10 Best Boating, Yachting, Sailing Magazines

Sailing is a rewarding and relaxing hobby to have. It can also be quite challenging, especially if one does not know what they are doing or the information to get started with. This post will provide you with some of the best and most popular boating, yachting, sailing magazines available for purchase today.

These resources are perfect for those who want to learn more about how to go about safely exploring this wonderful hobby, providing them with everything they need, from lessons on safety all the way up to tips on how best to prepare for their next journey out there!

Best Boating Magazines List

1. Cruising World$$
  • 4.5/5
2. Yachting$
  • 4.5/5
3. Boating$$
  • 4.5/5
4. Soundings$$
  • 4.5/5
5. Sail$$
  • 4.4/5
6. Southern Boating$$
  • 4.4/5
7. Ocean Navigator $$$
  • 4.4/5
8. Sailing World$$
  • 4.4/5
9. Power & Motoryacht$$
  • 4.4/5
10. Professional Mariner$$$
  • 4.2/5

1. Cruising World Magazine

cruising world magazine

Cruising World Magazine brings the readers out onto the waterways of the world to explore what’s on their boating horizon. From boat reviews and gear reviews to safety tips and liveaboard cruising tips, it covers everything you need to live life at sea.

This monthly(12 issues/year) magazine edits for cruisers with a range of experience levels from novice sailors (sailboat identification) who want in-depth coverage of boats they may never own or see (cruising destinations), all the way up to seasoned crews (liveaboards) looking for important insights about offering crewing services out on the water. Get inspired by expert advice and how-to articles from real people with a similar love of boating as you! From cruising events to gallery shows, find something worthwhile every month in Cruising World Magazine.

If you’re looking to live your bucket-list dream, this is an excellent resource! This magazine has got you covered with fun and engaging articles that will educate casual sailors or seasoned pros alike.

2. Yachting Magazine

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A magazine that provides everything you need to know about buying and servicing a yacht. You don’t have to be a captain of industry with an ocean-going yacht to enjoy Yachting Magazine. This indispensable magazine for today’s yachtsman provides authoritative reviews of new boats, gear and equipment, coverage of cruising destinations, and much more!

It’s packed with expert knowledge on all yachts, including sailing boats and powerboats. It tells you where the best places are to go boating in countries around the world, how to safely maintain your boat when at sea or on land, as well as what’s new from designers of both sailboats and powerboats.

You can expect features such things racers competing for top honors in international events across regions like Europe, North America, and Scandinavia; offshore races along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef; fishing reports from visits with successful anglers who share their secrets—and mishaps–for getting big catches at home water.

Perfect for sailors at any level – whether you’re looking forward to your first sail, or exploring the world as a seasoned cruiser — each issue offers up essential information from designers and boat manufacturers about the latest trends in nautical products.

3. Boating Magazine

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Boating Magazine is the perfect magazine for anyone who wants to explore the open water from a unique perspective. From articles on local fishing hotspots, pontoon boats, and much more, this well-rounded publication offers something for everyone in and around their boat!

Classic coloring provides fun accents to this beautifully illustrated magazine that’s loaded with interesting information. Boaters will find articles as diverse as safety precautions pertinent to boaters, everything you need to know about how radar works, or comparative tests of luxury watercraft side by side.

Things you’d find: Trustworthy expert advice on products (boats of all types), commentary from top officials in boating organizations, insights into boater culture plus tips for making your vessel’s maintenance and upkeep as smooth sailing as possible so you’ll be out on open waters in no time!

Written in a point of view that is both friendly and informative, Boating Magazine won’t disappoint boating enthusiasts everywhere with its trusted coverage across all aspects of the thriving industry!

4. Soundings Magazine

Soundings is a creative, witty, and engaging magazine for recreational boaters who love boating and want the best information on their hobby. They serve people with discerning taste who are looking for engaging writing on lifestyles of the rich and famous in luxury pursuit.

Every issue includes award-winning coverage of these features: seamanship, how-to, gear reviews, boats for sale, and cruising destinations worldwide. Sounding’s commitment to caring about these topics is second-to-none from its experienced staff editors writer’s aboard writers field correspondents leave no stone unturned when informing readers what they need to get the most out of their lifestyle.

And you can’t miss their boats for sale section or story ideas on modern cruising lifestyles!

5. Sail Magazine


Sail Magazine is your guide to the best of sailing and boating. Whether it’s an article about a great coastal cruise, or tips on upgrading your boat, you’ll find it in Sail Magazine. With articles about new boats, best destinations, gear and apparel reviews, and reports from exotic sailing destinations around the globe, it’s a must-have resource for anyone who loves being on the water.

Expert advice and practical information will help you choose your perfect boat or find your next great boating trip abroad with the travel series of coastal cruiser reviews, the cabin features to look out for when you’re buying a yacht, various types of boats you may be interested in investing in, how to join the Royal Yacht Squadron, clothing lines that are built specifically for life on the ocean waves! It’s also chock full of fun features like “fishing with Gary” which provides watersport enthusiasts with tips to get started in high seas fishing.

Sail Magazine will provide you with a wealth of information no matter what type of vessel you want to explore!

6. Southern Boating Magazine

southern-boating magazine

Meet Southern Boating Magazine, chasing southern souls and cruising. For those who live for a life on the water, this is your definitive yachting authority revealing uninterrupted stories of an active, family-oriented boating lifestyle from Maryland to Texas. Whether they’re telling tales of racing glory or schooling you about sound fishing spots, their award-winning staff will take you under their wings. Ready set sail!

It’s considered America’s premier sailing magazine with detailed reviews of boats, marine equipment, destinations, and much more. Features include road tests on the latest speedboats and sailboat designs; gear-wise gadgets; all-new editorial coverage like Offshore Bonus Shots: Breaking news of what’s happening off your coastlines; City Dock Reports profiling small ports in diverse settings; rousing remembrances of past accomplishments by accomplished yacht racers; special interest features including fishing tips and techniques as well as comprehensive write-ups on great cruising routes.

7. Ocean Navigator Magazine

ocean-navigator magazine

For the serious bluewater voyager, this indispensable resource is an essential reference for any ocean navigator. Whether you’re heading offshore in a small boat or planning from dockside, Ocean Navigation magazine offers an in-depth exploration of a broader range of topics than other popular publications.

It offers in-depth, technical coastal navigation and seamanship information to the most serious offshore voyager. Become more confident of the vessel you sail on as Ocean Navigator Magazine gives you essential need-to-know information that will put you in control of your boat and make bluewater sailing safer and more enjoyable. Each issue brings sailors up to date on vital topics ranging from hazards and navigation to heavy-weather sailing and repairs. Learn about offshore voyaging, navigation, meteorology, heavy weather sailing, maintenance repair upgrades for your boat’s equipment, plus arts crafts from around the world.

8. Sailing World Magazine

sailing-world magazine

Sailing World Magazine is the must have for anyone who lives and breathes sailing. It’s a refreshing, cool look at the most incredible water sport in the world with awesome professional advice from experts on how to get even better!

The photography is stunning–expertly capturing all of nature’s beauty and wonder as well as each boat cutting through it like a hot knife through butter. Top racers, their vessels, expert tricks of strategy are all there in full-color complex pages that will take your breath away.

Get hooked! With Sailing World, you’ll throw yourself onto the waves like never before; paddle ferociously into uncharted waters; jump aboard and go where no one has ever gone before or dreamed of going.

9. Power & Motoryacht Magazine

power-and-motoryacht magazine

Power & Motoryacht Magazine is the ultimate periodical for those who enjoy cruising the seas. Everyone who loves boating should read this captivating publication. You will find all of the latest developments and information regarding boats, gear, yachts, designs, awards, and chartering in each issue. With features by expert authors who are from key industries – yacht builders, designers, brokers, marinas, and suppliers – you’ll find what you need when researching everything from captains to engineers.

This periodical offers savvy insights into coveting a new boat or yacht from brokers and designers – as well as how to care for your vessel better by reading the subjects on its pages! Power & Motoryacht’s outstanding leisure photography and graphic-rich publications offer a complete sensory experience wherever your imagination leads you. You’ll read about design styles and types of boats that are available from builders around the world.

10. Professional Mariner Magazine


Professional Mariner Magazine is for the everyday sailor, whether they are a commercial boat captain or just someone with a hankering to spend time on the water. It features all different types of yachts and boats and some interesting ship and boat build that will amaze sailors of any age. Knowledgeable writers cover commercial and military vessels with insightful stories that will appeal to those not directly involved in day-to-day nautical operations.

Every issue also includes articles aimed at ensuring readers stay safe while sailing. Whether it’s about teaching life-saving basics, creating an emergency kit, or getting a sense of how your area’s maritime weather can affect you when sailing in open waters, this publication has something reading for everyone in its pages!

If you are looking for a way to be on top of the latest news from North America or want to find out what’s happening in shipping across seas, rivers, and lakes, then Professional Mariner Magazine offers an invaluable resource.