The Best Catholic Bible in [2023]

Dating back over 2,000 years, the Roman Catholic religion is the oldest Christian religion in the world. Just as any other Christian religion has its own interpretation of the Bible, so does the Roman Catholic Church. For this reason, the church has its own version of the Bible, which is used as a guide for all its different ceremonies and teachings.

Of course, all of the different Bibles on the market essentially hold the same information. However, some Bibles offer a few unique features that could give you greater satisfaction overall. Find out which options are a cut above the rest, and find the best Catholic Bible to join you on your spiritual growth quest.

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Top 10 Catholic Bibles Ultimate Table

Picture Name Bible Translation Price Rating (1-5)
1. The Catholic Study Bible New American Bible Revised Edition $$$
  • 4.6/5
New American Bible Revised Edition $
  • 4.5/5
Douay-Rheims Version $$$$
  • 4.5/5
Revised Standard Version $$$
  • 4.5/5
New Revised Standard Version $$
  • 4.5/5
New American Bible $
  • 4.4/5
New American Bible Revised Edition $$
  • 4.3/5
New American Version $$
  • 4.3/5
New American Version $
  • 4.3/5
Catholic Bible Dictionary $$
  • 4.6/5

What is a Catholic Bible?

The Catholic Bible is called this because it was originally prepared by Catholic leaders, scholars, and theologians. Altogether, there are 7 more books in the Catholic Bible than that of the Protestant Bibles.

The 7 extra books are called Deuterocanonical or Apocrypha. The word ‘Apocrypha’ means hidden. (The word Apocrypha is from Greek: apokryphos, meaning “hidden” or “obscure”.)

Catholic Bible has 66 books of the Protestant Old and New Testament plus 7 more books, a total of 73 books in all.

The 7 books are Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach (also known as Ecclesiasticus), Baruch. In addition, the Books of Esther and Daniel are slightly different.

Catholic Bible English versions

Abbreviation Name Date
DRB Douay–Rheims Bible
1582, 1609, 16101
DRB Douay–Rheims Bible Challoner Revision 1749–1752
CCD Confraternity Bible 19413
Knox Knox Bible 1950
KLNT Kleist–Lilly New Testament 19564
RSV–CE Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition 1965–66
JB Jerusalem Bible 1966
NAB New American Bible 1970
TLB–CE The Living Bible Catholic Edition 1971
NJB New Jerusalem Bible 1985
CCB Christian Community Bible 1988
NRSV–CE New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition 1993
GNT–CE Good News Translation Catholic Edition 1993
RSV–2CE Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition 2006
CTS–NCB CTS New Catholic Bible 20076
NABRE New American Bible Revised Edition
2011/1986 (OT/NT)
NLT-CE New Living Translation Catholic Edition 2015
ESV-CE English Standard Version Catholic Edition 2017
NCB St. Joseph New Catholic Bible 2019
RNJB Revised New Jerusalem Bible 2019

Credit: Wikipedia Catholic Bible

A Reader’s Guide to Choosing a Catholic Bible

Based on their covers alone, it’s easy to see that Catholic Bibles come in a wide variety. However, open each one up, and you’re likely to find an even greater number of differences that could change the way you enjoy your Bible altogether.

If you’re not quite sure how to choose the best Catholic Bible, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Bible Translation. When the Bible was first written, it was in Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic. To make it universally understandable, it was translated into English. Because translation can be subjective at times, many different translated versions were created.

The Roman Catholic Bible comes in 19 different English versions. While they all aim to teach essentially the same concepts, minor differences in these translations can make them easier or harder to understand depending on the reader.

For instance, some Bible translations use Shakespearean English. These can be much more difficult for some users to appreciate, especially because of the outdated word usage.

Some Bible translations are approved only for devotional and personal use, which means they’re not used for celebrating the Eucharist. That said, if you want a Bible that translates similarly to the gospel you hear in church, you should choose one that is approved for use in the celebration of mass.

  • Design and Durability. Of course, it’s our natural tendency to want items that cater to our design and aesthetic preferences. For this reason, lots of different Bible publishers try to appeal to a wider audience by offering Bibles in a variety of designs.

However, aside from the way the Bible looks, it’s also important to consider the design for its durability. For example, hardbound Bibles can be used for years without the worry of wear and tear. Leather bound Bibles are very aesthetically pleasing, often much slimmer than other options making them easier to carry around with you.

Paperback bibles can be very flimsy, but that ultimately depends on how often you intend to use them. If you plan to pull out your Bible frequently, it would be much more ideal to choose one that has a resilient cover and body.

  • Ease of Use. There is no doubt that the Bible is one of the most confusing books in our world today. The scripture can be difficult to understand, so publishers often try their best to make it easier for Bible readers to get meanings without difficulty.

Some bibles are fashioned as study bibles, providing greater insight by encouraging readers to reflect on the scripture with keynotes and self-guided meditation. Red texts are commonly used to indicate statements made by Jesus Christ. Superscripts are used to help readers understand period terms and practices that may no longer be common in modern times.

Supplementary information such as maps, dates, and many others are commonly inserted either before or after the Bible pages to enrich learning and make it easier for readers to visualize and understand the text in the scripture.

Top 3 Best Catholic Bible Reviews

1. The Catholic Study Bible

The Catholic Study Bible

Often considered the best Catholic bible, the The Catholic Study Bible Third Edition is a comprehensive personal devotional Bible that also helps enrich readers’ understanding of the faith. This study bible contains guided meditation texts and informational sidebars that give more meaning to the scripture.

The Catholic Study Bible Third Edition uses the New American Bible Revised Edition Bible translation, making it easier to understand and appreciate the scripture. The Bible also includes 32 pages of full-color maps and images to help supplement prayer and learning.

When it all comes down to it, the The Catholic Study Bible Third Edition is more than just a Bible – it’s a personal devotional and learning tool that aims to bring readers closer to God by encouraging in-depth understanding and appreciation of the scripture.

2. Bible: New American Bible, Revised Edition

Bible: New American Bible, Revised Edition

For Bible readers on the go, the New American Bible, Revised Edition Kindle Edition is a great pick. This comprehensive Catholic Bible is presented the same way as the physical version, with the exception that it includes certain features that make it much easier to navigate.

The New American Bible, Revised Edition comes with navigation aids that allow readers to access specific Bible verses in seconds. Essentially, though, this electronic Bible preserves much of the interface and layout of the original Bible version.

This makes it a familiar yet convenient alternative for readers who want to have a Catholic Bible in their trusty electronic devices.

3. Douay-Rheims Bible

Douay-Rheims Bible

The Douay-Rheims Bible translation is one of the oldest English translations of the Bible. This makes it one of the most accurate, capturing the gist and message of the original Bible in a language that’s easy to understand.

The Douay-Rheims Bible Black Genuine Leather Cover preserves this translation in a sleek, sophisticated Bible that truly encourages daily use and devotion. This Bible also includes full-color maps, beautifully illustrated images of Christ, and key texts in red to enrich your worship and make every Bible reading enjoyable.

Beautiful, elegant, and classy, the Douay-Rheims Bible Black Genuine Leather Cover does come at a hefty price. If you’re not too watchful of your budget, this Catholic bible might give you the best value for your money.