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Key Case-law Extracts: European Court of Human Rights

ISBN13: 9789287150554
ISBN: 9287150559
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $59.0
Publisher: Council of Europe
Published Date:
Pages: 468

The first application to the European Commission of Human Rights was made in 1955 and the European Court of Human Rights delivered its first judgment in 1961. There are now several hundred published volumes of judgments and decisions - a huge body of case-law whose sheer bulk can make it inconvenient to consult. The author, a legal specialist, has condensed the case-law into a single volume. For each article of the Convention, the book offers key passages from Court judgments and from some of the Commission's decisions, together with commentary on each passage. A detailed table of contents and a comprehensive index are provided to aid the reader making this an essential tool for beginner and Convention specialist alike.