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Fennel and Rue

ISBN13: 9788132046912
ISBN: 8132046919
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $11.9
Publisher: Tutis Digital Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Published Date:
Pages: 112
Average Goodreads rating: 3.50/5

lie had been trying a long time to get his vorlr into the best magazines, and d e n he had won the favor of the editors, whose interest he had perhaps had from the beginning, it might be said that they began to accept his - rr ork from their consciences, because in its way it was so good that they could not j s t lreyf use it. The particular editor who took STerrians serial, after it llad conie back to the author from ths editors of the other leading periodicals, was in fact moved mainly by the belief that the story vould please the better sort of l i sre aders. These, if they mere not so numerous as the worse, he felt had now and then the right to haw their pleasure studied. It was a serious story, and it was some vhat bitter, as Tcrrinn himself was, after his struggle to reach the public with work which he knew merited recognition. But the m orld which does not like people to take them selves too seriously also likes them to take themselves seriously, and the bitterness in Trerrians story proved agreeable to a number of readers unexpectedly great. It intimated a romantic personality in the author, and the world still likes to imagine romantic things of all thors. It Iikcs especially to imagine them of novelists, now that there are no longer poets and when it began to like Verrians serial, it began to write him all sorts of letters, directly, in care of the editor, and indirectly to the editor, whom they asked about Verrian more than about his story. It mae a mans story rather tban a momans story, as these may be distinguished but quite for that reason women seemed pec-uliarly taken with it. Perhapa the women had more leisure or morc courage to write to the author and the editor at anyrate, moat of the letters were from women some of the letters were silly and fatuous enough, but others mere of an intelligence which was none the less penetrating for being emotional rather than critical. These maids or matrons, whoever or whichever they were, knew monderfuIly me11 what the author would be at, ind their interest in his story im plied a constant if not. a single devotion...