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Brene Brown Best Books

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1. Daring Greatly 1. Daring Greatly
  • 4.8/5
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2. The Gifts of Imperfection 2. The Gifts of Imperfection
  • 4.8/5
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3. Dare to Lead 3. Dare to Lead
  • 4.7/5
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4. Rising Strong 4. Rising Strong
  • 4.7/5
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5. I Thought It Was Just Me 5. I Thought It Was Just Me
  • 4.6/5
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6. The Power of Vulnerability 6. The Power of Vulnerability
  • 4.6/5
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Brene Brown Books In Order

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Women & Shame (2004)
  2. I Thought It Was Just Me (2007)
  3. Connections (2009)
  4. Men, Women, and Worthiness (2012)
  5. Daring Greatly (2012)
  6. The Power of Vulnerability (2013)
  7. The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting (2013)
  8. Rising Strong (2015)
  9. Present Over Perfect (2016)
  10. Love, Henri (With: Henri J.M. Nouwen) (2016)
  11. Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice (2017)
  12. Braving the Wilderness (2017)
  13. The Gifts of Imperfection (2018)
  14. Daring Greatly / Rising Strong / The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (2018)
  15. Dare to Lead (2018)
  16. Atlas of the Heart (2021)


About Brené Brown

Brené Brown is an American author. She is known for her work on shame, empathy, and vulnerability.

Brown has published several books, including “The Gifts of Imperfection” and “Daring Greatly”.

In addition to her work as a writer, Brown holds a Ph.D. from the University of Houston where she is currently a professor at the Graduate College of Social Work. She has been honored with numerous awards over the years for her dedication and contribution to social work and research on shame and vulnerability, empathy, courage, and authenticity.

In her TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability”, Brown discusses the problems with our culture’s idealization of a false sense of power and perfection.

She talks about how embracing a life filled with vulnerability can lead to a more fulfilling life free from shame. She also discusses the difference between empathy and sympathy and how they are often confused as being the same thing.

Since her TED Talk went viral in 2010, Brown has written several bestsellers, given lectures worldwide, and trained thousands of people on how to lead a more Wholehearted Life.

She continues to do motivational speaking at universities and companies across America about dealing with shame to live a more fulfilling life without regret.

Brown has been praised for her work on empathy, sharing her life experiences with others, and for living out loud.

Despite her success, she continues to stay humble and live simply.

1. Daring Greatly

  • Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

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In “Daring Greatly,” social scientist, storyteller, and research professor at the University of Houston, Brene Brown exposes what is keeping us afraid in every area of our lives.

She explores why we undermine our relationships through fear-based behaviors like making narrow definitions of love, using perfectionism as a mask for shame, believing that vulnerability is weakness instead of strength, and holding back when boldness could benefit us.

Brown discovers how this fear manifests itself–with surprising discoveries about gender roles among men who feel vulnerable or afraid to express their feelings. In addition, she uncovers surprising findings around age differences-from early career professionals to baby boomers facing retirement.

Finally, she offers action steps to connect with others authentically and create a life of courage and worthiness.

2. The Gifts of Imperfection

Brown provides practical ways to embrace imperfection and live a wholehearted life in The Gifts of Imperfection.

She suggests ten guideposts to help us find our way back to ourselves and move through the world with more courage, connection, and compassion.

This book outlines her journey from shame and perfectionism to empathy for others and bravery in showing up every day as the best version of who we are.

She reminds us that it is enough simply to be present while we’re here-and that authenticity is what will give purpose to our lives. With engaging personal stories, heartfelt reflections on research, and insightful examinations of modern culture’s quest for perfection, Brene Brown helps readers heal the disconnect between who we are, how we live, and what we expect.

3. Dare to Lead

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In “Dare to Lead,” Brown distills research and personal experience to offer a new path for leading in a “wholehearted” way—a way that is authentic, accountable, brave, and compassionate.

Leaders who dare to be vulnerable opens the door to greater creativity, stronger relationships with their team members, and more honesty in their organizations.

They create an inclusive workplace culture where foundational values are trust, empathy, and respect. Daring leaders know it’s about people—all people—including themselves.

The stories Brown shares from leaders across many different organizations provide inspiration and practical suggestions for incorporating some daring principles into your leadership style.

This book offers something special for everyone interested in creating solid cultures while differences, promoting effective teams within organizations of all shapes and sizes.

4. Rising Strong

In her book “Rising Strong,” Brown delves into the research and practices of rising strong.

She provides a practical framework and language to help people get back up after falling or getting knocked down by life, relationships, work, or anything that shakes us to the core.

Brown believes we all have the courage inside us-we just need support and guidance in how best to use it. And she believes that if we can learn to ask for help, lean on others, and show up with our whole hearts-even when it feels risky or impossible-we will find belonging, love, courage, joy, and resilience.

Brown asks us to embrace vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness.


5. I Thought It Was Just Me

Drawing on more than ten years of research and work with thousands of people worldwide, Brene Brown’s I Thought It Was Just Me is a groundbreaking book that explores how we can find courage in vulnerability and freedom in imperfection.

Dr. Brown provides an accessible blueprint for a wholehearted living–for showing up with our whole hearts in our personal lives, professional pursuits, and communities. From empathy and anger to living in our whole truth, Dr. Brown defines the language of vulnerability and reveals how it’s the key to power relationships and finding purpose and joy.

I Thought It Was Just Me shows us how to cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection we need to become our most courageous selves.

In I Thought It Was Just Me, Dr. Brown offers a penetrating look at where our fears come from and how they affect our day-to-day interactions.

She explains why understanding shame is essential for overcoming it, helping us build deeper connections with others, and freeing ourselves from its grip.


6. The Power of Vulnerability

Drawing on research and famous examples from her own life—including the painful experience that led her to discover the power of vulnerability—Brene Brown inspires readers to radically change their understanding of weakness and strength.

As she did in her #1 New York Times bestseller Daring Greatly, Dr. Brown offers an accessible framework for wholeheartedness–for letting ourselves be seen, opening up, and engaging in relationships with compassionate hearts.

She writes that when we embrace vulnerability–the willingness to show up and be seen with no guarantee of outcome–we can connect with our in-depth stories, the narratives that shape us.

We become less afraid of life and more engaged in our experiences each day. When we stop hiding who we are, everybody gets a little safer—including ourselves.


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