10 Best Animal and Pet Magazines for Kids and Adults

Animal magazines make excellent reading material for all ages. However, with all the available options on the market, choosing the best one for your reading needs is a little bit overwhelming. Reading such magazines offers a great source of information for adults while making the learning process fun for kids. Most magazines present content using easy-to-understand language and lots of illustrations. Are you still unsure of which animal magazine to read? Don’t worry, we have researched the best options on the market and settled on the following best animal magazines that may suit everyone’s taste. We hope that you will find a particular magazine that matches your requirements best.

10 Best Animal and Pet Magazines Comparison Table

Picture Name Suitable for Price Rating (1-5)

1. National Geographic Kids(age 6+)

Children $$
  • 4.7/5
2. Zoobooks (age 6-12) Children $$$
  • 4.7/5
3. Birds & Blooms Gardeners and backyard bird lovers $$$$
  • 4.6/5
4. Ranger Rick  (7-12) Children $$$
  • 4.6/5

5. Reptiles

Reptile breeders $$
  • 4.6/5

6. Animal Tales (age 6-12)

Children $$$
  • 4.6/5
7. Chickens Chicken enthusiasts $$$
  • 4.6/5
8. Catster Pet lovers $$
  • 4.6/5
9. Dogster Dog lovers $$$
  • 4.5/5
10. Young Rider Young equestrians $$$$
  • 4.1/5


What Makes A Good Animal and Pet Magazine 

One of the best things about reading animal magazines is that it carries articles on various subjects, such as feeding tips, what breeders need to know, and famous animals worldwide. Many of these reading materials are available in print and digital formats. Below is a list of qualities of a good animal magazine.

  • Current and Relevant Reading. A magazine should provide current information on a particular subject as it may help the readers connect to the real world.
  • Visual Literacy. When we read a magazine, we notice how captions, headings, advertisements, pictures, and columns work together. You may want to consider an animal magazine that does not require you always to read every word as it is already understood through visuals.
  • Strengthens Writing and Reading Skills. For young readers, a magazine is an effective way to improve vocabulary, writing, and reading skills. Important information is shared at the beginning of the article, while specifics and details are skimmed at the end. So, kids can learn how to interpret, analyze, expect, and comprehend.
  • Variety of Topics. If you are going to choose a magazine, you may go to cover different topics. Look for a magazine that does not limit your discoveries. For instance, if you prefer a magazine about dogs, it should not be limited to a dog breed list. It may also include other topics such as grooming tips, popular gifts for dogs, top leash brands, and more. 
  • Variation of Pictures, Illustrations, and Art. The colorful and creative illustration of a magazine may help the readers understand the concepts a lot easier. Just by taking a look at the illustration, you can interpret the essence of the content.
  • Improves Interpersonal Communication and Grammar. The language used in magazines is close to the language heard on radio and TV, at work, or even on the street. There’s a big chance that you may acquire some of the expressions you can use in interpersonal communication later on if you buy a good magazine.
  • Unwind and Relax. Having a good animal magazine on your shelf is a great way to have a break from everyday stress. If you love animals, fun facts and stories about them bring a different kind of relaxation. 

Top 10 Best Animal and Pet Magazines Reviews

1. National Geographic Kids Magazine Review (age 6+)


Our top spot for the best animal magazine that you can read to get great content goes to National Geographic Kids.

This magazine is suitable for children aged 6+, which may help them explore and learn many things about wildlife. The reading material also discusses technology, popular cultures, science, and more. 

With this magazine, young readers may discover many things about animals while as if they are traveling across the world. The entire reading experience is filled with fun and excitement. 

National Geographic Kids is known for its kid-friendly information with great illustration, graphics, and other visual content. For instance, some articles feature pictures of animals chasing and attacking their prey.

Another exciting thing about this magazine that captured our attention was that the administrators approve all photos, illustrations, graphics, and content. With that, rest assured that there are no foul language and any other issue.

Overall, National Geographic Kids contains beautiful and educational articles and games centered mostly on the natural world and animals. It is worth reading because readers can experience a visual tour of different countries while getting fun facts and other educational information.

2. Zoobooks Magazine Review (age 6-12)

If you are fascinated by insects, reptiles, birds, and other animals, Zoobooks might be an excellent option for your reading needs. 

This animal magazine is loaded with great information. You may found articles that deliver eye-opening revelations about the animal kingdom. If you have questions about exotic animals or want animals that you have not seen before, this reading material will give your intriguing answers.

Aside from valuable and eye-opening information, this animal magazine also includes interactive content. You can enjoy easy-to-do projects, games, and word puzzles about animals in the pullout activities section. The good news is that you can have different activities in every issue.

The 24-page magazine issue provides colorful illustrations and pictures of the themed animal with fact sidebars and short articles. Children will have no hard time understanding each article as it is broken down and explained based on their age level.

Overall, Zoobooks offers a fun way to answer kids’ questions about animals inspired by zoo visits. Readers will gain new knowledge and awareness of the animal kingdom and enjoy every issue’s pullout activities.

3. Birds & Blooms Magazine Review


Birds & Blooms is a bird and garden magazine that may help you realize the true beauty of your backyard.

Every issue of this magazine features expert advice to connect, inform, and inspire those who have passion and enthusiasm for backyard birds and gardening. What’s more, you will find useful tips and vivid photographs. Besides gorgeous blooms and colorful birds, this magazine also discusses butterflies and other creatures you may find in the garden.

Most of the birds, butterflies, and plants featured in this magazine are feeding, nesting, and perching in backyards in different parts of America. If you are new to gardening, this reading material will help you choose which native plants suit your yard best. 

Overall, Birds & Blooms is ideal for passionate gardeners who also want to get familiar with birds and other creatures in their backyards. However, this one is much smaller than in different magazines.

4. Ranger Rick Magazine Review (7-12)

Ranger Rick is an animal magazine geared towards children in the elementary grades. The publication features plenty of animals in living, glorious colors. 

This magazine aims to help a young reader better understand the natural world of animals entertainingly and creatively. The magazine features useful information and fun facts about animals that you can found in the natural world.

Each issue of Ranger Rick features stunning photos of animals and sights found in nature. We appreciate that this magazine includes fun games and activities, which are meant to get readers to think about the environment.

The information and fun facts go well with the photographs. For instance, in an issue about tree frogs, the text about different survival techniques used by these frogs is combined with a relatable picture.

Overall, Ranger Rich is an excellent magazine option for elementary-grade children who want to see stunning photographs of animals and landscapes. These photos display lots of species existing in nature that can capture the readers’ curiosity.

5. Reptiles Magazine Review 


Reptiles magazine is devoted to reptile care and other useful information. All the content is expertly written, and readers can use them as a valuable reference.

We love how the magazine is dedicated to educating pet owners on preventive health and proper care. The magazine understands that these exotic pets require unique attention. All information found in the magazine came from experts in the field. 

With the extensive amount of information such as housing and habitat tips, conservation news, breed-specific spotlights, veterinarian listings, and international event calendar, Reptiles magazine can be your reliable source for every reptile enthusiast at every level.

Overall, this animal magazine focuses on encouraging, educating, and entertaining reptile lovers, from hobbyists to professionals. The publication contains expert content about breeding and keeping reptiles and the latest news and stories on the herpetological world.

6. Animal Tales Magazine Review (age 6-12) 


Animal Tales is a magazine for children that focuses entirely on animals. This magazine offers educational articles and engaging content through heart-warming stories about animals. We love the interactivity that this animal magazine offers. Young readers can submit animal stories, artwork, and photos chosen as the next magazine feature.  There’s also a fun section that includes animal quizzes, embarrassing moments, funny pet photos, and animal-themed games.

Each issue also comes with a series of collectible animal posters. Animal-loving kids may get excited to grab every issue of this magazine. While readers can acquire new knowledge about different animals, they also get entertainment with beautiful photos. Plus, the interactive section of the magazine can nurture their cognitive and creative skills.

Overall, Animal Tales will be enjoyed by kids who want to learn more about animals while getting entertained with the photographs.

7. Chickens Magazine Review


Chickens Magazine is a famous and trusted magazine when it comes to chicken care and handling. The magazine includes information about raising breeds and buying and raising chickens. Reading this magazine may help you acquire new, great ideas for buying or building a backyard chicken pen and coop. You may also learn the proper collecting, handling, and consumption of eggs. 

This animal magazine is a valuable source for everything about chicken. It also provides topics about proper health and nutrition for your chicken. Whether you are a first-time breeder or not, you may get ideas on how to enrich your current knowledge. 

Overall, Chickens magazine is excellent reading material for those who love taking care of the chicken, be it for business or hobby. In every issue, you may learn something new about chickens.

8. Catster Magazine Review


Catster magazine is known for its complete guide and beautiful illustration about cats. This may help the readers get a better understanding and proper care for their cats. The publication gives you important cat’s behavior insights, in-depth breed profiles, nutrition tips, and healthcare advice. You may also share your unique stories and learning experiences as a cat lover.

This magazine is loaded with advice, news, product reviews, and tips that can help you keep your cat healthy and happy. It aims to help you become a better and more responsible pet parent.

Overall, Catster is a magazine that is an excellent addition to your shelf if you want to get more familiar with cat care. From tips to other valuable information, you may provide your cat proper care and nutrition and keep him/her happy and healthy at all times.

9. Dosgter Magazine Review


Dogster is a friendly periodical if you love canine. The magazine offers articles about training and caring for your furry best friend. You may learn various breed types alongside fun activities that you and your pet can do. Each issue features interesting and informative things about different breeds. We love the section for dog personalities, grooming needs, hair types, intelligence, and other information to understand them further. You may consider reading articles about proper dog care and training.

You may find content about how to trim their nails, prevent them from pulling their leash, grooming tips, and avoiding kennel cough. Nutritional information is also available.

Overall, Dogster is a magazine that offers lots of pet care, grooming, and nutrition. You may also enjoy the activities you can do with your pet, from running together to fun games and parks to go to.

10. Young Rider Magazine Review


Young Rider is a trusted magazine for readers ages 8-15 that encourage and inspire those who have a passion for horse riding. You will find lots of articles about horses, stories about professional jockeys, and tips on how to improve your dressage score.

This magazine helps in improving your horse riding skill while keeping you entertained. The publication has everything you need to excel in the sport, from valuable training tips to advance trail class moves. You will also get tips on how to care for your horse, from proper grooming to nutrition. Whether you compete every week or enjoy riding in your free time, this magazine will help you keep your horse in good shape.

Overall, Young Rider magazine offers young equestrians fun and interesting articles. Each issue features professional jockeys, proper horse care, touching stories about horses, and so much more. You may enjoy reading this magazine as it deepens your understanding of your racing buddy.