10 Best Business Magazines 2021

If you run your own business or manage someone else’s, then staying up to date with the latest information is a must. Managing a business takes skill and knowledge. The skill is all up to you but the knowledge is something you can gain from business magazines.

Having a fresh set of ideas and industry related news delivered to your door regularly is a great way of staying switched on, so here we list out the top ten best business magazines for you and give a detailed review of our favorite three.

Things to Consider

When you’re considering a business magazine for your reading there aren’t many high quality options to choose from. Less than half a dozen magazines in our list rated highly. You’ll need to make a decision as to what type of content you need to read regularly.

  • Money and Finance. Money and finance articles will give you the information you need to get ahead on your finance goals. You’ll be reminded to do taxes and update your budgets too. Magazines that have a strong focus on finance will have special offers and discounts from lenders.
  • New Technology. New technology magazines aim to show off the latest in technology advances. Being at the forefront of these advancements can give you an edge over your competition. You’ll be able to plan for industry changes long before they happen too.
  • Success Stories. These give you a rein of hope in tough times. Magazines that focus on these types of articles are great for startups and tough industries. You’ll come away refreshed and excited for the challenges ahead. One day you might even be the success story featured!

Top 10 Business Magazines Comparison Chart

PictureNameIssues per YearPriceRating (1-5)
Issues per Year
Rating (1-5)
1. Inc. 10$$4.2
2. Popular Mechanics 10$$$4.1
3. Harvard Business Review 12$$4.1
4. Fortune 20$$$4.1
5. Money 12$$$4.0
6. Forbes 24$$$3.8
7. Entrepreneur 10$$3.7
8. Fast Company 10$$3.6
9. Consumer Reports 12$3.5
10. Home Business Magazine 6$1.9

Buying Information

Buying the best business magazines will give you an edge against your competition. You’ll stay up to date with the latest news and events. Be reminded of important dates and boost your own morale. Editors often include features from well-known business leaders and authors too. These exclusive interviews provide information you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s a few points you’ll need to consider before you buy your next subscription.

  • Regularity. Most magazines have at least one issue per month; some even have two a month. You’ll want to decide based on your schedule how frequently you want your magazine to arrive. Keep in mind that you’ll only have a few weeks between issues to read each edition.
  • Subscription Terms. Serious discounts are available for committing to a full year subscription over a single edition. If you want the best value, look for two and three year subscriptions for an even bigger discount.

Top 3 Best Business Magazines Reviews

1. Inc.

Unlike other magazines in our list, Inc appeals to every business owner. There is no specific target group the editor is directing their content towards but rather a diverse range of interesting and well-researched articles.

This magazine isn’t flooded with advertisements either. It comes across neutrally with all its articles. None of them push a product or business onto you as the ‘the best solution’ out there.

We loved how many ideas we came away with after reading just one edition. Ideas that you’ll be able to take away and use against your competitors. Not only giving you the edge to steal valuable business, but also setting you up for sustainable success.

The language used is practical and easy to understand. There isn’t a saturation of technical or difficult words to comprehend. Instead, the editors have done a great job of keeping the content very smooth and readable. Something every executive will appreciate, as it makes reading so much faster and easier.

In its own right, Inc magazine is a very inspirational read. Each month we’ve been surprised by the relevancy of the articles. Sometimes Inc is even ahead of the curve and features articles that seemingly predict the future.

2. Popular Mechanics

Although not technically a business magazine, this magazine is well loved by business owners around the country. There is just so much packed inside of every issue that you’ll soon be addicted, too. Some refer to this magazine as the “Jack of all trades,” and it’s true that this magazine has it all.

There is a wide selection of highly interesting articles that feature new inventions, technologies and innovations. We loved how diverse this magazine is in its content. If you’re someone who loves finding out how the rest of the world works – this is the magazine for you.

Popular Mechanics doesn’t go too deep on any one topic, but gives you enough information to spike your interest. You’ll find yourself jumping onto the net and researching things you’ve never even heard of before.

This magazine isn’t just something you read – it’s an experience. In each issue you’ll read through articles to fix a flat on your car, how to use chisels, reviews on products and upcoming technologies. We found the product reviews to be highly accurate and unbiased too.

3. Harvard Business Review

If you asked anyone to name a magazine to do with business, you’d get a resounding response for Harvard Business Review. Not only is this one of the most well-known business magazines, it’s filled with some of the best content.

Harvard Business Review covers issues directly related to people managing businesses. Not just any issues though – only the most pressing and important ones. There isn’t any fluff in the issues, and every article gives timely advice on current issues.

There are featured articles from business consultants all around the country. These articles give unique perspectives on current business issues. Helping you to put together plans and take action on your most pressing challenges.

Each month Harvard Business Review continues to surprise us with how relevant these articles are. Making this one of the best business magazines we’ve reviewed.