

Considerations When Choosing Fantasy Audio Books

  • Quality of the Narrator’s Voice. When choosing the best fantasy audiobook, one doesn’t simply choose based solely on the author of the story. One of the most important things to consider is the quality of the narrator’s voice.

With the right narrator, a great fantasy tale can be brought to life. When choosing an audiobook, remember to hear a sample of the narration before proceeding with your purchase.

  • High or Dark Fantasy. You may be interested in fantasy tales that are set in an alternative, the fictional world – if so, you’re looking to try on the high fantasy genre. On the other hand, dark fantasy is every little bit of fantasy; however, it incorporates darker and frightening themes.
  • Graphic or Non- Graphic. Graphic Audio Books are types of audiobooks that have additional features to improve your reading experience. Unlike the usual audiobook in which you have only one narrator – graphic audiobooks turn your experience to the next level by adding different voices and sound effects.

Top 10 Fantasy Audiobooks Table

PictureName Narrator Price Rating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Crown of MidnightElizabeth Evans $$ 4.8
2. The Return of the KingIan Holm, Michael Hordern, and Robert Stephens $$ 4.7
3. The Way of Kings Kate Reading and Michael Kramer $$ 4.7
4. Dawn of WonderTim Gerard Reynolds $$ 4.7
5. The Name of the WindNick Podehl $$ 4.6
6. A Game of ThronesRoy Dotrice $$$ 4.5
7. The Cycle of ArawnTim Gerard Reynolds $$ 4.3
8. The Eye of the WorldKate Reading and Michael Kramer $$ 4.2
9. The Blade ItselfSteven Pacey $$ 4.2
10. Wizard's First RuleSam Tsoutsouvas $$ 4.1

Top 3 Best Fantasy Audiobooks Reviews

1. Crown of Midnight

Taking the fantasy fiction world by storm, Sarah J Mass’ new addition to the series Throne of Glass continues with the adventures of Celaena after she survived the trials in the last series. Taking her new role as the King’s Assassin, Celaena uncovers the King’s dark secret, only to find fragments of her past and identity which she has been running away from since the beginning.

Fans who were first disappointed in Throne of Glass were glad to see more character development and maturity in this sequel. The plot, which was fast-paced and completely immersing, makes all plot twists interesting, getting the readers hooked upon the first 100 pages of reading.

Paired with Elizabeth Evan’s outstanding narration, the book is a pleasure to listen to as we go about various points in the story. Evan’s voicing of the main character Celaena fits her role and attitude perfectly as she poses a deadly charade and secretly hides her own agenda with the King.  Sarah J Mass’s superb storytelling with Elizabeth Evan’s voice talent makes this sequel and audiobook one of the best.

2. The Return of the King

The final part of Tolkien’s world acclaimed masterpiece series Lord of The Rings, Return of the King follows with the adventures of the fellowship down to their last battle with Sauron and the Return of Aragorn as the ri­­­ghtful king of Gondor.

This rich fantasy tale comes with the perfect narrator Rob Inglis, who has a traditional English voice, which fans always compare to Tolkien himself. Rob Inglis is applauded for his performance in this audiobook because of his brilliant depiction of accents and ability to handle many voices. Inglish’s soft English tones perfectly suit the fantastical and historical aspects of Tolkien’s world.

This audiobook is a great experience, best enjoyed after or before watching the movie Trilogy. People who might find the book tiring to read will appreciate once more the story with the help of this audiobook and Inglis as the perfect narrator.

3. The Way of Kings

Michael Kramer and Sarah reading’s outstanding performance of Sanderson’s Way of Kings gives a whole new reading experience for the readers. Unlike other audiobooks, the female lead gets a woman’s voice which creates a more genuine and authentic characterization in this audiobook.  The best part of this audiobook is the narrators skill of squeezing every ounce of emotion from the colorful characters.

While most fantasy audiobooks can be easily understood by reading the first series, readers who haven’t read any works of Brandon Sanderson might find it hard to follow due to the overload of information given in the first few pages.

Set in the world of Roshar, Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings is the first volume in a projected ten-book series. While the book may start slow from the first hundred pages, readers should be prepared for the awesome roller coaster approach by the near end of the story. A novel about the characters’ journey to discovery, Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings is an excellent audiobook and very hard to put down.