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Spycraft Declassified: Odd Jobs

ISBN13: 9781906508494
ISBN: 1906508496
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $24.95
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 96

Trust us, when an elf and a gorgon have your back against an unspeakable horror from beyond space and time, you'll be glad you bought this book Spies like to joke about the boogiemen in the shadows and the spookshow they play out for flag and future... But what if they're only part wrong? What if there really is something to fear in the dark? What if the spooks in the shadows are actually something more ... or less... than human? Here, for the first time in print, is everything you need to answer these and many other questions in your campaigns. Spycraft Declassified: Odd Jobs collects the strangest and most fantastic of Crafty Games' PDFs and Signs & Portents articles, including classic Greek and fantasy races from Origin of the Species, sanity-blasting cosmic horror and advanced stress rules from Fragile Minds, a new capsule setting that can take you literally anywhere you want to go, a new agenda for World on Fire that's out of this world, and a ready-to-play adventure! Take your game in a whole new direction with this wild new Spycraft expansion.