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Days with Diam (Norik Press Series B, No. 17)
ISBN13: 9781870041263
ISBN: 1870041267
List Price: $24.95
Publisher: Norvik Pr

One of Denmark's most important experimental novelists, Madsen skirts around realism, but is never entirely realistic. Teasing and intriguing, this unique novel takes readers on a journey through shifting identities and psychological probabilities. The narrator meets himself in various guises, even sees himself through the window writing an account which, when he finally gains access to it, turns out to be in his own handwriting. Who is this narrator? And who is this Diam who appears in an array of guises ranging from the prudish to the lascivious? A figment of the imagination perhaps but of whose imagination? And what is the implication of the character without a story? In one chapter, Madsen explains the system behind the book. Readers will decide whether this explanation is the whole key to understanding this challenging novel. ''Madsen's thought provoking story...raises fascinating questions about the permeable border between reality and imagination, and about the ways we create and recreate ourselves in life and in fiction.'' Publishers Weekly.