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Cross-Sectoral Policy Impacts Between Forestry and Other Sectors (FAO Forestry Papers)

ISBN13: 9789251049372
ISBN: 9251049378
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $40.0
Publisher: FAO
Published Date:
Pages: 170

The international dialogue on forests since the 1990s has pointed to the role of policies in other sectors besides forestry as among the means of achieving sustainable forest management. This publication is meant to assist countries in developing linkages between sustainable forest management and other sectors and in developing effective national policy frameworks and national forest programmes. It will be of interest to policy analysts, policy-makers, forest managers, representatives of non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, researchers and teachers concerned with cross-sectoral policy issues. It is hoped that this publication will contribute to enhanced coordination in policy formulation and implementation, thus minimizing negative impacts on forests and promoting sustainable forest management and people's well-being. The included CD-ROM contains country case study reports on Brazil, Italy, Mali, Mexico, Romania, the United Republic of Tanzania and Thailand, and the proceedings of a technical meeting held in Rome in September 2002.