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A.D. Copier: Glass designer / Glass artist (Monographs of Dutch Artists)

ISBN13: 9789040096037
ISBN: 9040096031
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $45.0
Publisher: Waanders Uitgevers
Published Date:
Edition 2nd
Pages: 112

Andries Dirk Copier (1901-1991) began his career at the Leerdam glassworks in Holland in 1914. Leerdam was one of the first Dutch factories to collaborate with artists and architects in order to produce aesthetically superior, modern products to be marketed under the artists' name. Copier made a significant contribution to this and is regarded as one of the first Dutch industrial designers. By the 1960s Copier could be found in every Dutch household. Over the last few decades, his more exclusive and unique pieces have enjoyed international acclaim and are now much sought after. However, Copier's significance for Dutch glass goes far beyond his designs for Leerdam alone. In 1940 he founded the Leerdam glass school, where some of the best glass artists of the next generation received their training. His artistic glass, which he made until the end of his long and productive life, was the result of a ceaseless creative urge paired with a boundless curiosity to explore the technical and artistic possibi