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Southern Stories

ISBN13: 9788132000112
ISBN: 8132000110
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $13.64
Publisher: Tutis Digital Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Published Date:
Pages: 172
Average Goodreads rating: 4.25/5

Contents include: His Hero by Margaret Minor, Jericho Bob by Anna Eichberg King, How We Bought Louisiana by Helen Lockwood Coffin, The City that Lives Outdoors by W. S. Harwood, Queer American Rivers by F. H. Spearman, The Watermelon Stockings by Alice Caldwell Hegan, The "'Gator" by Clarence B. Moore, The Earthquake at Charleston by Ewing Gibson, Hiding Places in War Times by J. H. Gore, St. Augustine by Frank R. Stockton, Catching Terrapin by Alfred Kappes, "Locoed" by Edward Marshall, A Divided Duty by M. A. Cassidy, The "Walking-Beam Boy" by L. E. Stofiel and The Creature with No Claws by Joel Chandler Harris.