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[A Dictionary of Standard Modern Greek Language]In Greek. Thessalonica, 2013. Clothbound, 30x22 cm, XXXII+1532 pp.; net weight 3120 gr. ISBN: 9789602310854.The dictionary aims to provide reliable and scientifically informed answers to the diverse questions posed by today’s user of Modern Greek, offering information about the multiple meanings, the diverse uses, the correct inflection, the proper pronunciation and the valid etymology of the words which make up the complex mosaic of our language. As it describes the function and use of Modern Greek at the various language levels and in all the fields of social life, the dictionary is intended for the wider educated readership wishing to get to know the language better and use it correctly and efficiently. However, particular care has been taken so that the dictionary can meet the needs of Greek pupils and students, teachers of all levels of education, as well as the needs of foreign philologists or philhellenes who either speak the language or are in the process of learning it.Overall, the structure of the entries is as follows: immediately after the entry its phonetic transcription is given, based on the International Phonetic Alphabet, which has been modified in order to meet the dictionary’s special needs. The grammatical category of the word follows, accompanied by an Arabic number, which is used as a reference guide to the word’s inflection to be found in the analytic inflection tables at the end of the book. In th ...
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