6 Best Cycling Magazines

Cycling is a huge sport worldwide. It’s also relatively easy to get into and can provide a great way to improve fitness, explore your city or country, and meet some amazing people along the way. To help you on your adventures we’ve compiled this list of the 6 best cycling magazines for cyclists of all levels:

Best Cycling Magazines Comparison Table


1. Velonews

  • 4.7/5
2. Bicycling$$$$
  • 4.5/5
3. Road Bike Action$$
  • 4.4/5
4. Mountainflyer $$$
  • 4.4/5
5. Procycling$$$$$
  • 4.2/5
6. Cycling Plus$
  • 4.2/5

Best Cycling Magazines

1. Velonews Magazine

Velonews is a magazine about bicycle racing, complete with expert training advice and unbiased reviews of the latest equipment. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just interested in learning more, read the articles about world-class cyclists and events, expert training advice, gear reviews from the best of the best in cycling photography. The publication reaches serious athletes and cyclists at all levels who want to get the most out of their cycling.

You will find the inside information on the sport of competitive cycling in Velonews. Find out who’s winning this race, what your best route is for training, and have a good laugh about the latest gear failures! Each issue keeps your bike enthusiasts up to date with their favorite cycling experience. Remember that biking is no game and requires finesse to be as safe as possible on two wheels, even though it may seem simple.

Velonews takes readers into the world of bike racing and provides insight into the brand new Velodrome season. Be part of North America’s most trusted source for information on bicycle racing!

2. Bicycling magazine

Bicycling magazine is the original magazine for those who love to pedal — this authoritative publication focused on everything a biking enthusiast wants to know about bikes and gear, fitness choices for cyclists, and bike-friendly routes. Bicycling celebrates cycling’s unique culture with story after story of people on their ride of a lifetime.

You can find articles about bikes and gear, stories with inspiring cyclists speaking their beliefs, as well as news from around the world about cycling events.  Every article has a technical explanation for cyclists that will help them perform better and enjoy the journey. With features on stamina-building exercises and bike maintenance, it’s easy for any cyclist to get back in the saddle again with minimal fuss.

If you are a beginner or expert cyclist who is looking for new information and insightful commentary that will inspire your bike riding passion, start reading Bicycling Magazine right now!

3. Road Bike Action Magazine

Want to ride faster? Want to discover the newest, coolest bikes? Road Bike Action is for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just like the open air and simplicity of cycling, Road Bike Action Magazine has all the industry scoop on components, bike parts, publications reviews, and interviews with international athletes. If you’ve got style (either in your riding or as a fashionista), this is definitely not your average biking magazine – it’s everything from training tips to fitness advice.

You’ll find comprehensive reviews of the newest models to test everything from braking systems to tires in all sorts of conditions. Get recommendations from experts on what works best for riders of different abilities levels, plus how-to and maintenance tips. Find out about exciting travel destinations and fitness routines from professional cyclists, or keep up with international racing news, so you never miss a result!

4. Mountainflyer Magazine

MountainFlyer Magazine

Mountainflying Magazine takes you right into the heart of mountain biking, with in-depth features that bring us straight to the cutting edge and gear reviews that will have you dreaming of your next adventure. Mountainflyer has been at the cutting edge of mountain biking culture.

Mountainflyer Magazine captures every angle of the life and culture of dedicated mountain bikers through stunning photos, engaging story-telling, informative features, gear reviews, and event coverage. Mountain Flyer Magazine has been a trusted source for almost 20 years, from casual riders to seasoned competitors.

Modern bike enthusiasts will love the photographs that showcase wild landscapes and gritty trails—all seen from a cyclist’s perspective. In addition to beautifully crafted imagery, Mountain flying magazine provides high-quality feature articles on everything from the latest trail updates to tips for finding your most comfortable ride position.

Mountainflyer Magazine is the only magazine that gets you inside the world of mountain biking, from epic riding to wild destinations. No hi-lites runs and movie star lifestyle shots here. It’s all about how far you piggyback your bike with your heart every other day!

5. Procycling Magazine

You’re not alone in wanting to experience the intensity and adrenaline of bicycle racing. Procycling Magazine offers an immersive look at cycling, telling stories of fanatics turned pro, stars fallen from grace, and newcomers on a hot rise.

Maybe you want to know the inside scoop during those brief periods when cyclists are in peak physical condition – right before they commence their annual battle with fatigue? Maybe you want to be kept up-to-date with all the tech mumbo-jumbo that’s revolutionizing this sport? Or maybe your interest lies solely with seeing dramatic images that capture each moment like never before possible? Whatever it is has drawn you inside the cycling world, Procycling Magazine has just what’ll satisfy your hunger for unique perspectives on one of Earth.

Procycling Magazine is the monthly magazine where readers go inside the high-stakes world of professional road racing. From the mud on rainy spring classics to a summer Tour de France, this issue will take you there with interviews, rich history, and insightful articles that delve into what makes pro cycling so compelling, on top of incredible sports photography.

Procycling Magazine is the only magazine in print that offers a global view of professional road racing. For bicyclists who want to devour every page and for journalists (or anyone passionate about cycling) eager to improve their knowledge of the sport, Procycling is indisputably king. With insider information on world-famous cyclists from Bradley Wiggins to David Millar and high-quality sports photography like never before seen by a worldwide audience, Procycling stands alone as an unmatched authority on all aspects of cycle sport past, present, and future.

6. Cycling Plus Magazine

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Bike sometimes? Eff it! Bike smarter with Cycling Plus Magazine. From buying tips to training tricks and nutrition hacks, this magazine is the biking Bible for your new life of riding. Never again get lost on a ride or feel like you’re spinning too much (on or off the bike!) You’ll also learn why road cycling is getting more popular among women, hear about Hollywood’s newest celeb cyclists, test-ride bikes worth drooling over—it’s all here and waiting for you to hop on board.

This magazine is for the newest, but not-so-new or occasional frequent bike rider. Cycling Plus will tell you all about what gear to buy and how to use it: with buying advice and tests of essential cycling gear in each issue – everything from bikes to backpacks! You’ll also find training advice on topics like nutrition secrets and practical tips guaranteed to improve your bicycling.

Cycling Plus puts value into inspiration as well; with inspiring rides, you can do right where you live, real-life cycling stories, and more entertaining riding geared articles than you can count. The magazine appeals to every cyclist level from newcomers looking for a way out of their daily lives to longtime racers looking for ways to differentiate themselves on the course.

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