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Judaism from Moses to Muhammad: An Interpretation (Brill Reference Library of Judaism)

ISBN13: 9789004145139
ISBN: 9004145133
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $284.0
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Published Date:
Pages: 354

This book answers the following question for Judaism: among all the things that happened in antiquity, what are the events that, seen from the perspective of the world that would endure, turn out to shape the long future? How did axiological events identify the focal points of the unfolding religious system, Judaism, in its formulation by the rabbinic sages of ancient times? This is the system that originated, in its own telling, with God s teaching to Moses at Sinai in the Torah, in written and traditional form. Of all that happened to the Jews in the millennium from the formation of the Pentateuch ( Moses ) to the end of the formative age ( Muhammad ), the particular Judaism that emerged as normative responded to only a select few and did so within a logic all its own. Here we identify those definitive events of danger and opportunity crisis and the focal points that they highlighted."