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A Splendid Chaos
ISBN13: 9781930235236
ISBN: 1930235232
List Price: $19.95
Publisher: Babbage Press

Zero is a young film maker who believes his whole life and career are mapped out before him. That is, until the night he and his friends walk into a rock club ... and are caught in a dazzling trap that spans worlds. They are dropped onto a dreamlike planet whose surrealistic beauty cannot hide its grotesque reality. Fool s Hope a world, so stunningly bizarre, nightmares are irrelevant. Here, abductees both human and alien are pitted against a neverending succession of hellish parasites, carnivores, shape changers, and symbiotes. Yet the greatest enemy of all could be human. When former professor Harmon Fiskle is transformed by the Current a roving mutagenic force he is freed to pursue his megalomaniacal nature. He advocates a depraved policy of social Darwinism, and forges a grotesque alliance of Twists: men and women who have sacrificed their own humanity to become monstrous mutations of their former selves. With an entire world at stake, only Zero can solve the mystery of Fool s Hope ... if it isn t already too late.