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BRT Architekten: Office Buildings

ISBN13: 9788885980457
ISBN: 8885980457
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $99.95
Publisher: The Plan Editions
Published Date:
Pages: 412

Paying tribute to Hadi Teherani's architecture, this monograph illuminates the subject's perspective, viewing an architect's creativity as dependent upon defining function and using technology mindful of the long history of building, economic stakes, and specific construction constraints. The study shows how Teherani brings together artistic flair, designer competence, and entrepreneurial acumen, exceptionally embodying the Architect-Demiurge. Demonstrating how he is able to tackle the specific without losing sight of the whole, this survey reveals how this renowned architect embraces, as the Bauhaus architects put it, everything "from a spoon to a city." This edition includes English and German.