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Who Is Devouring Me? (Little Books for Big Kids series)

ISBN13: 9789974789647
ISBN: 9974789648
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $9.95
Publisher: Hardenville SA
Published Date:
Pages: 32

Introducing young readers to the complicated motivations involved in overeating, this book illustrates the mental dilemmas and preoccupations of a young overeater and promotes open discussion between parent and child. Illustrating the interior life of Jerry, this charming story explains that the food monster (Jerry's desire to eat) has grown so powerful that it is obscuring many of his other motivations, or FITS (Friends Inside The Self). By rediscovering his FITS—including those that sing, run, listen to music, and stargaze—Jerry realizes the impact that food is having on his life and begins to regain control of his appetites and emotions.