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Language Policies And Language Education: The Impact In East Asian Countries In The Next Decade (Language & Linguistics)

ISBN13: 9789812103376
ISBN: 9812103376
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $30.0
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Academic
Published Date:
Edition 2
Pages: 384

This book grew out of a special project which sought up-to-date information on the language planning and language learning/teaching situation in each of the countries in East Asia. Covering fifteen countries in the region, the book seeks to update much of what is currently available in print in English; to build a better understanding of language issues in East Asia; and to make available an annotated bibliography of articles, reports, and documents in English and in the languages of the region. This new edition features numerous updates to the research data and information to reflect the changes in the educational climate in the various East Asian countries, including two new chapters - Mongolia and CODA. Each chapter, written from an insider's perspective, reviews the development of that country's language policy and emphasizes the critical role of language policies in its national, educational and social development.