6 Best Books for 10 Year Old Boys [2023]

If you have a ten-year-old who spends his days playing video games and nagging you for new toys and food, then perhaps it’s time you inspired him to start reading again. It’s likely that he hasn’t been interested in books for a few years – all the books they make him read at school are boring and dull, so his interest in books has dried up.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be open to reading something of interest to him. Young boys love adventure and are just starting to find themselves, so having a role model to emulate can be very powerful, and that’s just what the best books for 10 year old boys do.

Here we take a look at the top 6 books for your son/grandson/nephew or any young man around the age of 10!

Finding the Right Book

When you’re considering which books to buy for your son, keep in mind that he’s discovering a lot about himself over the next few years and needs some strong role models to follow. Books about survival and hero-based adventures will show him that when things get tough, there’s always a solution just around the corner. Here’re the plot lines that will most appeal to young boys:

  • Finding stolen items.
  • Solving mysteries such as murders and missing persons.
  • Surviving once in a lifetime events such as plane crashes and snake bites.
  • Talking to girls and taking them out on dates.

Top 6 Books for 10 Year Old Boys Comparison

Picture Name Storyline Price Rating (1-5)
1. Wonder by R. J. Palacio The story of acceptance of an unusual looking kid who doesn’t feel like he fits in anywhere $$$
  • 4.8/5
2. Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja by Marcus Emerson Adventures of a young ninja who moves to a new school $$
  • 4.6/5
3. For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever A book about surviving crazy situations and being a hero $$$$
  • 4.6/5
4. The Boys’ Book Of Survival Stories of surviving everyday accidents $
  • 4.6/5
5. The Accidental Hero Jack has a boring life that suddenly throws him into a wild adventure with robots and unimaginable things $$
  • 4.6/5
6. The Math Inspectors Stanley starts a detective agency to find the missing diamond $$$
  • 4.6/5

Information for Buyers

Buying a book for a 10 year old boy isn’t a task you’ll want to do without forethought. There are so many poorly written books out there that you’ll likely pick one that won’t appeal to your young boy at all. You’ll want to pick up 2-3 books at the same time so your son has some variety, and more importantly, another book to read after he get’s hooked on reading again.

  • Choose Short Stories. Books should have no more than 400 pages so that stories come to an end before the young man gets bored of reading them.
  • Text Size. Should be slightly larger than adult books as your son will still be training his eyes to read words on a page.
  • New Words. Books should have half a dozen new words for your son to learn. There shouldn’t be too many new words, or your son will find it too hard to understand the story.

Top 3 Best Books for 10 Year Old Boys Reviews

1. Wonder


When we are young, it’s easy to get caught up in what other people are thinking about us, we start to become acutely aware of how different we are from everyone else – and boy does everyone let us know about it.

It’s around the age of ten that we start to second guess ourselves and develop a stronger conscious, we’ve learned a lot about the world and start to rely on our previous experiences to direct our future decisions.

Learning to be comfortable with who we are, how we look and what we want to do, as well as, learning to accept everyone else for who they are is one of the biggest lessons we can take on as we approach high school years. This book artfully teaches young boys this lesson through a creative and heartfelt story.

2. Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja

Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja

Young boys love to rebel against anything they think is wrong. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with being the hero or standing up for what we believe in. Learning when is the right time and the right way to do things is a very powerful lesson for young boys.

It’s rare that we see a young boy who has developed a healthy balance of confrontation and acceptance. This book helps instill this lesson in them.

3. For Boys Only

For Boys Only

If there is one thing that young boys love, it’s the unknown. There are adventure and danger around every corner and learning to overcome new situations is thrilling for our young hero. Sometimes there are adventures that they just won’t experience firsthand such as flying planes, finding buried pirate treasure and other the like.

This book takes young boys on imaginary adventures and dangerous situations so they don’t have to experience them first hand. The best books for 10 year old boys show them a world of danger and adventure without having to put their lives at risk.