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American Illustration 23

ISBN13: 9781886212220
ISBN: 1886212228
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $60.0
Publisher: Amilus, Inc
Published Date:
Pages: 352
Average Goodreads rating: 4.50/5 (4 ratings)

Now in its 23rd incarnation, the top juried annual lives up to its reputation as the best resource for cutting-edge work that's always on the mark. With a host of newcomers, this year's collection is a feast for the eyes. The artists selected demonstrate the weird and wonderful ways in which complex ideas or compelling emotions can be visually communicated. Whether commissioned for an article, created for a children's book, or invented for an illustrator's own promotion, the intelligence, wit, and wisdom that comprise an artist's bag of tricks is nowhere more evident than here. Regarded by creative professionals as the number one source for the best talent in the field, Volume 23 of this large-format, artfully designed and beautifully printed hardcover annual delivers what you've come to expect: the most interesting exhibit at the most arresting gallery in print.