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Ford Roadsters Custom Interiors (Ron Mangus' Custom Hot Rod Interiors)

ISBN13: 9781931128261
ISBN: 193112826X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $27.95
Publisher: California Bill'S Automotive Handbooks
Published Date:
Pages: 160

Ford Roadsters Custom Interiors is the second of a series of books featuring the work of Ron Mangus, well-known for award-winning custom hotrod interiors. Ford Roadsters Custom Interiors features four, two-page photographic spreads for beautiful, custom, award-winning 1927–1933 Ford roadsters. The cars and interiors presented in the book will inspire readers and help them visualize interior design possibilities for their own car. Detailed photographs of the interior features accompanied by Ron’s captions explain the ideas behind the interiors—the design process, color and material selections, unique features, challenges, sound system solutions, and some of the creative problem-solving needed to work out the design. Ron is continually asked by customers and hotrod enthusiasts for pictorials of his interiors to enjoy and inspire, and this series answers the desire for a presentation of his creativity and innovation.