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Great Classic Stories 3: 20 Unabridged Classics (A CSA Word Classic)

ISBN13: 9781934997253
ISBN: 1934997250
List Price: $31.95
Publisher: CSA Word
Published Date:
Pages: 1
Average Goodreads rating: 3.00/5 (2 ratings)

The short story represents the perfect diversion for the busy modern reader—long enough to engage, but short enough to be portable to almost any setting from beach to bus ride. In this audio collection, a group of British readers breathe new life into 20 masterpieces of the form. There's something here for every taste and mood, from a prime example of F. Scott Fitzgerald's satirical "Pat Hobby" stories based on his Hollywood experiences, to gripping thrillers from the pen of Arthur Conan Doyle and Arnold Bennett. Writers include early masters such as Guy de Maupassant ("The White Wolf"), Poe ("The Purloined Letter"), and Alphonse Daudet ("Old Cornille's Secret"). Here too are 20th-century favorites like Sapper ("The Patch on the Quilt"), E. E. Nesbitt ("The Violet Car"), and Jerome K. Jerome ("On Being in Love"). Readers include such notables as Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Patrick Malahide.