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Living with Heart Failure: A Guide for Patients

ISBN13: 9781904218227
ISBN: 1904218229
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.95
Publisher: Bladon Medical Publishing
Published Date:
Edition 1
Pages: 58

Heart failure is the most serious of all cardiac disorders with 50,000 new cases per annum in the UK and approximately one million patients. In Europe, this figure rises to five million patients and it is estimated that there are over ten million patients Worldwide. Although in most cases there is no cure for heart failure, it doesn't mean that it is an automatic death sentence. As with diabetes it is an illness that many people are able to live with for many years. New drugs and adjustments in diet and lifestyle mean that patients are now able to have a reasonable, if not a good quality of life. This book written by an internationally respected clinician is aimed at patients and their carers. It gives a clear account in a readable style of the underlying causes of heart failure, the preferred methods of treatment and guidance on how to live and cope with a disease that is on the increase in western society. The book is divided into six main chapters: Introduction. How the heart works. Why did it go wrong. How will the doctor decide I have heart failure. How will treatment affect my everyday life.The book is published in full colour and complemented by clear illustrations, simple charts and boxing to emphasize key points. The potential market for this book is huge being published at a time of increased awareness, when the subject is covered on a daily basis in the media.